Fri. Apr 12 2024

ASP Offers $3 Per Pound To Start Snow Crab Season In NL, But FFAW Doesn’t Bite  

2024 Snow Crab Landings Update For NL, Gulf and the Maritimes Region As Of April 12

China’s Import of Live Seafood in 2023 Highest in Recent Years, Growth Expected in 2024

Recall Issued In Canada For Mowi Cold Smoked Norwegian Atlantic Salmon  

February Sales of Imported Fresh Tuna at Toyosu Market Plummet  

Europe’s BLUU Seafood Opens First Pilot Plant For Cultivated Fish  

Russia Plans to Compete With China For Fish Catch in Territorial Waters of African States

Thu. Apr 11 2024

ANALYSIS: 2024 Scallop Season Expectations  

USDA Updates WIC Food Packages To Expand Seafood

PFMC Sets West Coast Salmon Seasons: California Seasons Closed Again  

Norway Achieves MSC Certification For Barents Sea Snow Crab  

Blue Star Foods Lands Supply Agreement With U.S. Military Meal Kit Company Eagle Rising  

Whole Foods Market Highlights Atlantic Sea Farms, Pacific Seafood As “All-Star” Suppliers  

Everything You Need To Know About The Save Our Shrimpers Act of 2024  

Japan: Fresh Salmon Imports by Air Recovered in February, Procurement Costs Highest Ever Summary Thursday, April 11

Wed. Apr 10 2024

Snow Crab Standoff Continues; FFAW Promises “We Will Not Fish For Anything Less Than Our Fair Share”  

Global Seafood Alliance Promotes Mike Kocsis To CEO

The Retail Rundown: Competitive Prices Drive Traffic; CPI Update

NPFMC Moves Forward With Further Limits on Chum Salmon Bycatch In Bering Sea Pollock Fleet Summary Wednesday, April 10

Tue. Apr 9 2024

World's Biggest Opilio Snow Crab Fishery Opens  

2024 Snow Crab Landings Update For NL, Gulf and the Maritimes Region As Of April 9  

Nutreco and Skretting Undergo Leadership Shuffles

Crawfish Season Peaks, But Houston Restaurants Still Struggle to Survive  

Russian State Taking Measures To Increase Fish Consumption In Local Market Summary Tuesday, April 9

Mon. Apr 8 2024

The Winding Glass: Lent 2024 Gives No Relief to Seafood Industry

NL Snow Crab Harvesters List Their Demands As Start To Season Delayed Due to Tie Up  

Nova Austral Hit With $950,000 By Chilean Authorities  

Latest North Atlantic Right Whale Death Linked To Vessel Strike

Federal Funding Allocated for California 2023 Salmon Fishing Disaster; CDFW Seeks Public Input Summary Monday, April 8

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USDA Buys $3.7 Million Worth of Alaska Pollock Products, Another Big Pollock Purchase on the Way

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has purchased roughly 1.25 million pounds of Alaska pollock products for just over $3.675 million. The products will be used in child nutrition and other related domestic food assistance programs for Fiscal Year 2023.

According to the USDA’s purchase award description, it bought 1.19 million worth of various pollock products, a total of 418,000 pounds, from Channel Fish Processing.

Trident Seafoods sold the remaining $2.49 million to the USDA, selling 836,000 pounds of product...

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