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Why Advertise on

Advertising on puts you in front of seafood decisionmakers on a daily basis. is read by retail and foodservice buyers, distributors, importers,
brokers, packers and processors, fishermen, and marketers. It is a cost effective means of reaching the industry on a daily basis.

We offer the following types of ads:  
Rotating Headline Ad

This advertisement appears on the Main News page headline listing for Everyone who reads our news stories is exposed to the headlines multiple times during their site visits. Advertisers appear in a random rotation.

Newsletter Headline Ad

In addition to our website, Seafood News is sent daily by email to tens of thousands of seafood professionals. A headline newsletter ad appears directly in this email with a live link to your product or service. Three of these ads are available per day, and you can purchase one or more days per week to run.

Newsletter vertical Ad

This is our largest ad. It runs to the right of the main news summary, which is the single most read item of all our news. One spot is available per day.

Newsletter Horizontal Ad

We have a single horizontal ad that runs at the top of our news summary each day. This ad is both mailed out to the thousands of email subscribers, and appears on the main page of as well.

Rotating Vertical Ad

We also sell a vertical ad that appears on the right of all our news stories. This is a rotating ad, and comes up with each story being read.