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Jul 19 - The Fishery Problem from Hell: Right Whales and Gear Entanglement (The Winding Glass)

Jul 17 - Opinion: Restoring Salmon Runs, Not Politics, Will Save Southern Resident Killer Whales

Jul 11 - Opinion: B.C. Still “Dragging its Feet” on Mine Safety. UFA Asks AK Delegation to "Lock it In."

Jun 21 - The Winding Glass: New Canadian Fisheries Law a Step Forward, But it Won't Resolve Conflicts

Jun 20 - OPINION: South Carolina's Shrimp, a Tradition Worth Saving

Jun 20 - Hilborn: Rebuilding Plans for Widow Rockfish Caused the Collapse of the Fishery

Jun 18 - OPINION: Limited Entry isn’t Perfect, but it Keeps Bristol Bay Teeming with Sockeye

Jun 14 - The Winding Glass: We Need a New Magnuson Act to Deal with Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries

Jun 7 - The Winding Glass: Importers Should Steer Clear of New Shrimp Duty Investigations

May 29 - Opinion: As Alaskans Consider Pebble Mine, a Cautionary Tale from Montana

May 28 - Highly Ironic That Export Award from Gov’t Went to Maine Company Most Hurt by Seafood Tariffs

May 15 - Op-Ed: Murkowski's Lack of Oversight on Pebble

Apr 26 - The Winding Glass: If Your Only Tool is Anti-Trust, Everything Looks Like Price Fixing

Apr 23 - OPINION: Bristol Bay's Future is in Our Fish and Natural Resources

Apr 16 - OPINION: Private Ownership of Rockweed is Better for Maine Fisheries Than Public Ownership

Mar 25 - OPINION: Many Alaska Peninsula Corporation Shareholders Aren’t Willing to Trade Salmon for Gold

Jan 30 - Opinion: Unity in Opposition to Georges Bank Drilling

Jan 2 - OPINION: Honoring Ted Stevens, 50 Years After He Took Office

Dec 21 - Op-Ed: At Close of 115th Congress, Modern Fish Act Demonstrates Bipartisanship is Still Possible

Nov 19 - Opinion: Warming Ocean’s Effect on East Coast Shellfish Should be a Warning to Us

Oct 30 - John Kerry and Julie Packard Discuss their 5 Nation Asia Aquaculture Initiative

Oct 26 - The Columbian: Help Salmon, but Keep Dams

Oct 17 - Bristol Bay Leaders Say Alaska Must Update its Salmon Protections, Urge Support for Ballot Measure 1

Oct 11 - OPINION: Story Won't End With Tsukiji Fish Market's Move to Toyosu

Oct 11 - Science-based management the key to Alaska’s successful fisheries, Including hatcheries (Opinion)

Oct 2 - Experts Agree: Alaska’s Fish Habitat Management Model Works

Sep 12 - Opinion: Stink Over Surf Clam Award Remains; Investigation Still Needed

Sep 6 - OPINION: We Need to Establish Basic Protections for Salmon

Aug 21 - Tom Mazzetta Not Bothered by Tariffs on AK Seafood, Says Shrimp Tariffs Forced Him to Close Plant

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The Fishery Problem from Hell: Right Whales and Gear Entanglement (The Winding Glass)

The right whale population is hovering at the brink of failure, with around 400 surviving individuals.  In some years, there has been some population increase, and in other years not.  But the fact is that unintentional killing of right whales through both ship strikes and gear entanglements is preventing the population from increasing to a safer level and exacerbating the risk the entire species will go extinct.

Although the population increased between 1990 and 2010, since then it has begun another decline...

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Captain D's Launches Their Limited Time Lobster & Crab Celebration Menu

Need a reason to celebrate good food? Captain D's has you covered. The fast-casual seafood chain just launched their limited time Lobster & Crab Celebration.

"We have taken two delicious premium seafood choices, lobster and crab, and combined them to create enticing options this summer for our guests," said Bindi Menon, VP of National Marketing for Captain D's.

Diners who visit Captain D's locations will find seven new additions to the menu: Crab Cake, Fish & Shrimp Meal; Lobster Rolls; Lobster Bites, Fish & Shrimp Meal...

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LISTEN: Lobster Bait Alternative; Fortune International's New Acquisition; Amazon Prime Day and More

Join SeafoodNews Podcast hosts Amanda Buckle and Lorin Castiglione as they discuss the new lobster bait alternative to herring; Sea Shepherd's rejected petition; what Canada is doing to protect the North Atlantic Right Whale; Fortune International's recent acquisition; and much more!

This week's episode is brought to you by Maine Lobster. Summer means that it's officially lobster season in Maine. Between June and July lobsters in the cold waters of the Gulf of Maine shed their shells and the result is Maine New Shell Lobster. Perfectly sweet and tender meat, with a softer shell that's easier to crack into. Visit to learn more!

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Maine Delegation Sends Letter to Trump Regarding Impact of Right Whale Regulations on Lobster Industry

Earlier this week Maine lawmakers sent a letter to President Donald Trump regarding the livelihoods of Maine lobstermen and the impact that the North Atlantic right whale regulations will have on them.

As we've previously reported, NOAA's Take Reduction Team announced earlier this year that in order to reduce whale deaths, Maine lobstermen would have to cut their number of vertical lines to prevent fatal fishing gear entanglements. The rule was designed to reduce serious injuries and deaths among whales by 60%...

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Maine Lobster Bait Crisis: Cooke Aquaculture Receives Approval for Blackbelly Rosefish

Maine lobstermen now have a new option when it comes to bait. The Maine Department of Marine Resources granted Cooke Aquaculture approval to sell and use whole blackbelly rosefish as lobster bait.

The lobster bait crisis in Maine has been going on for months following the reduction in the amount of Atlantic herring that fishmen can catch. Atlantic herring is the primary bait used by lobstermen, however, a low number of juveniles resulted in NOAA cutting the herring haul for 2019 from...

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VIDEO: Fish Consumption Advice for Pregnant Women; Red Lobster's Crabfest and More

Join SeafoodNews Weekly Video hosts Amanda Buckle and Lorin Castiglione as they break down the FDA's recently updated advice about eating fish for women who are or might become pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, and young children. Plus, learn more about a North Carolina business accused of violating the Lacey Act; the launch of Red Lobster's Crabfest; and Stonewall Kitchen's growing Legal Sea Foods line.

This episode was brought to you by Maine Lobster. Summer means that it's officially lobster season in Maine...

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Massachusetts Representative Seeking Relief For Lobster Industry Affected by Trade War

Ann-Margaret Ferrante, representing the 5th Essex District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, is the latest legislator to speak out regarding the impacts of the China tariffs on the seafood  industry.

Rep. Ferrante, who serves as the House Chair of the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies, as well as sits on the Committee on Rules, recently submitted a letter requesting that the Massachusetts Joints Committee on Export Development hold a hearing on Cape May to "determine the effects of the Trump Administration...

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Nanning, Guangzhou Customs Uncover 200 Million Yuan Seafood Smuggling Case

According to Nanning customs in China, it worked with Guangzhou customs in its operation against a seafood smuggling gang in June. This value of the smuggled products in the case was estimated at 200 million yuan (~$29.23 million USD) and the tax evasion value is about 50 million yuan (~$7.3 million USD). They have seized 15 suspects who were working from Fangchenggang in Guangxi and in Dongguan in Guangdong. They also found about 40 tons of...

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Maine Congressman Jared Golden Introduces Amendment to Block Right Whale Regulations

Maine Congressman Jared Golden has introduced an amendment, co-sponsored by Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, that would block the controversial right whale regulations that would require lobstermen to reduce their vertical lines by as much as 50 percent.

Congressman Golden's amendment stems from NOAA's Take Reduction Team's announcement earlier this year that in order to reduce whale deaths, Maine lobstermen would have to cut their number of vertical lines to prevent fatal fishing gear entanglements. While the rules were designed to reduce serious injuries and death among...

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The Winding Glass: We Need a New Magnuson Act to Deal with Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries

[The Winding Glass is an opinion and commentary column from SeafoodNews Founder and Publisher John Sackton.]

50 years ago fisheries were in crisis.  The prevailing international law allowed no national control of ocean activities beyond 12 miles.  

Similar fishing situations were occurring around other coastal nations. 

The key features of the Magnuson-Stevens Act passed in 1976 were regional councils,  the best available science, and to involve all stakeholders in the council and decision-making process.

Today we are facing a new crisis...

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East Coast Opens New Lobster Processing Facility in New Bedford Prior to the Opening of the Maine Season

East Coast Seafood Group has begun operating a new state of the art lobster facility in Massachusetts, offering one of the most efficient processing lines currently available in the industry. Set in a 66,000 square foot building on New Bedford’s working waterfront, the new lobster operation for East Coast Seafood’s/Seatrade facility, feeds from the success of the companies’ commodity business and puts lobster and scallop processing under one roof.

East coast received permits for the processing plant in April and began with processing fresh lobster meat. In May they added frozen processing.

The company expects that a long-sought Massachusetts bill to revise antiquated lobster holding laws will become final in June...

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Trade War with China Creating Worsening Conditions for U.S. Exporters

U.S. President Trump has initiated a trade war with China, and higher tariffs have been levied on commodities traded between the two countries. Both suffer from the president’s decision, and it is still uncertain who will be the bigger victim in the long run, according to media and trade reports. But according to responses from aquatic companies in the two countries, the war is hitting America harder than China at present.

One Chinese aquatic company in Maoming, an important tilapia aquaculture region, is...

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Northumberland Fishing Association Serving 1,000 Free Lobster Suppers to No Pipe Supporters

Fishermen have been fighting against Northern Pulp's proposed effluent pipe for months, and now they're thanking those who have stood by them by offering 1,000 free lobster suppers to No Pipe supporters.

"Hundreds of community members have decorated their lawns with signs of support," Northumberland Fishermen's Association president Ronnie Heighton said in a press release. "Last summer, over 3,500 citizens joined our No Pipe Land & Sea Rally. And to date, over 6,000 letters supporting a federal environmental assessment of the project have been submitted…

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China Contributes to Clearwater’s Higher Profits in the First Quarter This Year

According to Nova Scotia's Clearwater Seafoods, China has become a market of great significance now and its great seafood demand has created higher profits for the company this year. As its performance report reads, the company’s profit has risen to $20.1 million CAD ($14.9 million USD) during the first quarter from $19.1 million CAD ($14.1 million USD) last year. Meanwhile, its sales to China has jumped to $32.2 million CAD ($23.9 million USD) during the quarter...

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VIDEO: Urner Barry Staff Taste Test Vinalhaven Smoked Lobster 

It's no secret that the Urner Barry office is full of seafood lovers. So, when Robert Young, founder of Vinalhaven Smoked Lobster, sent some of his cherry and hickory smoked lobster to the Urner Barry office, we had people lined up to try it.

Watch the video to see what they had to say!

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Maine Lobsterman Delivers A Lot of Heart With Homemade Smoked Lobster 

How do you eat your lobster? On a roll? Smothered in butter? Mixed into macaroni and cheese? For Robert Young, a lobsterman based in Vinalhaven, Maine, the best way to eat lobster is smoked.

Young has been commercial fishing for over 20 years, but things changed for him back in 2004 when his wife bought him a smoker for Christmas. While many Christmas gifts have a tendency to get used a handful of times and tossed aside, Young’s smoker ultimately led to his family business: Vinalhaven Smoked Lobster...

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'Deadliest Catch' Star Sig Hansen Helps Launch Resqunit's Canadian Operations

Sig Hansen, star of Discovery Channel's hit TV series "Deadliest Catch," was on hand at Dartmouth's Centre for Ocean Venture & Entrepreneurship's Start-Up Yard in Nova Scotia to help Resqunit launch their new Canadian operations.

Resqunit is a flotation device that secures fishing gear and prevents gear from getting lost. The device is attached to lobster traps or crab pots, and when the gear gets lost, or is under water for a certain period of time, the Resqunit is released, bringing the gear back up to the surface...

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Maine Lawmakers Send Another Request Seeking Relief for Lobster Industry Amidst Trade War with China

Maine Senators Angus King and Susan Collins, along with Representatives Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden, have sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture urging them to include "significant funding" for Maine's lobster industry, which has been impacted by the trade war with China. Their letter is a follow up to a letter that was initially sent to President Trump at the beginning of June to request aid for those who have lost business as a result of the tariffs...

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VIDEO: Maine's Lobster Bait Crisis; Sea Shepherd Petition; Prime Day; Protecting Right Whales

Join SeafoodNews Weekly Video hosts Amanda Buckle and Lorin Castiglione as they talk about Maine's lobster bait crisis; Sea Shepherd's petition against imported New Zealand seafood; Amazon Prime Day deals involving seafood; annd what's being done to protect the North Atlantic Right Whales.

This episode was brought to you by Maine Lobster. Summer means that it's officially lobster season in Maine. Between June and July lobsters in the cold waters of the Gulf of Maine shed their shells and the result is Maine New Shell Lobster....

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Friendly's Restaurant Adds Lobster Quesadilla, Lobster Mac & Cheese to Summer Menu

Friendly's Restaurant has updated their summer menu with some delicious new seafood options.

"Summer cravings come in all forms, and our new specials have something for everyone," said Dennis Pfaff, COO of FIC Restaurants.

Now through September 8, Friendly's diners will be able to order new menu items inspired by the sea: The Fisherman's Platter, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and Lobster Quesadilla.

The Fisherman's Platter includes fried shrimp, clam strips and tavern-battered cod fillet, and is served with coleslaw...

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Both Domestic Chinese Seafood Companies, Foreign Suppliers Expand in Asian Market

With China’s rising seafood demand, more and more foreign seafood products have been flooding into this oriental market. Competition is fierce and some overseas suppliers have chosen to cooperate with local giants. Meanwhile, Chinese buyers are also updating themselves and cutting out the middlemen for higher profits. Some have opted to buy directly from foreign suppliers, while some have set up their own plants abroad.

When overseas seafood suppliers are looking for partners in China, e-commerce giants seem to be an attractive...

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ANALYSIS: Strong Canadian Lobster Landings

Strong Canadian landings coupled with the seasonal lull in demand has put downward pressure on live lobster prices.  The current average market price for 2lb hard shell lobster FOB New England is $8.05, down 8% compared to this time last year.  The lower price adjustments have been closely following the seasonal pattern; however, for the month of June prices have stalled while the historical chart indicates an upward trend.

Market prices peaked mid- February and adjusted lower as the Canadian spring fishing seasons commenced...

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UrnerBarry's Summer 2019 Reporter Issue Released; Read It Online For Free Now

reporterA brand-new issue of UrnerBarry's Reporter is out now! The Summer 2019 issue is the annual market analysis edition, and just like previous years, the magazine is jam-packed with need-to-know information.

On the seafood side of things check out analysis pieces on the….

Shrimp Market: U.S. imports record volume of shrimp in 2018, prices feel pressure

Lobster Market: Life after the 25% Chinese tariff

King and Snow Crab Markets: King crab down 17% at retail; Unprecedented spread between...

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Seafood Companies Find Profits in the Chinese Market but Face Uncertainty

China has become an increasingly important market for seafood companies worldwide thanks to its great demand and potential to be exploited. Many have taken action to develop this oriental market or grab more market shares. This market seems lucrative, but it is not that easy to prosper in the long term there, media reports show.

The country has become the largest importer of New Zealand lobsters. It has become a primary buyer of New Zealand’s largest rock lobster exporter, Fiordland Lobster, whose annual...

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Maine Delegation Sends Letter to Trump Urging Aid for Lobster Industry Affected by Trade War

Maine Senators Angus King and Susan Collins, along with Representatives Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden, have sent President Donald Trump a letter requesting aid for members of the lobster industry who have been affected by the trade war with China. The letter, which was sent to the president on Friday, emphasizes the importance of the Chinese market to Maine's lobster industry.

"One of the first victims of retaliation imposed by China after the initial round of tariffs was lobster shipped from Maine...

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ANALYSIS: April Lobster Imports Sharply Lower -  Seventh Straight Month of Lower Shipments

The flow of lobster products into the U.S. continues to decline. The April loss extends the trend of year-over-year declines to seven-straight months. April 2019 imports of 4.413 million pounds were 18.6 percent lower when compared last year’s figure of 5.423 million pounds. Year-to-date figures show a 21.1 percent or 6.339-million-pound shortfall.

Imports from Canada are down 25.6 percent in the month and 24.3 percent through four months.  The ongoing trade war with China...

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Maine Senators Express Concern About Right Whale Regulations on Lobster Industry

This week U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Angus King (I-ME), as well as Representatives Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and Jared Golden (D-ME), submitted a letter to Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere Dr. Neil Jacobs to express their concern regarding the ongoing North Atlantic right whale take reduction efforts and the "significant impact" on Maine's lobster industry.

"As you are aware, Maine fisheries officials and stakeholders have been actively engaged on the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Team and in correspondence with...

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Highly Ironic That Export Award from Gov’t Went to Maine Company Most Hurt by Seafood Tariffs

[The Winding Glass is an opinion and commentary column from SeafoodNews Founder and Publisher John Sackton.]

The danger of an escalating trade war with China for the seafood industry runs on two tracks.  For importers, especially of tilapia, the prospect of a permanent 25% tariff will force a major reshuffling in the category.  Unless the exemption on taxing products from the US processed in China is revoked, other items like pink salmon, twice frozen cod and pollock, and processed flatfish which are...

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MLMC Launches New Content Hub to Support Maine Lobster Distributors and Retailers

The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC) announced on Tuesday that they have launched a brand new Content Hub, developed to "support the promotional efforts of Maine Lobster distributors and retailers worldwide."

The MLMC designed the Content Hub to "help make sure those selling and consuming Maine Lobster have a cohesive, easy-to-navigate resource packed with the tools and information needed to make informed decisions about lobster products." The Content Hub, which the public can use by requesting access...

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VIDEO: COS Aquaculture Commitment; GAPP Partnerships; Plant-Based Trends; MLMC's Executive Director

Join SeafoodNews Weekly Recap co-hosts Lorin Castiglione and Amanda Buckle as they talk about Chicken of the Sea's responsible aquaculture commitment; GAPP's new partnerships; plant-based trends in Canada; and the MLMC's new Executive Director.

This video is brought to you by Urner Barry. Urner Barry is headed to Brussels for Seafood Expo Global, the world's largest seafood trade fair, taking place from May 7-9. Visit us at booth 6-842 to buy posters and books. Plus, catch demos of Urner Barry's Comtell and...

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