Tue. Jan 28 2020

Halibut Catches Revealed Next Week in Anchorage  

Mon. Jan 27 2020

Anxiety in Live Lobster Market as Novel Coronavirus Halts Chinese New Year Sales  

Marine Board of Investigation Convened to Find Answers on the Sinking of the Scandies Rose

Russian Crab Market Facing Change in Wake of Absentee Arrest of Oleg Kahn  

Handy Seafood Exec Don Riffle Passes Away

Champion Petfoods Opens Over 420,000 Square Foot Facility in Alberta

Florida Man Sentenced for Killing Endangered Smalltooth Sawfish

Study: Coastal Ocean Acidification Already Affecting Dungeness Crab Larvae  

Golden Pearl Trading Corp. Recalls 12,000 Pounds of Siluriformes Products  

Captain D’s Launches $4.99 Full Meal Deals

SeafoodNews.com Summary Monday, January 27

Fri. Jan 24 2020

Chinese New Year Seafood Sales Threatened As Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Cancels Celebrations

Maine Representatives Urge USTR to Hold China Accountable on U.S. Lobster Commitment  

Two Fishermen Found Dead After Vessel Sinks off Maine

Alaska Governor Dunleavy Creates Panel to Reshape Alaska’s Ferry System

Shanghai Disney Resort Closes During Chinese New Year As Coronavirus Spreads

NWAA Calls Cooke's Plans for Steelhead Farming a "Vital Step" to a Blue Economy

New Collaboration Helps Small Scale Farmers in SE Asia Be More Sustainable

Greenpeace Urging FCF to Focus on Transparency After Bumble Bee Acquisition

Pure Salmon to Invest EUR 175 Mln. in RAS Integrated Production Site in France  

Ecuador’s National Chamber of Aquaculture: Shrimp Sector in Crisis due to Organized Crime  

Tyson Foods Launches Coalition for Global Protein, Announcing at Davos World Economic Forum

Thomas Palm Steps Down as Cermaq’s CFO

SalMar’s Ocean Farm 1 Receives First Offshore Fish Farming Class Certificate from DNV GL

SeafoodNews.com Summary Friday, January 24

Thu. Jan 23 2020

Washington Approves Cooke Steelhead Farm Application in Puget Sound  

Chinese New Year Celebrations Canceled as Quarantine Measures Over Novel Coronavirus Put in Place

VIDEO: FCF’s Bumble Bee Bid; Tuna Price-Fixing Settlement; First Coronavirus Case in U.S. and More  

Before Leaving, Iceland’s Samherji is Being Asked to Pay Fishermen For Lost Wages, Deaths

Science Center for Marine Fisheries Takes On Climate Change, Bycatch, and Menhaden in 2020

Fish Art Contests Fishing for Entries by US Forest Service/AK

SeafoodNews.com Summary Thursday, January 23

Wed. Jan 22 2020

CDC Ups Travel Notice to ‘Level 2’ After First Case of Novel Coronavirus Confirmed in U.S.

Judge Denies Chicken of the Sea, Food Preparers’ $6.5 Million Settlement

A Look Into Aquaculture in the United States Through USDA’s 2018 Fish Farming Census

Russia Plans to Increase Pollock Catch in 2020  

Gray Whale Southern Migration and Unusual Mortality Event Monitored from Alaska to Mexico

China Continues to Take Severe Action Against Seafood Smuggling

Safety Drill Training Ramps up in Alaska

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, January 22

Cell-Based Meat Company Aiming to Bring Products to Market Following Strong Funding Round

Tue. Jan 21 2020

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, January 21

ASMI Issues New Fact Sheet on Chalk in Halibut  

Top Seafood Executives Celebrate Future Leaders Class of 2019

Sophie’s Kitchen Transforms to Celebrate Veganuary

US Coast Guard Gets Recognition from Sen. Murkowski on the Floor of the Senate

Trade Mission says China Eager to Buy Wild Alaska Pollock for Domestic Market

NaturalShrimp Inks Postlarvae Hatchery Contract  

Korea Confirms Case of Pneumonia Linked to Wuhan; Travelers Being Screened Ahead of Chinese New Year

FCF’s Bid for Bumble Bee Foods Successful, Following DOJ Objection

Alaskan Legislature Convenes, Updates on Fish Bills

Minh Phu Has Not Received Official Documents From CBP, Vows to Work With Agency During Investigation  

NFI Rotates Chairmanship as Todd Clark Completes Term, Frank Dulcich is New Chairman of the Board

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VIDEO: Lawmakers’ Letter to USTR; 9th Right Whale Death; Pangasius Analysis; New Zealand Aquaculture 

Join SeafoodNews Weekly Video hosts Pete Iridoy and Ryan Doyle as they discuss a letter sent by Massachusetts lawmakers to the USTR; the latest right whale death; pangasius analysis; and New Zealand's long-term aquaculture plans.

This episode was brought to you by Maine Lobster. The rocky coast of Maine is home to one of the most iconic and sustainable fisheries in the worlds. With 5,600 independent lobstermen from multi-generational families, the Maine Lobster industry is committed to bringing sustainably harvested lobster from trap...

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