Fri. Apr 3 2020

DFO Delays Snow Crab Season in Newfoundland and Labrador Until April 20  

Seafood Expo North America Rescheduled; Boston Seafood Show to Take Place in September

Are 'Family Meal Deals' at Restaurants the New Normal?

ANALYSIS: Pollock Block Market Thriving Amid COVID-19  

ANALYSIS: February Shrimp Imports Grow 20.1 Percent  

Kodiak Tanner Crab is a Wrap, Dungeness Up Next  

COVID-19: Updated Compendium of Closures/Meeting Changes

Canada Names Seafood Industry As Essential Service, Amid Announcements of Wage Supports

Observer Waiver for Vessels With Northeast Fishing Permits Extended Through April 18  

Rutgers University Team Finds Species of Oysters, Clams Can be Farmed Side-by-Side  

NOAA GARFO Office Helping Fishermen Sell Direct to Consumers

Long John Silver’s Offering Truck Drivers Discount, Curb-Side Pick-Up

Chicken of the Sea Donates More Than Half A Million Servings Of Seafood to Vulnerable U.S. Groups Summary Friday, April 3

Thu. Apr 2 2020

Alaska’s Coastal Communities Prepare for 2020 Fishing Season as COVID-19 Cases Rise  

Maine’s Commercial Fishing, Processing and Aquaculture Remains ‘Essential’ Under New Executive Order

Local Catch Network Capitalizes on Pandemic to Broaden its Fresh Seafood Scope

These are the Top Operational Changes Restaurants are Making in Response to the Coronavirus

Salmon Group Taps Langeland as CEO as Øen Becomes New US Envoy for Seafood Council

Norwegian Seafood Sector Pivots to Frozen Fish as Production Continues During Pandemic

Restaurant Prices in Canada Expected to Fall Due to COVID-19

Voice Recognition Software Tracks Fish Catches Summary Thursday, April 2

Wed. Apr 1 2020

Luke’s Lobster Launches E-Commerce Platform to Send Seafood Across U.S.

Haunted by the Coronavirus, Vietnam’s Seafood Industry Suffers

Russian Fish Processors Call on Government to Lift Restrictions on Fish Imports to Domestic Market

Bumble Bee CEO Appointed to Plant-based Food Company’s Board of Directors

Land-based Farm Pure Salmon Poland Earns Ocean Friendly Label  

Louisiana Oyster Task Force Reaches Out to Newsroom Ink to Tell Their Story Summary Wednesday, April 1

Tue. Mar 31 2020

The Winding Glass: Processors Now Key to Lobster and Crab Survival in Canada    

Chicago Restaurant Owners File Lawsuit Against Insurance Company Over Business Interruption Policy

Canadian Government Ensures Support for Seafood Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic

NMFS Approves Final Measures for Atlantic Sea Scallop Management Plan for 2020 Season  

China's Struggling Tilapia Industry Encounters More Trouble With Coronavirus Outbreak  

CenSea National Sales Director Dave Bennett Retiring After More Than 25 Years With The Company

Thai Union Donates Shelf-Stable Seafood to Red Cross Summary Tuesday, March 31

Mon. Mar 30 2020

Lobster Fishery Delayed in Two New Brunswick Areas, Other Fisheries Waiting on Decisions  

During One Week, Bishops From Five States Lift Ban on Eating Meat During Lent

Russia Hopes to Significantly Increase Exports of Pollock Fillets to U.S. Market This Year  

NMFS Says 'No' to West Coast Groundfish, Swordfish Vessels Seeking Waivers for Observers

Coronavirus Traps Fishing Crew of Japanese Long-Distance Tuna Vessels  

State of Louisiana Steps Up to Connect Consumers with Local Harvesters as “Matchmaker” Summary Monday, March 30

VIDEO: New COMTELL Spotlight - Improved Charting and History Pages

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California, Oregon Choose Different Dates to Open Remaining Coastline to Crabbing

It seems the process to open as much of the coastline as possible to crabbing at the same time went out the window when domoic acid and meat recovery rates became monkeywrenches in the system.

This year's West Coast Dungeness crab season required a lot of industry and fishery managers' time and patience as only some areas showed crab were fully and clear of toxins in December and early January. The new year proved no different as the California/Oregon border area crab had issues stretching past ...

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