Fri. Jun 14 2019

The Winding Glass: We Need a New Magnuson Act to Deal with Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries

2019 Gulf of St. Lawrence Halibut Quota Increases 15% Above Last Year’s Quota

China’s White Shrimp Market Overshadowed by Low Prices  

Trident Seafoods Partners with Food Network Star Nancy Fuller  

VIDEO: Gulf of St. Lawrence Closures; Trident & Nancy Fuller; ASMI's Exec Director; Dead Zone  

Rep. Huffman and 53 Members of Congress Call Pebble DEIS “Indefensible”

FFAW: To Protect Cod Stock, Action Needs to Be Taken to Control Seal Population  

WDFW, Partners Apply to Lethally Remove Sea Lions from Columbia River, Tributaries  

Fisheries Survival Fund: Issues with NOAA’s “HabCam” Will Hurt 2019 Atlantic Sea Scallop Survey  

Walmart Foundation Awards IJM Grant to Combat Human Trafficking in Thai Fishing Industry

Thai Union's Global Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Receives Seafood Champion Award Summary Friday, June 14

Thu. Jun 13 2019

Salmon Harvests in PWS and Copper River Strong, Pre-Season Showing in Chignik Worrisome  

Trivial and Mysterious Shortbelly Rockfish Threatens West Coast Trawl Fisheries  

NFI Working With IBM to Launch Seafood Blockchain Pilot

At Least 60 Dead Ice Seals Reported from the Bering Sea Region

Pebble Mine Draws More Opposition From NPFMC, AK Communities, Congress

ISSF Increasingly Concerned Over Continuing Overfishing of Yellowfin Tuna in Indian Ocean

University of British Columbia to Only Purchase Ocean Wise Recommended Sustainable Seafood

NFWF’s Electronic Monitoring Grant Program 2019 Open for Proposals

Seward Incubates Blue Businesses

Corbion Completes Successful Trial of AlgaPrime DHA in Thai Union Shrimp Feed  

CPF Buys 75% Stake in Sri Lanka Shrimp Farmer Lotus Aquaculture Summary Thursday, June 13

Wed. Jun 12 2019

Council Rejects Emergency Order Request for Adak Cod Set-Aside for 2020  

Louisiana Shrimp Landings Decline Due to High Water Events, Bonnet Carré Spillway  

Following Liberal Party Victory in Newfoundland, FFAW and Processors Jockey over Fish Prices

Vietnam May Overtake China as the World’s Largest Pollock Processor  

Aquabanq to Build Land-Based Salmon Plant in Northern Maine  

Toothfish Stocks in Danger as Spanish Vessels Fish in Under-Regulated Areas  

King Kampachi Offshore Farm Receives ASC Certification Summary Wednesday, June 12

Tue. Jun 11 2019

DFO Announces New Temporary Fishing Closures in Gulf of St. Lawrence Due to Right Whales  

Bonnet Carré Spillway Wreaking Havoc for Louisiana, Mississippi Fishermen

2017 Report on Chinook Bycatch in Bering Sea Show Most Come From BC and Western AK Rivers

Jeremy Woodrow Chosen as New Executive Director for Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone' Forecasted to Reach 7,829 Square Miles

Alaska Fishing Updates for June 2019  

‘A Major Punch in the Gut’: Midwest Rains Projected to Create Near-Record Dead Zone in Gulf

2020 S-K Grant Program Now Open for Funding Requests, With Emphasis on Aquaculture

Sargassum Bloom in Florida Killing Marine Life

Canadian Government to Ban Single-Use Plastics as Early as 2021

Winners Revealed for the 2019 Seafood Champions Awards

Perdue, Oyster Recovery Partnership Team Up to Restore Chesapeake Bay’s Oyster Population Summary Tuesday, June 11

Mon. Jun 10 2019

Minh Phu Responds to Anti-Dumping Duty Evasion Allegations; Read Full Statement Here  

Maine Delegation Sends Letter to Trump Urging Aid for Lobster Industry Affected by Trade War  

ANALYSIS: Farmed Atlantic Salmon Fillets Continue Record Breaking Imports; 10-Year Volume High  

Trident Seafoods Gets New Surimi Patent

LISTEN: Norway Algae Bloom Update; Snow Crab Price; Right Whale News and More  

Russian Police Consider New Investigations Against Domestic Crab, Fish Tycoons  

Facing Obstacles in American & Chinese Markets, Vietnam Turns to New Customers  

Women in the Seafood Industry Showcased in Video Contest Summary Monday, June 10

BioMar Acquires Remaining 50% Stake in Chile's Alitec Pargua

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Today's lead item is a follow up on Wednesday’s report of the sinking of the Mary B II at Newport’s Yaquina Bar. Three Dungeness crab fishermen were killed when their vessel capsized around 10 p.m. Tuesday evening...

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