Tue. Sep 25 2018

Boston Lobster Price Increases Dramatically in Beijing; Some Importers Switch to European Lobsters  

Todd Putman Named as New Executive Vice President at Bumble Bee Foods

Record Breaking Pay Day for Salmon Fishermen at Bristol Bay  

Senate Recognizes September 25th as National Lobster Day for 4th Straight Year  

Production Starts at Cermaq’s New Closed Containment System in Horsvågen  

ASMI Announces Partnerships Ahead of National Seafood Month

Beard House Hosts 6th Annual Skuna Bay ‘Salmon Seduction’ Event  

Natural Water Biology Offers Healthier Aquatic Species and Better Growth, Claims Blue Aqua

AKVA Gets Contract for Feed Systems for Grieg's Newfoundland Expansion  

National Lobster Day? Free Lobster and Langostino Pizza at Red Lobster? What a Combination!  

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Launches New Standard for Seabass, Seabream and Meagre  

Maine's Bristol Seafood Expands Sales Team With 4 New Business Development Managers

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, September 25

Mon. Sep 24 2018

LISTEN: Lobsters on Weed, a "Codfather" Update, Farmed Salmon Analysis and More  

Shrimp Exporters Find Optimism in Chinese Market Due to Several Changes  

Nordic Aquafarms Sets Public Meeting Date for October 4  

Yonghui Superstores Purchase More Guolian Shares; Ownership Rises to 11 Percent

Thailand Publishes List of All Fishing Vessels in Move to End Human Rights Abuse, IUU Fishing

Sysco Adds Portico Imperial Saddleback Lobster Tails to Cutting Edge Solutions Platform  

Government of Canada Establishes Ministerial Advisory Panel to Transform Freshwater Fish Marketing C

NOAA Increases Winter Scup Quota to Almost 10 Million Pounds  

Researchers Studying What Climate Change Could Mean for Fisheries in the Northeast

SeafoodNews.com Summary Monday, September 24

Fri. Sep 21 2018

NOAA Seeks $3 Million in Fines From Captains and Rafael Partners, Plus New Permit Revocations

VIDEO: Trade War Escalates; US Standards for Catfish; Farmed Salmon Fillets and More

Symphony of Seafood Calls for New Alaska Seafood Products  

Typhoon Mangkhut Disrupts Transport in Southern China; Salmon Prices Rise  

Garbo’s Fresh Maine Lobster Partners with Austin Whole Foods Market

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Seeking Participants for 2019 Shrimp Bycatch Study  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Friday, September 21

Thu. Sep 20 2018

Alaska Snow Crab Survey Finds 60% Jump in Legal Male Crab; King Crab Numbers Will be Down  

Chinese Basa Prices Start to Rise in Advance of National Day  

FDA Opening Voluntary Qualified Importer Program Application Three Months Early

ANALYSIS: Atlantic, Pacific Halibut Imports For July Up From June  

Inland Seafood Partners with Nashville Wholesale Distributor Music City Seafood

SeafoodNews.com Summary Thursday, September 20

Wed. Sep 19 2018

Former Sea Star Seafood Owner James R. Faro Sentenced for Bank Fraud

Premium Brands Holdings Completes Acquisition of Maine-Based Ready Seafood Co.  

ANALYSIS: Imported Volume of Farmed Salmon Fillets at all Time Highs Amid 6 Weeks of Steady Pricing  

ADF&G: Bristol Bay Return, Harvest, and Value Break Records  

Offshore Fish Farms Pushed by Trump Administration

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, September 19

Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation Hires Director of Sustainability, Strategic Engagement

Fishpeople Seafood Releases Oven-roasted Wild Alaskan Salmon Slices, Jerky  

Massachusetts DPH Announces Precautionary Closure of Oyster Beds  

Ocean Brands Canned Seafood Supplier Acquiring Leading Premium Sardines Brand

Drew Lawler Named NOAA’s New Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Fisheries

California Fish Grill Partners with Monterey Bay Aquarium to Serve Ocean-Friendly Seafood

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Advocates Seek 11th-Hour Reversal On Exxon Valdez Reopener Decision

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [InsideEPA.com] November 5, 2015

Grassroots environmentalists are making an 11th-hour push for the U. S. and Alaska governments to reverse a decision to abandon a $92 million natural resource damages (NRD) claim against ExxonMobil Corp. for unanticipated injuries under a reopener clause of the 1991 settlement covering damages caused by the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.

"The Court and the Governments made some serious errors in the way that the Reopener Clause, and this decision, was handled," the environmental grassroots group Prince William Soundkeeper says on its website.
The group points to an alleged error by the court not to open public comment on the government's final decision, despite a previous commitment to it under an earlier order, as well as an alleged failure by the state and federal governments to consider a broader array of resources that appear to continue to be injured and not recovered, and research backing those conclusions.
The Justice Department (DOJ) announced Oct. 15 that the United States and Alaska were closing any federal and state judicial actions against ExxonMobil 

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