Fri. Mar 27 2020

TAKING STOCK: Economic Gauntlets & Seafood Market Waves

Alaska’s NOAA Fisheries Waives Observer Coverage on Partial Coverage Fleet For Two Weeks

An Explanation of Canada’s Quarantine Exemptions for Temporary Foreign Workers and Truckers

FFAW Recommending that DFO Postpone Snow Crab Fishery  

Updated MSC Fisheries Certification Process Manual Now Available

Maine Opening Elver Fishery Following COVID-19 Protection Measures  

Pescanova Introduces New Toss & Serve Shrimp as Convenient, Healthy At-Home Dinner Option  

NFI Issues Statement on Passing of Angie Prieble

Walmart Subsidiary Seiyu First Retailer to Endorse BAP Certification in Japan

Global Study Shows How Marine Species Respond as Oceans Warm

FSIS Loosens Labeling Enforcement, Allows Foodservice Items Easier Access to Retail Summary Friday, March 27

Thu. Mar 26 2020

COVID-19 Relief Bill Provides $300M For U.S. Fisheries Participants

Coronavirus Impact Leads to Highest Unemployment Claims in U.S. History

Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Landings Show February Increase; Change in Reporting May Help the Boost  

ANALYSIS: Challenges Mount for Fresh Salmon Logistics and Production in Chile  

3 Ways the Coronavirus Stimulus Package Helps Restaurants and Workers

Coronavirus Cases Continue to Impact Foodservice and Retail

Alaskans Prepare For Fishing Season Amid Health Mandates, Travel Restrictions, More Paperwork

Restaurants in America Offer Contactless Delivery Similar to China's Model

An Updated List of Every State That Has Closed Restaurants Due to the Coronavirus

COVID-19: Updated Compendium of Closures/Meeting Changes

National Restaurant Association Cancels Upcoming May Show

SeaShare Ramps Up Seafood Donations at Food Banks

China Opens Market to Norwegian Fishmeal and Fish Oil Summary Thursday, March 26

Wed. Mar 25 2020

Fishing, Aquaculture and Food Processing Considered ‘Essential’ Services in Maine

Seafood Leaders Back $4 Billion Aid Request as Fishing Seasons Approach and COVID-19 Spreads   

ProFish Ventures into New Territory After Coronavirus Outbreak Closes Restaurants

An Increase in Home Consumption Pushed February Seafood Sales at Japanese Supermarkets  

ANALYSIS: Rising Replacement Costs on Spanish Octopus  

Nielsen Report: Consumer Buying Patterns Identified Amid COVID-19

China to Encourage Local Governments to Stockpile Poultry, Aquaculture Products

Prince William Sound Aims for Golden King Crab, Sea Cucumber Fisheries  

Aquafeed: LDC in Tripartite Research Collaboration to Improve Barramundi Feed Summary Wednesday, March 25

Tue. Mar 24 2020

India on 21-Day Lockdown to Contain Coronavirus

Virtual Tastings, Meetings Allow Seafood Shows to Continue Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

How Grocery Stores Are Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak

ANALYSIS: Live Lobster Trade Comes to a Halt Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic  

Alaska and Massachusetts Senators Ask for Support for Fishing and Seafood Industry

Blue Harvest Ready to Meet Demand for Local Products Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Sea Pact Sends Message of Unity and Support to Industry

Goodfish Partners With Bristol Bay Salmon, Launches New Chip Product

Japan: Eel Elvers Released 15.4 MT to Growers as of the End of February  

NOAA Provides Update on Status of Northeast Fisheries Science Center Office Buildings, Operations

Pacific Seafoods Maintaining Operations to Meet Retail Demand  

Four Provincial Fisheries Ministers in Atlantic Canada Collaborate to Help Industry Summary Tuesday, March 24

Mon. Mar 23 2020

China's Domestic Market Still Struggling, But Some Progress in Hubei Province

Halibut Fishermen Face Flattened Market, Firesale Prices  

CDFW’s Oroville Dam Salmon Evacuation Decision Pays Exceptional Dividends  

ANALYSIS: A Look at the Farmed Salmon Market this Week and its Reaction to COVID-19  

NOAA Temporarily Waiving Observer, At-Sea Monitoring Due to Health Concerns   

Alaska State Ramps Up Protective Measures Against COVID-19

Politicians from Oregon, Maine Seek Relief for Commercial Fishermen During Coronavirus Outbreak

Russian Fisherman May Suspend Catch in Northern Basin Summary Monday, March 23

Ireland’s Minister Meets with Seafood Industry to Keep Fishing and Processing Open

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Economic Importance of Alaska's “Forest Fish” Revealed in First Study

A first ever, 10 year study gives estimates of the numbers and values of what the Tongass and Chugach National Forests contribute to Alaska’s commercial salmon industry.

The Tongass is the largest national forest in the U.S. at nearly 27,000 square miles and covers most of Southeast Alaska.

The adjacent Chugach at half the size ranks as the nation’s second largest forest and covers the Copper River delta, Prince William Sound, and part of the Kenai Peninsula. 

Researchers excluded salmon born outside the forests’ lakes...

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