Fri. Jul 10 2020

China Suspends Ecuador Shrimp Imports After Allegedly Finding Positive Samples of Coronavirus  

Port Moller Test Fishery Says Bristol Bay Run May Reach 60 Million Sockeye in 2020

ANALYSIS: European Imports of Frozen Shrimp Dip in April as Quarantine Issues Linger  

DFO Issues Rollover TAC for Northern Cod, FFAW Predicts “Dire Impacts” on Inshore Fishery

Port of Coos Bay: Everything on Schedule for Charleston Ice Plant Opening in August

U.S. Coast Guard Seeks Information on F/V Aquarius Capsizing

New Chemical Technique Fishes Valuable Nutrients Out of Shrimp Processing Water

Urner Barry's Reporter Summer 2020 Issue Released; Read It Online For Free Now

NOAA Seeking Written Input on Interagency Seafood Trade Strategy

Mowi B.C. Salmon Farms Receive ASC Certification As Norway Mefaldskjaeret Farm’s Certificate Pulled Summary Friday, July 10

Thu. Jul 9 2020

ASC Suspends Blumar’s Certification After June Escapement

Alaska’s July COVID-19 Curve Rises, Seafood Processors Receive More Detailed Guidance

ANALYSIS: Pangasius - Below Average Imports, Optimistic Outlook  

JAPAN: Low Grade Surimi Price Fell 35 Yen Per kg  

Cell-Based Seafood Company BlueNalu Signs MOU with South Korean Company Pulmuone

Japan Fisheries Association Provides Financial Assistance for Sustainable Seafood Sales

SalMar Subsidiary Receives Approval for Conversion of Developmental Licenses for Ocean Farm Project

House Democrats Appropriations Bill For FY 2021 to Ban Offshore Drilling in Atlantic Ocean

Bristol Seafood Provides Founding Sponsorship to Create Inclusion in the Blue Economy Program

Sri Lanka: Leading Exporters Add Value to Tuna Products Through Sustainable Fisheries Certification  

DFO Announces Recipients of $8.3 Million Fund for Ghost Gear Clean Up

Fisheries Official: Caviar Exports Fetched Iran Over $3.5M Last Year

STUDY: Evidence of Ocean Mixing Across Gulf Stream Summary Thursday, July 9

Wed. Jul 8 2020

ANALYSIS: Snow Crab Entering U.S. Market Right Along With 3-Year Average  

Seafood Industry Gets Help With Research and Marketing Frozen Product   

Seafood Fastest Growing Supermarket Category During Last Week of May

Newport Water Issues Ease as City Works on Cleaning Filters, Backup Plans  

Vegan Seafood Brand Good Catch Launches New Frozen Fish-Free Entrees, Appetizers

Conxemar Cancels Their 2020 Seafood Show in Vigo, First-Ever Event in Brussels

Study: Microplastics Impact Development of Lobster Larvae  

Rep. Stutes calls Alaska Board of Fish Hearing Amidst Controversy

Captain D’s Continues Southeast Development with 8th Louisiana Location Summary Wednesday, July 8

Tue. Jul 7 2020

After Short-Term Rejuvenation, Chinese Salmon Market Runs into More Trouble  

A Silver Lining Emerges in Bristol Bay as Salmon Landings Start to Increase

Delegation Calls for Trump to Restore Restrictions to Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Monument   

Four Research Groups Study Resiliency in Bristol Bay Against COVID-19 for 2021 Season

Alaska Fish Prices, Production for 2019 Provide Pre-COVID Base  

Newfoundland and Labrador Price Setting Panel Sides With FFAW on Cold Water Shrimp Price  

Ghost Kitchens on the Rise in a Post-COVID World

ASMI Hands Reins of RFM Certification Program to Certified Seafood Collaborative

Japan: May Tuna Imports Down 55% for Fresh, and 27% for Frozen  

Japan: Summer Chum Arrivals up 40%, Price Down 40% at Sapporo Market  

AEON to Sell Fully Traceable Eels in 40% of Eel Sales  

NOAA’s Trio of Ocean Drones Set to Reach Bering Sea Survey Station  

Uber to Acquire Postmates; Will Keep Consumer-Facing App Running Separately

Applebee’s Brings Back Tex-Mex Shrimp Bowl As They Begin to Reopen Dining Rooms Summary Tuesday, July 7

Mon. Jul 6 2020

Alaska Fishing Updates for July 2020  

PMTF Data Shows Bristol Bay Run a Week Late, Statewide Salmon Landings 8% of Forecast  

Pacific Seafood Worker in Quarantine After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Dismal Area 2A Halibut Landings Necessitate Second Opener; Vessel Limits Create Confusion  

DeFazio Urges NOAA to Reinstate Observer Waiver for West Coast Seafood Industry

JAPAN: Fresh Salmon Imports by Air Continued Decreasing in May  

Norwegian Seafood Export Value Reaches All-Time High in First-Half Year  

Florida Senators Push DOC to Include State for Aquaculture Opportunity Areas

JFOODO Large-scale Sales Promotion in Hong Kong Aims to Increase Consumption Post-COVID 19  

Russia Plans to Diversify Exports of Pollock Roe Within Next Several Years  

New Report Highlights Ongoing Issue of Fisheries Observer Protections, Deaths at Sea Summary Monday, July 6

BioMar Norway, Bio Feeder to Develop Hybrid Fish Feed Vessel

China Drafts a Plan to Help Exporters Raise Market Shares at Home  

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The Atlantic Salmon Fish Farmers Call ASF’s Comments on Escapes “Fearmongering”

Susan Farquharson, Executive Director of the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association, challenged statements made last week by the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) about the transparency of reporting farmed salmon escapes.

“Salmon farmers do not want to lose a single fish. Their fish are their livelihood. When escapes do happen, they are largely a result of extreme weather events. Occasionally escapes are due to equipment malfunction or human error when fish are being handled (i.e. harvesting, fish health inspections). Salmon farmers are already transparent about escapes,” Farquharson ...

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