Fri. Feb 15 2019

Bumble Bee Foods Settles Price-Fixing Lawsuit with Sysco  

Southern Oregon Crab Under Evisceration Order Again  

Spending Bill Ensures Better Catch Accounting for Gulf Anglers

Chile Looks to Salmon Stability for a Profitable Business Model, Expects Moderate Growth for Years  

Mowi Aqua Feed Plant in Scotland Expected to Start Production in Q2  

Sustainability Rating Drops for Clearwater's Offshore Lobster Fishery Summary Friday, February 15

Thu. Feb 14 2019

King Crab and Lobster Again Shine for Chinese New Year, 'The Most Important Dinner in China'  

Salmon Price Drop May be Aggravated by Late Start of Lent this Year  

Maryland Crab Industry Nervous About H-2B Visa Situation, Can’t Take Another Year With No Staffing  

India Shrimp Rejections for Antibiotics Spike in January 2019  

Tanner Crab Fishing Opens in Southeast Alaska

Happy Valentine’s Day! Name a Salmon After Your Ex Before It’s Fed to a Bear

Bruce Gabrys, Alaskan Fisherman, Financial Planner and Resource Advisor (1955-2019) partners with New York’s Fulton Fish Market

SeaWeb’s Seafood Summit, Now Owned by Diversified, Will be Held in Thailand This Year

Thai Union, WWF Release First Sourcing Transparency: Wild Caught Fish and Shellfish Report

Hendrix Genetic, Nutreco Partner to Offer Sustainable Shrimp Solutions in Ecuador Summary Thursday, February 14

Wed. Feb 13 2019

Fish Stick Uproar Upsets Russians, Leads to Misinformation Dump   

2019 Herring Forecast Lower for B.C., Higher for Alaska in Sitka and Togiak

Washington's Anti-Gillnet Bill Draws Strong Support, Opposition in Committee Hearing  

ASC Logo Rated Among Top 10 Food Product Labels That Dutch Consumers Can Trust

Grieg Seafood Group Ends 2018 With Record High Harvest Volume

Truluck’s Seafood, Steak & Crab House Experiences Data Breach

Mowi Releases Q4 2018 Results; Boasts Record High Full-Year Turnover

NOAA, USFWS Release Atlantic Salmon Recovery Plan  

Noodles & Company Introduce Limited Time Shrimp Dishes Just in Time for Lent Summary Wednesday, February 13

Tue. Feb 12 2019

Lack of Alternatives is Pushing Retailers to Stick with Snow Crab Despite High Prices  

West Coast Trawlers see Highest Groundfish Landings Since 2000 with Rockfish Resurgence  

ANALYSIS: Mahi Imports Up 51% From October to November 2018  

Australian Seafood Industry Shocked into Action After WA Government Attempted Lobster Grab

Henderschedt Starts New Job with Phoenix Processors and the Bering Sea Groundfish Fishery

GSSI Welcomes CP Foods as New Global Partnership

Congressman Rutherford, Van Drew Introduce Bill to Prevent Seismic Testing in the Atlantic Ocean

Polarctic Seafood in Finnmark Goes Bankrupt

LoveTheWild Relaunching Sustainably-Farmed Fish Kits This March  

Fishing Industry Loses an Ally: North Caroline Rep Walter Jones Passes Away at Age 76

Norway: Aqua Feed Rivals Cargill and Skretting Establish Feed Transport Partnership

Fast Casual Chain Teriyaki Madness Introducing Salmon Bowls Summary Tuesday, February 12

Mon. Feb 11 2019

American Seafoods Announces Effort to Sell Itself to New Investors, Replace Bregal Partners  

In Closely Watched Case, Canadian Appeals Court Upholds DFO Rights to Enforce Fleet Separation

Captain D’s Prepares for Lent with New Sandwich Offerings  

LISTEN: Right Whale Protection Rules; U.S. Lobster Imports; Tilapia and Cannabis; and More  

Matt Jacobson Stepping Down as Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative Executive Director Summary Monday, February 11

Coast Guard's $227M Ships Rock 'Like Crazy,' Making Crews Seasick, Unable to Work

Bloomin’ Brands Names Jeff Carcara as Bonefish Grill President

Iceland's Sildavinnslan to Close One of Its Fishmeal Plants

Cape Nordic Corporation Fish Farm Project Expands to Include Oysters  

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Climate Change Will Clobber Alaska; Climate Policy Pulled by New Governor

This is Alaska Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch.

Alaska is on the front line in terms of getting clobbered by an off kilter climate. That’s the conclusion of a national scientific report from the Trump Administration and a report from the University of Alaska Anchorage that estimates consequences of climate change will cost the state between $340 and $700 million per year over the next three to five decades.

Report co-author Matthew Berman told Alaska’s Energy Desk that the dollar figures are “almost certainly” an...

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