Thu. Feb 22 2024

ANALYSIS: Frozen Salmon Fillet Volume Retreats in 2023  

VIDEO: Deadline Extended For Russian Seafood; Sushi Council Formed; BBRSDA’s New Executive Director

Grieg Seafood Looks To Process More Of Its Own Fish In Norway  

US House Reps Steel, Panetta Urge Investigation of Forced Labor in Seafood Supply Chains

7-Eleven Singapore Introduces ‘K-Flavour Hits’ Menu Featuring Seafood  

Minister Invites Embassy Officials of ASEAN Countries to Toyosu Market to Promote Japanese Seafood

SeaPak Looks to AI Technology To Better Engage With Customers

Richmond BC Seafood Processing Company Fined $40,000 for Undersized Crabs

Nordlaks Adopts Underwater Robots with AI From Probotic to Keep Nets Clean

How Blue Star Foods Is Looking To Generate An Additional $20 Million in Revenue in 2024

$300K Coastal Planning Grants Available in Maine

2024 Massachusetts Commercial Fishing Grant To Help Defray Cost of Safety Gear

$3.3 Million Worth of Dried Shark Fins Seized By Hong Kong Customs Summary Thursday, February 22

Wed. Feb 21 2024

Import Ban on Russian Seafood Into U.S. Receives Extension To May  

The Retail Rundown: Finalizing February’s Features

FFAW Responds To ASP’s Tie-Up Grievance  

Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument Now Bans All Commercial Fishing  

BBRSDA Promotes Lilani Dunn To Executive Director After Andy Wink's Departure

Dead NARW Off Georgia Coast Found With Blunt Force Trauma

Bakkafrost Releases Q4 2023 Results After Challenging Year  

NOAA Fisheries Wants Public Comments on Two New National Aquaculture Development Plans

U.S. Coast Guard: Enhanced Safety Oversight Needed for Fish Tender Vessels

NaturalShrimp Develops and Patents First Shrimp-Focused Commercially Operational RAS Summary Wednesday, February 21

Tue. Feb 20 2024

PODCAST: Wild Alaska Sole Association's Pat Shanahan On The Need For A New Marketing Association  

ASP Gives Update On Tie-Up Grievance As They Work Towards ‘Timely’ Start to 2024 NL Snow Crab Season  

NTSB: 2022 Sinking of $1.2 Million Seiner Due to Flooding in Lazarette and Non-Working Bilge Alarms

Thai Union Provides Update on Red Lobster in Q4 Results Amid Exit From Seafood Chain

Unified Command Transitions F/V Aleutian Storm Grounding Response to Sanctuary

Senator Murkowski Addresses Alaska Lawmakers With Candor and Optimism

Nova Sea to Acquire 33.4% Stake in Torghatten Aqua, Becoming the Company’s 2nd Largest Shareholder  

Ice Fish Farm Appoints Industry Veteran Roy Tore Rikardsen as New CEO

The EU Will Invest €2,2 M ($2.38M) to Develop the Fishing Vessel of the Future

Cousins Maine Lobster Expands in Virginia Almost a Year After Welcoming First Truck In The State Summary Tuesday, February 20

Fri. Feb 16 2024

Seattle Fish Co. President Derek Figueroa Retiring; Christian Maas Named As Successor

AquaBounty Selling Indiana Farm In Effort To Restart Construction On Ohio Facility  

SeafoodNews Closed on Monday, February 19

Entrevientos S.A. Fire Update: Blumar and Multi X Compensating Displaced Workers, Plan to Rebuild  

Another NARW Death Recorded Off Georgia, Marking 38th in Unusual Mortality Event

Alaska Politicians Applaud USDA’s Plan to Purchase Nearly $100 Million Worth of Salmon Products  

SNP Launches Direct-to-Consumer Seafood Program As Part Of ‘Fall In Love With Seafood’ Campaign

Japan: 2023 Surimi Products Output Exceeded 460,000 Tons for the First Time in 8 Years  

SalMar Releases Q4 2023 Results After Jellyfish Attacks and ISA Outbreak  

Wendy’s Educates Customers About Alaska Pollock In Limited Time Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Amends Menhaden NOI Summary Friday, February 16

Urner Barry Administrative Offices Will Be Closed on Monday, February 19

Thu. Feb 15 2024

Les Hodges: Russian Crab Dominates Asia  

Latest NARW Mortality Linked to Maine Lobster Gear; Read Reactions Here  

Massachusetts Politicians Have Questions About Blue Harvest’s Bankruptcy

VIDEO: What 6 QSR Chains Are Offering For Lent  

Announcement of Oregon Offshore Wind Areas Leads to Stakeholder/BOEM Disconnect

M/V Genius Star XI Departs Unalaska After Six-Week Layover Due to Fire of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Icelandic Salmon Releases Q4 2023 Results After Sea Lice Outbreak in Tálknafjörður  

Mowi Reports Record Breaking Year for 2023  

Kajima Corporation Succeeds in Mass Culturing Red Sea Plume, a Seaweed Suppressing Burping in Cows Summary Thursday, February 15

Scott & Jon’s Fighting “Shrinkflation” By Maintaining Prices On Their New Larger Portions  

Popeyes Brings Back Alaska Flounder Sandwiches, Shrimp Tackle Box For LTO Lent Offering  

Mintec Completes Fourth IOSCO Accreditation for Proprietary Agrifood Prices

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Indian Shrimp Imports to US Up 20 Million Pounds from 2016; Accounts for 25% of Q1 Volume

The volume of Indian shrimp imported into the US market in the first quarter of the year exceeded 2016 levels by about 20 million pounds. Indian shrimp now represents more than a quarter of all imported volumes in the US market this year. According to shrimp import date from the US Department of Commerce, March imports increased 2.3 percent increase for the month. Overall imports are now down only 0.8 percent. Meanwhile, Indonesian imports were up for the month and for the year. Thailand and Vietnam imports are down sharply for the month while other supplying countries are mixed. Argentine imports remain up. Ecuador’s March imports were for the month but remain generally lower because of higher shipments to Asian and European markets. Ecuador is optimistic that it will sell more than 50 percent of its white shrimp production to Asia.

A former Louisiana official, an Alaskan fishery manager, and a Sea Grant program director are reportedly in the running to head the National Marine Fisheries Service. Robert Barham, Chris Oliver, and LaDon Swann are the three candidates that US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is expected to select from. It's unclear when Ross — or the White House — will make that decision. Chris Olver has received overwhelming support from fishing associations in Alaska and across the country. Most recently a group of seven fishing groups from the Gulf of Mexico sent a letter to Ross in support of Oliver's nomination.

In other news, the number of seafood items refused entry to the US market by the FDA fell in April, which dragged overall rejections for the year. Similar to last month, shrimp and filth remain the top species and reasons for refusals. However, shrimp rejections are about the same through the first four months of 2017 compared to last year. Filth is still the top violation but accounts for 40 percent of this year’s refusals versus the 60 percent share of rejections filth was responsible for in 2016.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government's announcement yesterday to not list Atlantic bluefin tuna as endangered, despite data on low abundance, low recruitment, and high uncertainty on population health, rests primarily on the socio-economic objective of allowing a fishery for Canada's 600 licensed bluefin tuna fishermen write Peggy Parker. Canada's decision to not list Atlantic bluefin tuna under Endangered Species Act triggers a Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s (DFO) directive to institute specific management actions aimed at stock recovery. This will be the first time since the inception of DFO’s listing policy that a decision to not list has been made.

Finally, a legislative committee voted unanimously Wednesday to toughen penalties on lobstermen who fish too many traps or use “sunken trawls,” as part of an industry-supported effort to crack down on lawbreakers. The law would allow DMR’s commissioner to order longer license suspensions for lobstermen who violate the laws on the first offense and, in several cases, permanently revoke the licenses of repeat offenders.

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