Wed. Nov 20 2019

The Winding Glass: Can we stop IUU fishing by thinking outside the box?

US Perceptions Vary on Wild vs Fresh/Salt Water Fish Farms

Russian Government May Ease Tax Pressure on Domestic Fishermen

NOAA: Rebound in Groundfish Leads to New Flexibility for Fishermen, Protection for Deep-Sea Corals  

Coast Guard Medevacs Fisherman 10 Miles off Oregon Coast

Western Australia Octopus Now MSC Certified  

Red Lobster, Postmates Announce Delivery Partnership

St. Lawrence Seaway May Play Bigger Role in North Atlantic Right Whale Deaths

Tue. Nov 19 2019

ANALYSIS: Canadian Snow Crab Market Extremely Firm Since End of October  

FDA Hits Vietnamese Tuna Company With Import Alert After Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning Outbreak  

Lawmakers’ Plea to NOAA: Don’t Lift West Coast Ban on Longlines

FAO: Global Fisheries at a Crossroads, Time for a New Vision

Red Lobster Celebrates the Holidays With New Offerings in Create Your Own Ultimate Feast®   

NOAA, NFWF Provide $30 Million in Grants to Support Coastal Resilience Efforts in 23 States Summary Tuesday, November 19

Mon. Nov 18 2019

City of Adak Asks Court for One-Year Stay to Keep Plant Open for Cod A Season

LISTEN: US Attempts Lobster Mini-Deal With EU; Salmon Price-Fixing and Seafood at the Dinner Table  

ANALYSIS: Stone Crab Season Off to Promising Start  

ANALYSIS: China Bay Scallops – Prices Up, Imports Down  

Bristol Bay Forecast is Strong for 2020, But Recent Record Runs May Portend Downturn

Santa Monica Seafood Spices Up Brand With New Logo

Collaboration Encourages Responsible Development of Yellow Sea Region Summary Monday, November 18

Fri. Nov 15 2019

US Tries to Get Mini-Deal Tariff Relief on Lobsters from EU, but No Dice  

VIDEO: Chilean Salmon in US; Harbor Seafood Wins Award; Right Whales Act; WC Dungeness Season Delay  

US Investigating Salmon Price-Fixing; Mowi, SalMar Receive Subpoenas  

CEO of Samherji Steps Aside as Company Launches Investigation Into Corruption Allegations

Alexa Cole Named NOAA's Director for International Affairs and Seafood Inspection

New Report Looks at Problem of TAC-Setting Above Scientific Levels in Europe

Russian Government Plans to Allocate Additional Support to Domestic Crab Producers This Year  

Pollution Ranked #1 Threat to Seafood by Customers, Strong Support for Ecolabels Summary Friday, November 15

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Commit $900,000 To Protect Critically Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale

Captain D’s Reaches the Next Frontier in Utah

Thu. Nov 14 2019 Summary Thursday, November 14

SAVE Right Whales Act Passes Out of Senate Committee

Pollock Parts Plug Body Holes, Clean Lead From Soil  

CPF Reports Better-Than-Expected Q3 Earnings

Tuna’s Carbon Ratios Indicate Changes in Oceanic Food Web  

Cantwell Language to Improve Legislation Getting Fisheries Disaster Aid to Fleets Passes Committee

Australia Reports on Largest Pacific Illegal Fishing Surveillance Operation

Primary West Coast Dungeness Season Delayed Until Mid-December at the Earliest  

Wed. Nov 13 2019 Summary Wednesday, November 13

Coast Guard Names a Pair of Cutters After 9/11 Heroes

Russian Sakhalin and Kuril Islands May Face Salmon Shortage in Years Ahead  

Chilean Salmon Making Its Way to the States as National Strikes Stall the Country  

Swedish Study Improves Nutrition and Sustainability for Farmed Lobster, Wolffish

High-stakes Effort to End Harmful Fisheries Subsidies Under New Leadership at WTO

Zoneco Says 80 Percent of Scallops Found Dead; Cause Unknown  

Cooke Aquaculture's Northeast Nutrition Celebrates Expansion Boosting Output 50%

Farmed Fish Fail to Reduce Pressure on Wild Stocks, Study Says

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Fishermen Identify Projects to Improve Fisheries Development in the U.S. Pacific Islands

Projects to develop fisheries topped the list of needs identified by fishermen from Hawai'i, American Samoa, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands during their March 15 and 16 meeting in Honolulu. The group, which constitutes the Advisory Panel of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, also highlighted the importance of fishing to the communities of each of the island areas.

Advisory panel members said the social and economic value of the local and regional fisheries also needs to better communicated...

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