Mon. Feb 17 2020

Alaska Pollock to be “Wildly” Available During Lent Promotion

SSPO Praise U.S.’ Decision to Pull Back Tariffs on Scottish Salmon  

Washington, Oregon Agree on Columbia River Salmon Allocations for 2020  

Thai Union China Sends Humanitarian Assistance To Wuhan

Port Moves Forward with Rebuilding the Charleston, Ore., Ice Plant

Thai Union Reports Slight Bump in Profit as Sales Dip 5% in 2019

Crew Training Program Calls for Third Round of Applicants Summary Monday, February 17

Fri. Feb 14 2020

NZ Rock Lobster Industry Could See Annual Catch Entitlement Carried Over Due to Coronavirus  

7-Eleven Features Wild Alaska Pollock Sandwich in U.S. Stores for Lenten Promotion

ANALYSIS: Tariff on Red Swimming Crab Meat Persists; Imports Down, Pricing Continues to Drop  

Conservation Law Foundation Petitions Commerce to Immediately End Overfishing of Atlantic Cod

ANALYSIS: Squid Imports Lowest in 10 Years, 2020 Outlook  

Wally Stevens Acting as GAA's CEO Following Andrew Mallison's Move into Strategic Advisor Role

Grieg Seafood Reports Boost in Q4 Harvest, Says 100,000 MT Harvest Goal Within Reach  

AquaBounty Complete $15.5 Million Public Stock Offering  

Seafood Favorites for Valentine's Day  

SeaPak Giving Chopped Fans the Chance to Win $5,000 with New At-Home Challenge

NOAA Finalizes 2020 Quotas for Atlantic Surfclam, Ocean Quahog  

Long John Silver’s Announces Lenten Season Specials

Shiok Meats Co-founder Named One of the Winners of 'Women and the Ocean: Changemakers Challenge'

Sysco Closes $500 Million Sustainability Bond Issuance Summary Friday, February 14

Thu. Feb 13 2020

Boston Seafood Show Organizers Comment on Impact of Participation from China Due to Coronavirus   

China’s Seafood Exports Hit Hard by the Coronavirus

Ecuador's National Chamber of Aquaculture Says China's Shrimp Demand Should Recover 'Very Soon'

ANALYSIS: A Look at Farmed Salmon, Lobster and European Shrimp Ahead of Valentine's Day  

Dungeness Crab Catch Breaks Record in Southeast Alaska, Red Flag for the Future  

NWAA Calls Environmental Plantiffs in Lawsuit Against Cooke ‘Out of Touch’ with Science

Russia Starts Preparations for Revision of US-USSR Agreement on Maritime Border

Southwestern Oregon Ports Will Receive Long Overdue Dredging Work Thanks to New Funding

Mowi Reaches Record Harvest in 2019, Target for 2020 Remains at 450,000 MT  

Young’s Seafood Revamps Packaging, Eyeing Socially Conscious Consumers

The Release of Japanese Glass Eel to Farmers Reached 3.5 Tons  

MSC Adopts On the Hook Campaign Change; Bans Compartmentalization by Fishing Practice

Post-Brexit Fisheries Bill Continues to Move Through UK Parliament

Guolian Achieves Success in Domestic Development

Wild American Shrimp Wants Shrimp Aficionados's Original Recipes, Urging Cooks "Don't Be Shellfish!"

Alaska Sea Grant Deadline for Fellowship Program is Tomorrow

Aquaculture Venture HATCH Completes First Fund, Receives Over $8 Million Summary Thursday, February 13

Wed. Feb 12 2020

Russia Floods U.S. With Seafood While Banning U.S. Imports for 6th Year  

Only a Few SE Alaska Areas Will Open, Total Limit is 148,500 Chinook Salmon  

The Coronavirus has a New Name: COVID-19

Conservation Groups Hope to Sink Cooke's Steelhead Plans in Puget Sound  

Two Studies Reveal Geographical Differences in How Women’s Role in Fishing has Evolved — or Not

NMFS Rejects Maine’s Right Whale Protection Plan, Additional Measures to be Taken  

Half of U.S. Consumers are Looking to Lose Weight, Here’s How Seafood Fits in 2020 Diet Trends

Coast Guard Search Underway for Potential Missing Vessel off North Carolina

ICL Food Specialties Launching Functional Ingredient Line at Boston Seafood Show

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Kicks-Off Gear Innovation Summit

Scottish Fishing Company Fined Almost 5 Years After Crewmember's Death

Quiznos Lobster & Seafood Subs Make Their Return, with a Twist  

First SOLI Program of 2020 to Take Place in Maine This March Summary Wednesday, February 12

Tue. Feb 11 2020

Atlantic Natural Foods Dropping Further Action Against Boston Seafood Show Organizers

Oregon, Washington Making Crab Fishery Changes to Minimize Entanglements  

2019 Crab Production and Market Data Released; Live Crab Diverted From China to Other Asia Markets  

The Plant-Based Alternative Fight: Ocean Hugger Recalls Exhibiting at Boston Seafood Show in 2018

Corps Ignores Congress's Call to Improve Pebble Mine Draft Final EIS, Say Bristol Bay Tribes

Bumble Bee, FCF and Ocean Outcomes Team up for FIP to Improve Indian Ocean Tuna Fisheries  

Coronavirus Impacting Lobstermen Across the Country  

Responders Working to Move Grounded Fishing Vessel in Hilo Bay Summary Tuesday, February 11

AquaBounty Prices Underwritten Public Offering at $13.5 Million  

UK’s Marine Management Organization Updates Catch Recording Service

Heart Health Month: MSC Encourages Americans to Choose Seafood that’s 'Good for You and the Ocean'

Mon. Feb 10 2020 Summary Monday, February 10

Aller Aqua Giving Up South American Soy in European Fish Feed Factories  

Valentine's Day by the Numbers: Lobster Searches Increase, But Couples Divided About Eating Out

Alaska's National Forests Support 48 Million Salmon Valued at More than $80 Million Each Year

Seafood Trader Convicted of Illegally Smuggling Endangered European Baby Eels

Sysco Introduces a Sustainability Bond Framework

Four Fishermen Rescued by Coast Guard After Vessel Runs Aground in North Carolina

Kerafast, Good Food Institute Make Cell Lines Available for Cultivated Seafood and Meat Research

ANALYSIS: Live Lobster Market Under Pressure Due to the Coronavirus  

LISTEN: December Import Numbers, Coronavirus Update, Valentine's Day by the Numbers and More  

Alaska: Loans with Repay Based on Fish Catches

Aquaculture UK Trade Show Acquired by Seafood Expo North America Show Organizers  

IPHC Adopts 2020 Halibut TCEY of 36.6 Million Pounds, Two Million Pounds Less than 2019  

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Cooke Aquaculture Closer to Entering Shrimp Farming with Honduras Deal for Seajoy

john sacktonThe Cooke group is still in talks to buy Seajoy Group, a large, 39-year-old vannamei shrimp producing company in Central America with an operation spread across the entire value chain, sources told Undercurrent News. 

Undercurrent reported in June that the Canadian seafood giant was “one of several groups” interested in buying the Central American producer, though it was considered the favorite. A deal has been anticipated for the past few weeks, but nothing has yet been confirmed. However, sources said the talks are still active ...

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