Fri. Mar 31 2023

2023 Snow Crab Price Negotiation Update: Final Offers Submitted to Price Setting Panel  

Global Seafood Alliance CEO Brian Perkins Out; Wally Stevens To Serve as Interim CEO

2023 Snow Crab Quota For Newfoundland and Labrador Announced; TAC Up 8.4%  

Final Management Measures For 2023 Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Released  

Central California Dungeness Fishery to Close in April  

Under the Radar Protein News of the Week Summary Friday, March 31

Thu. Mar 30 2023

VIDEO: Blue Harvest Strategy Shift; Norway Salmon Tax; NL Snow Crab Price Negotiations  

Restaurant Labor Recovery Seeing State-by-State Fluctuation

SATS Urges Congress to Support $25 Million in Funding for NMFS' Aquaculture Office

NaturalShrimp Enters Into Agreement With Homegrown Shrimp For Purchase of Post-Larvae Shrimp  

Thai Union’s SPACE-F Launches Global FoodTech Incubator and Accelerator Batch 4

JRS Group Acquires Seaweed Extract Producer Algaia Summary Thursday, March 30

Wed. Mar 29 2023

FFAW, ASP Fail To Come To Agreement During Snow Crab Price Negotiations  

Chile’s SMA Initiates 5 Sanctioning Procedures Against Australis  

The Retail Rundown: Holiday Ham Breakdown

CNMI Governor Palacios Urges President Biden to Respect Pacific Island Communities at WPRFMC Meeting

FCC: Concerning Lack of Commitment to Canadian Fisheries Science and Blue Economy in Federal Budget

Marubeni Signs Agreement with Ynsect to Enter the Japanese Market

Sysco Appoints Kenny Cheung as Chief Financial Officer Summary Wednesday, March 29

Tue. Mar 28 2023

Norway Salmon Tax Details Released. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.  

Chilean Seafood on Full Display at Seafood Expo North America

Togiak Herring Season Closed Despite Huge Return, Sitka Sac Roe Fishery to Open Soon

SEA-NL Demands Answers From DFO, FFAW Over 3L Snow Crab Fishery  

Newfoundland and Labrador TAC Announced for Shrimp Fishing Areas 5 and 6  

Alternative Seafood Company Aqua Cultured Foods To Begin Consumer Tastings in April

February Salmon Sales at Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Recover for Salted, Shrink for Fresh, Frozen  

You Can Now Use AI for Restaurant Recommendations Thanks to OpenTable

BlueNalu Signs Letter of Intent With Nutreco

Natural Grocers Expands Their Line of Canned Seafood Summary Tuesday, March 28

Mon. Mar 27 2023

Murray Agrees to Evaluate Possible Merge of 3L Inshore, Offshore Snow Crab Areas Into One Biomass  

Blue Harvest Suspends Operations at Processing Plant in New Bedford to Focus on Modernizing Fleet  

PODCAST: Latest on 3L Snow Crab; Salmon Market Update

ANALYSIS: Chilean Fresh Fillets Drop 10.1 Percent Since End of February  

Russia to Revise Plans to Gain 25% Share of EU Pollock Product Market Due to Sanctions  

Fishermen and Scientists Unite to Restore Fishing Opportunities, Protect Corals off S. California

Pollock Roe Keeps High Price at Tokyo Central Wholesale Market in February, but Sales Dropped Summary Monday, March 27

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Arctic Fishing Co. vessel flagged to Lithuania seized by Russia, accused of illegal fishing for snow crab in Barents Sea

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton - Sept. 23, 2014

Russia has seized a Lithuanian crab fishing vessel that was fishing in the 'donut hole' area of the Barents Sea, which is an area outside the 200 mile limits of both Russia and Norway.

 This area is under the nominal supervision by the Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Commission, a Regional Fisheries body made up of  Denmark (i.r.o. Faroe Islands and Greenland), EU, Iceland, Norway and the Russian Federation.

At the moment there is something of a crab rush going on for snow crab, as the fishery is just developing, and those vessels fishing now in international waters in an 'open' fishery, will soon be facing a quota system which could largely be based on fishing history. As a result, vessels are rushing into the area to do crab fishing.  Along with the Lithuanian vessel, at least one Russian vessel has also been seized and accused of illegal fishing in the Russian zone, when it was fishing in the open area. 

The vessel seizure may have less to do with IUU fishing than with Russia asserting its aggressiveness with Lithuania. The facts of the matter appear to be that the vessel in question, the Juros Vilkas,  (Sea Wolf) is a Lithuanian flagged vessel owned, according to Lithuanian newspaper reports, by Arctic Fishing, of which Seattle based Alexander-Yuri Silagin is the sole shareholder.   The vessel was fishing in the international zone and did stray over the Russian line for a short time, perhaps an hour.  Acting on this, the Russian border patrol seized the vessel at gunpoint in international waters, and accused the vessel of fishing in the Russian zone...


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