Wed. Nov 24 2021

UK Chef Shortage Influencing Wholesale Shrimp Market  

Alaska to Get Billions From Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

SeafoodNews Closed on Thursday, November 25 and Friday, November 26

Captain Phip’s Seafood, Owner Jamie Harrington, Sentenced for Federal Visa Fraud

Record Salmon Catch in Russia This Year Does Not Lead to Decline of Prices in Local Market  

Japan: October Seafood Imports Fell Year-on-Year After Four Months  

Blue Swimming Crab Meat Inventories Thin, Raw Material Pricing Full Steady to Firming Overseas  

Alaska Symphony of Seafood: "And the First-Round Winners Are .... "

California Rescues Young Chinook During Drought; Releases Into Klamath River

Maine Governor Mills Announces Steps to Prepare for Offshore Wind Investments

COVID Concerns Cancel 2022 Maine Fishermen's Forum

NFI Crab Council Congratulates Sri Lankan Blue Swimming Crab FIP on Sustainability Award  

New Zealand Company FlipFarm Wins Global Aquaculture Innovation Award Summary Wednesday, November 24

Tue. Nov 23 2021

Federal Fisheries Disaster Declared for 2019 Atlantic Herring Fishery  

Cooke’s Cold Ocean Salmon Reports ISA Detections at Newfoundland Salmon Site  

Bumble Bee Names Senior VP of Sales as Leadership Team Grows

Toyosu Market October Imported Tuna Sales Down In Wild Bluefins from North America  

New Type of Ice Cube Could Revolutionize How Food is Kept Cold

SURVEY: Inflation Leads to Thanksgiving Cutbacks

Acme Smoked Fish Foundation Launches With Goal to Fund Climate Change Solutions

Canadian Plant-Based Meat, Seafood Producer Launches Products in Australia, New Zealand Summary Tuesday, November 23

Mon. Nov 22 2021

PODCAST: Fish Fixe Co-Founders Melissa Harrington, Emily Castro Reveal What's Next After Shark Tank

Crabbers Can Celebrate a Merry Christmas This Year: Season Opens Dec. 1 in Most Areas  

Fish Factor: Alaska Lawmakers Put Party Politics Aside to Protect Fisheries

USCG Icebreaker Back After Circumnavigation of North America via Northwest Passage

ZAGO, Blue Ocean Gear Smart Buoy to Help Eliminate Ghost Fishing Gear

Florida-based Grouper, Snapper Supplier Launches Direct-to-Customer Website  

King’s Seafood Company Files Complaint On Behalf of Customers, Employees After Data Breach

Australian Seafood Industry Fires Back After release of Minderoo Foundation’s Global Fishing Index

Sysco Unveils Science-Based Climate Goal; Commits to Reduce Emissions by 2030 Summary Monday, November 22

Fri. Nov 19 2021

VIDEO: Seattle Fish New Owners; Maine Lobster Closure; Lischewski Denied Release; Fish Fixe on TV

Alaska Governor Dunleavy Appoints Special Bycatch Task Force After Legislative Hearing

Seafood Show Tokyo Draws 11,125 Visitors

Cook Inlet Salmon Group Files Complaint Against NOAA Fisheries for Fishery Closure

Sea Urchin Roe Analog with Surimi  

DOJ Settles Clean Water Act Violations Against Fishing Companies, Manager, Vessel Engineer

New York Fish Dealers Plead Guilty to Conspiracy in Scheme to Buy Illegal Fish from Local Fishermen

Russian Rosryblovstvo Confirms Plans to Put Remaining 50% Crab Quotas For Auction  

AquaBounty Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock by Selling Stockholders

Quebec Fisheries Fund Grants More Than $1 Million for Projects in the Gaspé Region Summary Friday, November 19

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Arctic Fishing Co. vessel flagged to Lithuania seized by Russia, accused of illegal fishing for snow crab in Barents Sea

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton - Sept. 23, 2014

Russia has seized a Lithuanian crab fishing vessel that was fishing in the 'donut hole' area of the Barents Sea, which is an area outside the 200 mile limits of both Russia and Norway.

 This area is under the nominal supervision by the Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Commission, a Regional Fisheries body made up of  Denmark (i.r.o. Faroe Islands and Greenland), EU, Iceland, Norway and the Russian Federation.

At the moment there is something of a crab rush going on for snow crab, as the fishery is just developing, and those vessels fishing now in international waters in an 'open' fishery, will soon be facing a quota system which could largely be based on fishing history. As a result, vessels are rushing into the area to do crab fishing.  Along with the Lithuanian vessel, at least one Russian vessel has also been seized and accused of illegal fishing in the Russian zone, when it was fishing in the open area. 

The vessel seizure may have less to do with IUU fishing than with Russia asserting its aggressiveness with Lithuania. The facts of the matter appear to be that the vessel in question, the Juros Vilkas,  (Sea Wolf) is a Lithuanian flagged vessel owned, according to Lithuanian newspaper reports, by Arctic Fishing, of which Seattle based Alexander-Yuri Silagin is the sole shareholder.   The vessel was fishing in the international zone and did stray over the Russian line for a short time, perhaps an hour.  Acting on this, the Russian border patrol seized the vessel at gunpoint in international waters, and accused the vessel of fishing in the Russian zone...


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