Tue. Nov 29 2022

Russia Eyes to Become A Major Player in Global Surimi Market  

Ongoing Legal Battles Put Maine Lobster Fishery in Crosshairs, Hurts Markets  

JAPAN: October Frozen Chilean Coho Sales Continue to Drop by 40% at Tokyo’s Toyosu Market  

FDA Advises Against Selling, Consuming Oysters from Korea Due to Potential Sapovirus Contamination  

Seafood Canner Frinsa Investing $21 Million in Florida for U.S. Headquarters

OPINION: New AFAC Can Oversee S-K Funding and Launch a National Seafood Promotion

Third Freshwater Fishery in Canada Lands MSC Certification

Red Lobster Shares 'Greatest Gift' for the Holidays That Combines Iconic Menu Item with Shrimp  

Port Orford Releases Request for Proposals for Crane Replacement Project to Retain Highliners, Serve

Nova Scotia Government Urges Safety As Lobster Season Begins  

Hong Kong Customs Seizes harry Crabs Worth An Estimated $2.4 Million  

Cargill Acquires Owensboro Grain Company

Captain D’s Opens New Franchised Location in Humble, Texas

USCG Conducts Medical Evacuation of Vietnamese Fisherman from Purse Seiner in Micronesia

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, November 29

Mon. Nov 28 2022

USDA’s WIC Program Proposes Increased Access to Seafood, Public Comments Open

AquaBounty Reviewing FDA’s Amended Environmental Assessment  

JAPAN: October Sales of Fresh Tuna Imported from North America Up 40% to 608 at Toyosu Market  

Plans for Discharge of Fukushima Water Updated With IAEA Review, China Still Concerned

Rhode Island: Application Deadline Approaching For Local Agriculture and Seafood Act Funding

SeafoodNews.com Summary Monday, November 28

Wed. Nov 23 2022

ANALYSIS: Shrimp, Crab Meat and Frozen Tuna Face Slow Sales, Backed Up Inventory  

Maine Delegation, Governor Mills Urge Retailers to Continue Selling Maine Lobster  

SeafoodNews Closed on Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25

ANALYSIS: Key Shrimp Item Descends to All-Time Low Price  

China Fisheries & Seafood Expo Postponed to 2023 Due to COVID Concerns

OP-ED: NWAA To Public Lands Commissioner Franz: You Got It Wrong!

First Batch of 2023 Alaska Symphony of Seafood Winners Announced

Singapore 7-Eleven Launches 7-Select Fish Burger, Shrimp Burger  

Red Lobster Releases Holiday Collection of Gifts For the Cheddar Bay Biscuit Lover in Your Life

Scott & Jon’s Employees, Owners Give Back At Maine Food Bank

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, November 23

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This Week in Retail: Seafood Reigns Number One in Retail Ads This Week

Grocers' protein promotions this week included more seafood, which claimed the top spot in retail buying opportunities at about 30%. This is up from 27.3% the week prior and 25% this time last year.

The uptick in seafood featuring might be attributed to increased marketing campaigns for National Seafood Month. Organizations such as NOAA Fisheries utilize this month as a time to educate consumers about the U.S. seafood industry while sharing creative recipes to integrate fish, shrimp, and more into mealtimes and even tailgating parties. 

Retailers widely featured 16-20 raw shrimp this week at an average of $7.78 per pound. Down 7.5% from the week prior, this attractive price point could draw more consumers to the seafood case. 

The regional price spread for Atlantic Salmon boneless fillet ranged from $7.66 per pound to $8.86 per pound, generally down from week-ago levels but up on average from 2020. In the fresh/frozen fillets complex, tilapia averaged $4.99 per pound, down 8.6% from the week prior and 6.2% below 2020... 

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