Tue. Aug 20 2019

Carlos 'The Codfather' Rafael's Lawyer Speaks Out After NOAA Settles Case

Alaska Salmon Landings Now at More Than 155 Million Fish, 73% of Pre-Season Forecast  

Plastic Straw Alternatives: How One Company Is Helping Protect Marine Life

Coast Guard Patrols North Pacific to Protect International Fisheries

Center for Biological Diversity Sues Trump Administration Again After 3 Orca Deaths  

Bristol Bay Business Boot Camp

Coast Guard Medevacs Man From Vessel Near Uganik Bay, Alaska

Tough Salmon Market Conditions in Chile Affect Peruvian Alicorp's Aqua Feed Revenue in Q2  

Captain D’s Opens First Location in South Florida

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, August 20

Mon. Aug 19 2019

NOAA Settles Case Against Carlos "The Codfather" Rafael: $3 Million Fine, Cease Commercial Fishing

LISTEN: Captain Neill's Owner Guilty; USTR's Chinese Tariff Lists; Expanded Seafood Market Coverage

Vietnam Sees Global Opportunity in Breaded Shrimp Industry  

Hainan Province Builds on Tilapia Exports While Also Developing Domestic Market  

Once Entangled Right Whale Spotted Gear-free, 180 More Whales Found Swimming Free

Long John Silver’s Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

SeafoodNews.com Summary Monday, August 19

Fri. Aug 16 2019

From Harvest to Home: Fresh Bristol Bay Sockeye Lifts Sales at Five Retailers Nationwide  

Celebrating Pike Place Market's 112th Anniversary: Visiting Seattle's Famous Market is a No Brainer

ANALYSIS: YTD Frog Leg Imports Tracking Ahead of LY  

Russia Faces a Shortage of Saury, Mackerel and Sardines Again This Year  

ANALYSIS: Crab Meat Imports Drop in June, Uncertainty Grows with China Harvest on Horizon  

VIDEO: Chinese Tariff Lists; Salmon Catch Update; Tuna Analysis; and Captain Neill’s Owner Guilty  

Eating Farmed Fish Does not ‘Save the Wild’

Hilborn: Washington Salmon Runs Will not be Restored With More Hatcheries    

Coast Guard Boat Crew Rescues Man on Fishing Boat in North Carolina

DFO Launches Investigation of Illegal Dumping of 1,500 lbs. of Crab in Maple Ridge, B.C.  

Coast Guard Medevacs 60-Year-Old Vessel Master Near Knowles Head, Alaska

Fisheries Survival Fund Supports Department Of Interior Commitment To Scientific Review Of Wind Farm

NOAA Report: Approximately 85% Of West Coast Estuary Habitat Lost  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Friday, August 16

Thu. Aug 15 2019

Captain Neill's Seafood Owner Pleads Guilty to Selling Falsely Labeled Crabmeat  

China’s Shrimp Imports Expected To Rise And So Are The Prices  

ANALYSIS: Frozen Tuna Imports Fall in June  

Red Snapper Management Change from Feds to Gulf States is Now in Public Comment Phase

Alaska Salmon Update, Mid-August  

Tesco Updating Farmed Salmon Standards; Supporting Suppliers As They Switch to Algal Oil  

Canada Announces Creation of Atlantic Seal Task Team

Former 'Deadliest Catch' Star Sentenced to 18 Months For DUI, Drug Possession

Walmart Canada, Instacart Grocery Delivery Goes Nationwide

SeafoodNews.com Summary Thursday, August 15

Wed. Aug 14 2019

Salmon and Cod Dropped from USTR’s New List for Additional 10% Tariff on Imports from China

Pink and Sockeye Salmon Landings Make Up Most of Alaska Catches To Date

Under New Quota Auction Plan, Russian Crab Industry Consolidation, Monopolization Will Increase  

Urner Barry Expands Seafood Market Coverage with Frog Legs, Chilean Mussels and Crawfish  

Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup Talks China Expansion

NFI Releases "Proper Perspective" On Latest Mercury Study About Cod and Tuna  

Coast Guard Medevacs Man From C/P Island Enterprise in Bering Sea

RODA Statement Regarding Vineyard Wind Federal Review Process

MLMC Releases New Detailed Fact Sheets on Frozen Cooked, Live Products  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, August 14

Fish Board Deadline Nears for Agenda Changes

Coast Guard, NOAA Encourage Alaskan Fishermen to Know Before They Go

Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador Fund Projects to Boost Production in Seafood Sector

UMITRON Announces Fish Appetite Index, Ocean-based Fish Appetite Detection System

In Nova Scotia, a Thriving Lobster Industry Buoys Boat Builders  

Canada's Cooke Aquaculture to Build Several Land-Based Smolt Facilities

Tue. Aug 13 2019

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, August 13

U.S. Survey Ship Moves North To Bering Straits As China Begins 10th Arctic Expedition

FISH-NL Seeks to Become Union Representing Province's Inshore Harvesters

Kroger Releases 2019 Sustainability Progress Report, Goals for 2020

U.K.’s Youngs Now Part of Multi-Protein Karro Food Group, Owned by CapVest

As Vietnam’s Basa Prices Rebound, Chinese Companies Try to Expand Their Industry There  

Red Lobster Winds Down Summer with New Crabfest Deals

Sysco Announces Acquisition of J. Kings Food Service Professionals

NaturalShrimp Enters Agreement With Hydrenesis to Expand Into Growing Other Aquatic Species  

StarKist Honors Korean War Veterans of Western Pennsylvania

Outside Buyers Allowed in Cod Market as Fishermen Protest in St. John's, Old Perlican  

AK Chamber Positions at Odds with Coastal Members

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Salmon Sizzling in Alaska; Early Prices

This is Alaska Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch -- Salmon prices are trickling in – and hot water is taking a toll on the fish.

High water temperatures are stalling runs and killing fish in several Alaska regions.

Managers say weeks of record hot and dry weather have pushed water temps to the mid 70s in Prince William Sound and have disrupted normal migration behavior and slowed down the salmon runs.

At Norton Sound, huge numbers of pre-spawned pinks were reported dead in many river systems and...

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