Fri. Jan 28 2022

CBP: Seafood Harvested With Use of Forced Labor by F/V Da Wang Likely Being Imported Into U.S.

VIDEO: SENA Update; USDA Purchase Awards; Salmon Market News; UPSIDE's New Acquisition

This Week in Retail: Wing Prices Take Flight Ahead of Super Bowl

Thai Union Announces Joint Venture with R&B Food Supply, Avanti Group in India

Global Ocean Works of Kagoshima to Increase Exports of Farmed Yellowtail  

Iceland Seafood UK Appoints New Managing Director

Icewater Seafoods, Wareham Family Launch New Award to Honor Legacy of Founder Bruce Wareham

Coast Guard Saves Unmanned Fishing Vessel Aground in Dry Spruce Bay, Alaska Summary Friday, January 28

Thu. Jan 27 2022

All Eyes on Seafood Consumption In 2022

VIDEO: Watch Us Eat "Selling Sunset" Star Emma Hernan's Plant-Based Empanadas

Tokyo Central Wholesale Markets Fish Roe Sales Mark Highest Record Prices for Salmon, Herring Roe  

New York Fisherman Charged with Conspiracy, Fraud and Obstruction for Overharvest of Fish

Russia to Oblige Fishermen to Process 70% of Catch at Domestic Factories

Aker BioMarine Antarctic Krill Fishery Nets A-Rating from Sustainable Fisheries Partnership  

Tillamook Bay South Jetty $62 Million Repair Project Approved Summary Thursday, January 27

Wed. Jan 26 2022

The Winding Glass: Is it Time to Rethink the Boston Seafood Show?   

Niels G. Stolt-Nielsen Stepping Down as CEO of Stolt-Nielsen Limited, Stolt Sea Farms Parent Company

UPSIDE Foods Acquires Cultivated Seafood Company Cultured Decadence

BlueNalu Partners With Japanese Sushi Restaurant Operator FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES  

BAP Program Expanded by 8.6% in 2021; Certified Facility Retention Rate at 5-Year High

USDA Invests $500K to Boost Southeast Alaska Mariculture Processing Capacity

Red Lobster Names Make-A-Wish National Charity Partner

Gig Harbor BoatShop Washington Sea Grant, Offer 'Crew School' Summary Wednesday, January 26

Tue. Jan 25 2022

Diversified Communications “Sets the Record Straight” About Seafood Expo North America Cancellations

COVID-19 Still Surging in Alaska; 5,759 New Positive Cases Reported Last Weekend

OBI Seafoods Takes Home Big Chunk of $60 Million USDA Salmon, Pollock Purchase  

Gov. Inslee Appoints New Members to Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission

Searay Foods Recalls Searay Brand Sauerkraut Fish Product Due to Undeclared Allergen

NOAA Finalizes Atlantic Deep-Sea Red Crab Quota  

Norcod Lands Delivery Contract with Spain Supermarket Chain, Increases 2025 Harvest Forecast  

Blue Star Foods Nets $5 Million Investment from The Lind Partners

Fish Consumption in Russia Rapidly Declining

JAPAN: 2021 Seafood Imports Up Slightly to 1.93 Million Tons, Value 10% Up to 1.5 Trillion Yen

Hook Line and Savor’s Everything Crusted Cod Returning to Costco Stores

Maine Elver Lottery Kicks Off Summary Tuesday, January 25

Mon. Jan 24 2022

ANALYSIS: Salmon Market Continues Upward Swing Amid Supply Constraints  

Fish Factor: ASMI Economic Report; Bycatch Task Force Update; Lease Plan Gets Panned

Former ASMI Executive Director Alexa Tonkovich Joins Seafood People

Sam Grimley Named Sea Pact’s New Executive Director

JAPAN: Scallop Landing Forecast 289,500 Tons for the New Season, 13% Down From a Year Ago  

Northern Wind’s George Kouri Joins NFI Board of Directors Summary Monday, January 24

Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association Crew Training Program Seeking Applicants

Tijuana Flats Officially Adds Shrimp To The Menu After Testing Seafood At Select Locations  

Los Angeles Inspired Poke Concept Sweetfin Nets Investment from International Brand Poke House

Northeast Seafood Supplier NAFCO Teams Up With Reusable Packaging Firm Tosca

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West Coast Rockfish Rebound Faster Than Expected

Thirty miles off the coast of Newport, Mikey Retherford Jr. is watching rockfish in the ocean below him on a screen in the wheelhouse of the Winona J fishing trawler.

"See that right there?" he says, pointing at a yellow blob on the screen. "Boom! We don't want to miss that.

That's there is widow rockfish. That's what we're targeting right there. That's a very large school of fish."

About 30 minutes later, his crew reels in a massive tube of netting stuffed with widow rockfish...

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