Fri. Sep 13 2019

China’s Suspension of Fish Meal Tariffs First Glimmer of Hope for Seafood Industry

Chinese Market Welcomes Large Shrimp, but Small Shrimp Also Expected to Sell During Holidays  

Russia Eyes Increasing Harvests of Antarctic Krill, Toothfish, Other Species  

Pew Report Finds Transshipments in Western and Central Pacific Likely Underreported

Friday the 13th: Superstitions at Sea

NIOSH, USCG Award $5.25 Million for Fishing Industry Research and Training

Gold Seal Celebrating 100 Year Anniversary

Coast Guard Seeks Tips for Threatening Radio Broadcast

Walmart to Roll Out Grocery Delivery Membership to Over 1400 Stores Summary Friday, September 13

Thu. Sep 12 2019

StarKist Ordered to Pay $100 Million Fine for Price-Fixing Scandal  

Alaska Sockeye Harvest Largest Since 1995, Fishing Winding Down Except for Late Runs

ANALYSIS: Atlantic Whole Farmed Salmon at 52-Week Lows; Weakness in Market  

Clipper Seafoods and Blue North Merger Approved by DOJ, New Company has 37% of Longline Pacific Cod

VIDEO: Ocean Acidification Research; Russian Seafood Exports; SALT Traceability and Lobster Analysis  

Argentine Red Shrimp Encounter Challenges in Chinese Market

NOAA Disappointed in Maine Lobstermen’s Association Decision to Withdrawal from TRT Agreement

UK Retail Giant ASDA to Feature Seafood from Norway  

Fishmeal: Triple Nine Reportedly Cutting Danish Staff Amid Lower Volumes

StarKist to Match First $25,000 Donated to Feed the Children to Help Those Impacted by Hurricane

Wild American Shrimp Calls for 2019 Chef of the Year Nominations Summary Thursday, September 12

Wed. Sep 11 2019

Seafood Nutrition Partnership to Honor Five For Going “Above and Beyond”

Russia Ready to Double Seafood Exports in Next 4-5 Years

Another ASC Milestone in Japan as Restaurant Chain Offers Certified Seafood

Alaska Young Fishermen’s Almanac Final Call for Fishing Submissions

Vessel Speed Restrictions Southeast of Nantucket Extended Due to Right Whale Sightings Summary Wednesday, September 11

Tue. Sep 10 2019

Co-founder of The Kampachi Company Returns to “Next Generation” Offshore R&D

Former American Seafoods and Pollock Industry Executive Ed Luttrell Dies at 67   

ANALYSIS: Blue Swimming Crab Imports Increase Slightly in July; Still Trail 2018 Pace  

Lobster Analysis: Too Little product = High Prices  

High Tech Northern Cod Acoustic Tracking Project Announced in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Whole Foods Survey: Millennials Driven to Choose Properly Sourced Seafood

Global Alliance Launches Online Seafood Traceability Hub

Vietnam’s Basa Market Starts to Rebound but Still Faces Potential Risks

Coastal Acadiana Seafood Supply Chain Study Reveals Obstacles and Opportunities

PERSPECTIVES: Absent from Aquaculture's Shift to Vegetable Diets is Concern for Mycotoxin Control

PCFFA And West Coast Salmon Fishermen Get Court Win in Water Dispute

Diet Guidelines Being Updated, Seafood and Kids’ Health a Focus

Captain D’s Reopens Frankfort, Kentucky Restaurant Summary Tuesday, September 10

Mon. Sep 9 2019

Global Ocean Acidification Research Starts at Local Level All Around the World

ANALYSIS: Canada is Largest Scallop Supplier to the U.S. over China  

Russia Sets Record Price for First Crab Auctions This Year

LISTEN: Interview with Chef Matt Ginn; Massive Marine Heatwave Appears; and More

Urner Barry’s Reporter Fall 2019 Issue Released

Canada Boosts Wild Pacific Salmon Support by $15 Million Annually  

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mellon Returns from 80-day IUU Pacific Patrol

FDA Advises Consumers Not to Eat Yellowfin Tuna Steaks From Kroger Stores in Multiple States Summary Monday, September 9

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NOAA Allocates $20 Million for West Coast, Georgia Fishery Failures

NMFS announced last week that $20 million of federal assistance will be provided to communities affected by fishery disasters in Washington, Oregon, California and Georgia between 2013 and 2017. Congress appropriated these funds through the 2018 Consolidated Appropriations Act.

Tribal and non-tribal salmon fisheries will receive the most funding after several fisheries declined due to adverse ocean conditions including "The Blob." California sardines and Georgia white shrimp also are included on the list.

The email notice to congressional staff said NMFS...

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