Fri. Mar 1 2024

ANALYSIS: Update to the 2023-2024 C&SA Mahi Season  

Maine Commercial Fisheries Bring In Over $610 Million For Fishermen In 2023  

High Liner Foods Commits to $5 Million Investment in Norcod AS  

Coalition of Stakeholders and Communities Join Suit to Defend Abundance-based Halibut Bycatch  

New Zealand King Salmon Gains Government Approval For Open Ocean Salmon Farm  

Wide Variety of Species Make Up The 2024 Seafood Excellence Award Finalists  

Russia Increasing Production of Premium Seafood

Japan: January Marine Product Imports Up 0.4% in Volume, But U.S. Sockeyes Fall 70%  

Austevoll Seafood Faces Challenges in 2024 After Mixed Q4 2023 Financial Results  

NOAA Announces Proposed Designation of Sanctuary Within Existing Monument in the NW Hawaiian Islands

Lerøy Seafood Group Breaks Records in 2023 As Company Prepares For 2025 Summary Friday, March 1

Thu. Feb 29 2024

CenSea’s Nate Torch on Acquisition: “We Have Significant Growth Aspirations”

Norwegian Mountain Salmon Pitches Plans for Salmon Farming in Caverns in Norway and Scotland

ASMI Enters Into Partnership With Bob Evans For New Fish Fry Menu Items  

Titanic Belfast Commits To Sustainability By Serving MSC Certified Fish At its Eateries

Captain D's Names Hair Parra to Senior VP of Intl. Operations and Development Amid Global Expansion Summary Thursday, February 29

Wed. Feb 28 2024

India’s Captain Fresh Acquires U.S. Importer CenSea; CenSea Releases Statement

NL Snow Crab Season 2024: Stock Status Concerns in 3K  

ANALYSIS: Ratio of Farmed to Wild U.S. Shrimp Imports from Mexico Remains Consistent  

The Retail Rundown: Plenty to Munch on in March

Louisiana’s Carter Asks USDA, SBA to Help Crawfish Farmers Hit Hard By Extreme Weather in 2023

Mi’kmaw Chiefs Looking for Options A Month Before Elver Season

Lerøy Midt Sjø AS Reports Escape Incident In Gjemnes Municipality  

BioMar Introduces New Product to Help Atlantic Salmon Manage Stress and Improve Performance  

Proximar Seafood Provides Update on Atlantic Salmon Production at Japan Facility  

Australis Wants Customers To Share The Better Fish With Their Furry Friends  

Japan: 12 Companies, Including Sojitz and Marine Foods, Establish New Company to Develop Alt Meat Summary Wednesday, February 28

Tue. Feb 27 2024

3 Takeaways From Outlaw Ocean Project’s North Korea Forced-Labor Program Report

Ecuadorian Shrimp Sector Woes Mirrored at Aquafeed Supplier Level [Part 2]  

Kroger Responds After FTC Decision to Block Albertsons Merger

The Winners of the 2024 Alaska Symphony of Seafoods Have Been Announced; Find Out Who Won Here

Nordic Aqua Releases Q4 2023 Results As Company Works to Launch Atlantic Salmon Into Chinese Market  

SPACE-F Invites Food-Tech Startups to Join Batch 5 Incubator and Accelerator Program

Infectious Salmon Anemia Suspected at Lerøy Midt Farm in Norway Summary Tuesday, February 27

Mon. Feb 26 2024

Ecuador Shrimp Sector Now Confronted with Multiple Challenges After Years of Strong Growth [Part 1]  

REPORT: Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Snow Crab Quota To Be Slashed In 2024  

Captain of F/V Darkstar Fined $250,000 For Illegal Prawn Fishing in B.C. Glass Sponge Refuge  

Clearwater Seafoods Employee Dies After Incident on F/V Anne Risley

High Liner CEO Optimistic About 2024 After Releasing Q4 2023 Results Summary Monday, February 26

Russia Wants to Reduce Exports of Salmon, Sardines This Year in Favor of Supplies to Domestic Market  

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A Shell Game in New Bedford?  55 Boats Scramble Out of Sector IX, Catching NOAA by Surprise

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [News analysis] by John Sackton March 29, 2018

Something fishy is going on in New Bedford (excuse the terrible pun).

On March 26, the final day for sectors to confirm their rosters and membership for the 2018 fishing season, NOAA got letters from sector VII saying that no vessels will remain in Sector VII who were there last year, and that 16 of these vessels are joining sector VIII.

Then they were told that 55 vessels from sector IX are joining sector VII, including the 4 vessels owned by Carlos Rafael that have been judged subject to forfeiture.

Meanwhile, a separate letter from sector IX said that only three vessels would remain in that sector, that it would operate solely as a lease sector and those vessels would not fish.

What is going on here?

First, all three sectors VII,VIII, and IX are New Bedford groundfish sectors approved under the Northeast Groundfish management plan.

Each year, these sectors have to submit operation plans to NOAA..

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