Thu. Apr 19 2018

Opinions Far Apart on Upcoming Newfoundland Northern Cod Quota; With Decision Up to Minister  

NOAA Gives Final Approval to 2018 Scallop Plan Which Will Result in 60 Million Lb. Harvest  

Ice Still Holding up Crab Fishery Around PEI and New Brunswick  

NFI Red Crab Council Implementing First FIP in China Thanks to New MoU With CAPPMA, O2

Newfoundland Keeps its Lobster Price Formula for Another Year, in Victory for Harvesters  

New ISSF Report Gives Tuna Purse Seine Fleet Recipe For Becoming MSC Certified

Herring and Smelt Fisheries at Cook Inlet Fetch Nice Prices  

Hawaiian Businesses Could Lose Billfish Sales to Mainland Under Proposed Federal Bill  

Novia Scotia Lobstermen Seeking Response From DFO on Industry-Led By-Catch Monitoring Program  

UK Aldi's Offer Largest Percentage of Sustainable Seafood Summary Thursday, April 19

Wed. Apr 18 2018

Price Quotations for Alaska 5-8 Snow Crab Restarted by Urner Barry for First Time Since 2016  

CPF Acquires 40% Stake Brazil's Camanor for $17.5 million; Company Leads Shrimp Innovation in Brazil  

Seafood Volume Sales Flat, But Bright Spots for Fresh Shrimp, Scallops and Flounder  

Increase in Ukraine's Fish Imports Likely to Lead to Pollock, Whiting Opportunities for US  

NOAA Tells NE Management Council That Sectors 7 and 9 Plans May Not be Approved Until Mid-Summer

Senator John Kennedy Wants President Trump to Add Chinese Crawfish, Shrimp to Tariff List  

Sustainable Shark Alliance Condemn Fin Ban, Push For Sustainable Shark Fisheries and Trade Act  

Memorial Service Remembers Wilburn Hall, Pioneer in Dungeness and King Crab, who Died at 98

Seafood Companies in Zhejiang Developing New Markets at Home and Abroad  

US Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank Waiting on MSC Final Consultation for Haddock, Pollock and Redfish  

Ross Hails NMFS Transfer of Red Snapper Management to States, Ocean Conservancy Not As Thrilled

INTERVIEW: Aqua Industry Must Adapt to Deceleration, Says BioMar VP Summary Wednesday, April 18

Tue. Apr 17 2018

Many Fishermen Believe Coast Wide Halibut Science is Out of Whack  

Norwegian 'Linchpin' of China's Salmon Business, Partner with SalMar, Detained Over Smuggling

New England Council to Take up Issue of New Bedford Sectors IX and VII on Wednesday

Salmon vs. Goliath in Fight for Habitat Protections  

SalMar Acquires MariCulture, Developing Smart Fish Farm  

Japan's Marine Eco Label (MEL) Will Announce Intention to Get Benchmarked by GSSI at Brussels Show

GSSI Now has 50 Funding Partners, with Addition of Seattle Fish and Glacier Fish

B.C. Norovirus Outbreak Expands from 40 to 126 Cases  

Vinh Hoan’s Onigiri Rice Balls Finalist For Seafood Excellence Global Awards  

Japan Culinary Program Gives Foreign Chefs Chance to Promote Japanese Cuisine

Applebee’s Adds Shrimp, Salmon to Bigger, Bolder Grill Combos Offer Summary Tuesday, April 17

Mon. Apr 16 2018

Frozen Salmon Prices Rise as Shortages Hit Beijing, Other Areas, After Smuggling Crackdown  

Bristol Seafood Announces $5 Million Expansion in Portland, Partly Funded Through MTI Grant

U.S. Chefs Ask Congress To Pass Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act

Seafood News Podcast: Fish Fillet Sales During Lent, Lobster Shell Disease, Beat Bobby Flay and More  

South China Farmers Try to Sell Shrimp to Clear Ponds; Seed Market is Chaotic  

ANALYSIS: Price Difference At Record High for West Coast Whole Salmon  

Myanmar Fishery Exports Break 20-Year Record With 560,000 Tons Summary Monday, April 16

Fri. Apr 13 2018

Preliminary Data Suggest Big Erosion in Retail Sales of Fresh and Frozen Fish Fillets During Lent

West Coast Trawlers Landed 20 Million More Pounds in 2017 as Rockfish Rule Changes Take Hold  

Maine’s Sen Collins Promises Market Access Dollars, But US Lobster Exports Badly Hurt by CETA  

Supreme Crab & Seafood’s Mark Laubner Competes Against Food Network Star on ‘Beat Bobby Flay’  

Russian Crab Auction Winners Will be Obligated to Construct New Vessels at Domestic Shipyards  

United Fishermen of Alaska Elect New President and Vice President

Regal Springs Trying to Change the Perception of Tilapia  

Texas Cracking Down on Illegal Oyster Harvesting  

Taking A Look At Maritime Superstitions On Friday The 13th

Tassal Expansion Plans Approved By Court, But Environmentalists Will Continue Fighting  

Michelin-Starred Chef Opening Luxury Dining, Sustainable Seafood Concept in Atlantis Summary Friday, April 13

Thu. Apr 12 2018

PFMC Opens Areas Formerly Closed to Trawling; Permanently Protects 135,000 Square Miles  

West Coast Salmon Seasons Set After Week of Tensions, Struggles  

Most Alaska Fishing Boats Are In Southeast; Most Fishermen In Central Region

Cheating Gourmet Using Arbel Growth Partners Investment to Expand Distribution Summary Thursday, April 12

Acme Smoked Fish Wins 2 Awards From Specialty Food Association  

Royal Caribbean Debuts Line’s First Dedicated Seafood Restaurant on Symphony of the Seas

China Summer Fishing Closures Have Less Market Impact Due to High Imports  

Guolian Profit Up More Than 400% in First Quarter

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Americold Sells One of Three Units in Gloucester; Main St. Unit Used by National Fish

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Gloucester Times] By Ray Lamont - January 3, 2018

The real estate corporation that has acquired the Americold property on East Main Street is headed by Nick Osgood, an adviser with Nordlund Associates of Danvers, and its initial corporation papers lists well-known Gloucester property magnate James V. Montagnino as a manager.

NSDJ Real Estate Inc., headquartered in Weymouth, closed on a deal to buy the embattled Americold site for $6 million last week, according to papers filed with the Southern Essex Registry of Deeds. The initial corporation papers, filed Dec. 1, only indicate that NSDJ was created to “acquire, rent/lease, and sell the commercial real estate situated at 159 East Main St. ... for a profit, and to do all things incidental or necessary for such purpose” without a ...

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