Fri. Jun 22 2018

Early Indications Show Alaska’s Salmon Season Off to a Slow Start

Snow Crab Market Adjusts to Lower Supply; Sellers Now Calling Buyers  

NFI Releases Statement on Trump’s Revocation of the National Ocean Council

LDWF Announces Closures for 2018 Inshore Shrimp Season  

Southern China Basa Prices Contract; Weather Takes a Toll on Prawn Farming  

Sushi Lovers Must See These Photos of the ‘Largest Sushi Roll at Sea’ Summary Friday, June 22

Thu. Jun 21 2018

Commerce Department Announces $200 Million Fishery Disaster Funding Allocations  

ASMI Says Seafood Shipped to China for Reprocessing Not Subject to Tariffs; Others Still Unsure

Julianne Curry Joins Icicle Seafood as Public Affairs Manager

Deep-Sea Corals Win Protection in Gulf of Mexico Summary Thursday, June 21

Wed. Jun 20 2018

First Port Moeller Analysis for Bristol Bay Run is Flashing Yellow

Bristol Bay Drift Fishermen Ready for First Set Today in Nushagak as Escapement Numbers Look Good

Andy Wink Appointed New Executive Director of Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Assoc.  

New Kuskokwim Model Corrects Overestimate of Chinook Run, Could Affect Chinook Bycatch in Bering Sea

Stavis Seafoods Unveils Prince Edward Frozen Organic Mussels for Retail and Foodservice

Court Confirms Decision Rejecting Catch Limit for California Anchovy Fishery  

VIDEO: Crop Progress; Pizza Hut Chicken Without Antibiotics; Cattle on Feed Predictions

Commerce Department Announces Fishery Disaster Funding Allocations Summary Wednesday, June 20

Tue. Jun 19 2018

Russian Barents Sea Inshore Crab Harvesters Say They are Locked Out by Big Monopolies  

Zach Krokos Joins Cannon Fish as New National Sales Team Member

North Pacific Council Looks at Limits for Cod Deliveries to Motherships in the Bering Sea

American Shrimp Processors Assoc Praises Their Friendly Senators for Language in Appropriation Bill  

Sea Pact Brings Funding to Sri Lanka Tuna Fishery Project Summary Tuesday, June 19

Mon. Jun 18 2018

Seafood Trade War: What’s Next (News Analysis)

China Tariffs Raise Alarms Throughout the Industry; Read Some Reactions  

LISTEN: Seafood News Podcast Welcomes Samuels and Son Seafood’s William Bradford

Washington Commission Selects Kelly Susewind as New WDFW Director  

Opinion: NL Harvesters Trotting Out Same Arguments Used Against Cod Moratorium 26 Years Ago

Lobster Council of Canada: Lobster Harvesters Unfairly Blamed for Right Whale Threat  

Alaska Air Cargo Grows Service by 40% Thanks to Virgin America Merger

Oceana Canada Says CFIA’s New Food Regulations Do Not Address Seafood Fraud

Australis Barramundi Receives 4-Star BAP Certification  

Direct Air Routes Between China and Norway to Start in 2019 Summary Monday, June 18

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Kim Gorton Testifies on Absurdity of USDA Catfish Regulations at House Hearing


SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews]  Dec 9, 2016

The Chairperson of NFI,  Kim Gorton, who is also CEO of Slade Gorton Co., testified on Capitol Hill this week as part of the ongoing effort to correct the problems caused by USDA regulation of catfish.  The hearing was before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health.  Excerpts from her testimony are below:

Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Green, and distinguished members of the Subcommittee, my name is Kim Gorton, and I am the President and Chief Executive Officer of Slade Gorton & Company, a seafood company based in Boston, Massachusetts. I also am the 2016 Chairperson of the National Fisheries Institute, the nation's largest trade association for the commercial seafood industry. I am pleased to have the opportunity to appear before the Subcommittee today.

Slade Gorton & Company is a third generation family business. Our mission is to bring wholesome, nutritious seafood from around the world to America's table in support of well-being and overall quality of life. Our company is one of America's largest distributors and manufacturers of fresh, frozen and premium value-added seafood products, and we provide over 200 million seafood meals to Americans every year. We develop and manage fresh and frozen seafood programs for some of our nation's largest retailers, distributors and chain restaurants. We are proud of our record of supplying healthful and safe seafood to American families in all 50 states for nearly 90 years.
Regarding catfish: our company buys nearly an equal amount of domestic and imported catfish....

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