Mon. Aug 15 2022

PODCAST: Lobster and Crab Meat Market Update; Bluu Seafood Enters Regulatory Process and More

VIDEO: Watch Us Eat Canned Rockfish From Top Chef Sara Hauman's Tiny Fish Co.  

ANALYSIS: June Snow Crab Imports Off Pace, Down 34.7 Percent from 3-year Average  

Fishing Vessel Sinks Near International Waters in Ecologically Sensitive Haro Strait

A Science and Technology Institute in Okinawa Developed a Squid Farming System  

B.C. Salmon Farming Group Fires Back at Anti-Aquaculture Statements

Tassal Group Unveils $350 Million Sustainability-Linked Loan, a First for Australian Aquaculture

FCC Creates Campaign To Showcase Fishing Companies With Vested Interest in Long-Term Sustainability Summary Monday, August 15

Fri. Aug 12 2022

Feds Signal Management Shift on Kuskokwim if Coho Salmon Run Doesn’t Improve  

Man Sentenced to Nearly 20 Years in Jail for Scallop Boat Murder Off Massachusetts  

Surveys Reveal Consumers Believe Recession is Here; Many Concerned About Rising Food Prices

NOAA Fisheries Releases New Research Plan for Shellfish, Seaweed Aquaculture in Alaska Summary Friday, August 12

Thu. Aug 11 2022

ANALYSIS: Canada Lobster Tail, Meat Exports to U.S. Fall Short in June  

VIDEO: StarKist to Supreme Court; Cooke Acquisition; Bluu Seafood; AquaBounty Ohio Update

This Week in Retail: Reviewing the Chicken Complex; CPI Update

AK Updates: Lots of Fishing Going on Besides Salmon  

Former Bumble Bee Exec Thrown Back Into Canned Tuna Price-Fixing Litigation  

Wildtype and Conservation Fund Join Forces to Protect Pedro Bay Rivers from Pebble Mine

High Liner Foods Sees Volume, Sales, Adjusted Earnings Growth in Q2

Chinese Retailer Qdama Commit to Sourcing BAP-Certified Seafood

Maruha Nichiro Issues Japan’s First ‘Blue Bond’ Alongside 25% Operating Income Jump

EDITORIAL: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Strategy to Reintroduce Sea Otters is Flawed

Loki Foods Secures Funding, Unveils Sustainable Atlantic Cod Fillet Alternative  

Seafood People Hires Executive Coach Expert Mickael Melaye As New Senior Advisor

Scottish Seafood Processor Uses Grant Funds To explore New Ways to Smoke Fish Summary Thursday, August 11

Wed. Aug 10 2022

Canned Tuna Price-Fixing Lawsuit Heads to Supreme Court With StarKist Petition  

Cooke Inc. Acquires Belgium Shrimp Processor Morubel

As 2022 Fraser River Sockeye Return, Historical Notes on Year Class Show Variability, Resilience

Lawmakers Sound the Alarm on Seafood Traceability Concerns in Letter to FDA   

Russia: Crab Prices Fell By 50% this Year Due to Oversupply  

Japan: H1 Surimi Imports Up 10.3%, June Imports from the U.S. Fell 44.1%  

Seafood Industry Groups Comment on USTR’s Efforts to Combat Forced Labor in Foreign Supply Chains

Offshore Wave Energy Takes Center Stage as Politicians Visit Oregon State University

Louisiana Representative Pushing USDA To Purchase Seafood to Assist Fishermen Battling Inflation  

NOAA Looking for Applications for New American Fisheries Advisory Committee

Sober Island Brand OG Oysters Recalled Due to E. Coli  

Nova Scotia Opens Public Comments for Aquaculture Operations Summary Wednesday, August 10

Tue. Aug 9 2022

AquaBounty Releases Q2 Results; Issues Update on Pioneer, Ohio Farm  

One Fisherman Dies in Collision with USCG Cutter Near Puerto Rico

NaturalShrimp July Fire at Texas Facility Caused by Electrical Arcing  

Business, Industry Foodservice Operations Jumpy by 35% in Q2 as Employees Head Back to the Office

Southern Shrimp Alliance Opposes Proposed Trade Laws That Could Exempt Antidumping Duties

Bluu Seafood Presents First Market-Ready Products Made From Cultivated Fish Cells

Performance Team to Open Cold Chain Facility in South Carolina, Adds Capacity to Move More Protein

Sysco Sales, Earnings Jump in Q4 Amid Strong U.S., International Business

Global Seafood Alliance Survey Finds Chinese Consumers Top Focus is Food Safety Summary Tuesday, August 9

Chile to Streamline Exports of Seafood, Aquaculture Products in Republic of Korea Market  

Mon. Aug 8 2022

FFAW Meets With Premier Furey, Ministers Davis and Bragg About Corporation Concentration and Control Summary Monday, August 8

Aqua Cultured Foods Adds to Technical Team with a Focus on Product Enhancement

Plant-Based Seafood Company OmniFoods Launching in Whole Foods Market in London and UK Online Retail

Thai Union Hits Revenue Record Amid Impressive PetCare, Value-Added Sales

Nichirei Invests In An Insect Food Company TAKEO, Kyokuyo Invested In Microalgae Culture Company  

Japanese Fish Sector Continues to Bear Losses Due to Sanction Wars With Russia  

ANALYSIS: Blue Swimming Crab Meat Continues Decline Into August  

PODCAST: Alaska Salmon Update, Norton Sound Red King Crab Fishery, and More   

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El Nino and 'Blob' Create Massive Warm Pool Off Oregon, Posing Challenge to Future Fisheries

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton Aug 4, 2015

The massive pool of warm water stretching from the Pacific Coast of the US to Alaska is currently affecting only a few fisheries, but has the potential to impact more next year.
For the last month, in the area stretching from Southern California to Alaska, sea surface temperatures have been 1 to 3 degrees  Celsius above normal (1.8 to 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit).
This has resulted in changes in plankton blooms, and a change in species. Scientists with Oregon State University say that tropical copepods have now been found in the Northwest, and native plankton are fewer in number.   Fish and birds that would normally eat native plankton are shying away from the newcomers, as ...

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