Fri. Apr 19 2024

Ecuador’s Shrimp Industry Impacted By Power Crisis  

Once Again, Feds Deny Request for Emergency Action on Bering Sea Chinook Salmon Bycatch

2024 Snow Crab Landings Update For NL, Gulf and Maritimes Region As of April 19  

Nordic Aqua Partners Completes First Harvest of Atlantic Salmon At Gaotang, China Facility  

Russian Salmon Sector Booming These Days  

King Oscar and HRH the Crown Prince Haakon of Norway Work to Improve Norwegian Seafood Industry

Researchers Announced Japan’s Coastal Fishing Grounds Moving Northward Since the Late 1800s Summary Friday, April 19

Thu. Apr 18 2024

VIDEO: Newfoundland Snow Crab and Lobster; Peter Pan Halts Operations

Bringing Offshore Wind Knowledge to Oregon: New Sea Grant Staff Will Facilitate Community Engagement

Farmed Atlantic Salmon Spot Prices Rise in Chile and Norway in March  

NPFMC Issues “Notice of Council Action” on Chum Salmon Bycatch in Bering Sea Pollock Fishery

Puget Sound Tribe to Receive $206K in Federal Salmon Disaster Funding

Asda Issues Recall Of Incorrectly Coded Cooked And Peeled King Prawns  

Australian Rock Lobster Fishers Hope for Trade Relief Summary Thursday, April 18

Wed. Apr 17 2024

@FAN Spa Executive Director Explains the Latest Harmful Algal Bloom in Chile  

REPORT: Red Lobster Considering Filing For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Fishery Products for Pets Attract Visitors at Japan’s Largest Pet Products and Services Expo

FDA Issues Advisory For Certain Oysters From Republic of Korea  

Building of New Fish Trawlers and Crab Catchers is Seriously Delayed in Russia Summary Wednesday, April 17

Tue. Apr 16 2024

ANALYSIS: Live Lobster - Spring Preview  

NL 2024 Lobster Pricing Agreement Released; Find Out What Changed From Last Year  

Peter Pan Halts Operations For Summer And Winter Production Cycles For The “Foreseeable Future”  

American Shrimp Processors Association Calls For Ban on Indian Shrimp Made With Forced Labor  

ANALYSIS: Navigating Shifts in the 2024 Sockeye Season  

4 Of The Biggest Takeaways From The 2022 Fisheries Economics of The U.S. Report Summary Tuesday, April 16

Mon. Apr 15 2024

FFAW And ASP Come To Agreement To Start 2024 Snow Crab Fishery  

ANALYSIS: Farmed Salmon at Retail Wanes  

Entangled NARW Spotted Off Coast of Rhode Island; 6th UME Documented For 2024

Dunleavy Says Pebble Should Proceed, Files Suit in Alaska Court to Reverse EPA’s Decision

PODCAST: Norway Snow Crab MSC Certified; Seafood Expansion in WIC; and More

California Gov. Newsom Wastes No Time in Requesting Federal Aid for Salmon Fishery  

Russia Increases Sturgeon Catch In Effort To Diversify Its Fish Catch Summary Monday, April 15

Fri. Apr 12 2024

February Sales of Imported Fresh Tuna at Toyosu Market Plummet  

China’s Import of Live Seafood in 2023 Highest in Recent Years, Growth Expected in 2024

Europe’s BLUU Seafood Opens First Pilot Plant For Cultivated Fish  

ASP Offers $3 Per Pound To Start Snow Crab Season In NL, But FFAW Doesn’t Bite  

Russia Plans to Compete With China For Fish Catch in Territorial Waters of African States

2024 Snow Crab Landings Update For NL, Gulf and the Maritimes Region As Of April 12

Recall Issued In Canada For Mowi Cold Smoked Norwegian Atlantic Salmon  

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FFAW Responds To ASP’s Tie-Up Grievance

The (crab) claws are back out ahead of the 2024 snow crab season in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

All eyes are on the Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW) and the Association of Seafood Producers (ASP) as the two groups reportedly work towards a pricing formula. But while many in the industry are looking towards the future and the start of the season, the two parties have been pulled back into the drama of last year.

On Tuesday ASP revealed that they are making some progress with the grievance they filed against...

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