Mon. Jun 17 2024

PODCAST: Silver Bay To Acquire Another Trident Facility; Red Lobster Brings Back Crabfest and More

ANALYSIS: Snow Crab Retail Features Lag Last Year 7.7 Percent  

ANALYSIS: Increasing Freight Drives Pressure on Value Finfish  

Norway Revokes All Snow Crab Permits In Effort To Ensure Better Profitability In Fishery  

Japan: April Surimi Product Output Increases After Four Months  

Nation’s Largest Icebreaker Healy Enroute to Alaska for Three Arctic Research Missions

ButcherBox’s Second Annual Grill Index Reveals Lack of Confidence When It Comes To Grilling Seafood  

CDFW, Cal Maritime Release Samon in Hopes of Rebuilding Populations Summary Monday, June 17

Fri. Jun 14 2024

How Seafood and Fisheries Could Benefit From The Proposed Farm Bill

Praise For Brazil’s New Spiny Lobster Rules  

Japan: 2023 Sockeye Salmon Imports Surged by 41% to Over 10,000 Tons  

Russia Plans Further Increase of Pollock Supplies to China Summary Friday, June 14

Thu. Jun 13 2024

FDA Issues Advisory For Canadian Oysters Potentially Contaminated With PSP  

Former Mowi Exec Lands At Grieg As New Regional Director of Newfoundland Region

Russia Expects Catch of 320,000 Tons of Salmon This Year Summary Thursday, June 13

Wed. Jun 12 2024

Crabfest May Be Back At Red Lobster, But It’s Not The Same As Years Past  

The Retail Rundown: Raising the 'Steaks' for Father’s Day

ANALYSIS: EU Shrimp Imports Stable in Q1 Thanks to Spanish Market Boost  

ANALYSIS: Drop in Conch Imports Tightens U.S. Supply and Begins to Elevate Prices  

Russia Looking To Overtake The United States in Global Surimi Market  

A Market Survey Revealed 74% of Japanese Consumers Unaware of Seafood Sustainability Certifications Summary Wednesday, June 12

Tue. Jun 11 2024

Move Over, Grasshoppers. Wild Alaska Pollock Is Coming To T-Mobile Park  

New Surimi Product Wrapping Plant-based Pollock Roe Goes on Sale Summary Tuesday, June 11

Mon. Jun 10 2024

Silver Bay Seafoods to Buy Trident Seafoods' False Pass Facilities

PODCAST: Bottom Trawl Clarity Act Pushback; Norwegian Crab Update and More

5 Takeaways From FAO’s 2024 State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture

ANALYSIS: YTD Scallop Imports Pacing Ahead of 2023  

ANALYSIS: Frozen Salmon Down Almost 20 Percent Through April  

EPA: Revised Water Quality Standards In Alaska Needed To Meet Clean Water Act Requirements

AquaBounty Promotes David Melbourne to CEO as Part of “Long Term Succession Plan”  

Norwegian Seafood Council Hosts Norway-Japan Seafood Seminar 2004 in Tokyo Summary Monday, June 10

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Florida: Increase in Costs Subdues Lobster Season

Spiny lobster season closed Friday, April 1, and Florida Keys commercial fishermen called it a good-to-mediocre season when it came to harvest, but a less-than-stellar season when it came to price.

The increase in the price of fuel and wood to make traps has also cut into the profits of fishermen. In the past two years, fuel prices have increased by several dollars a gallon and the price of wood for traps has increased to point where the cost of building a trap has gone from $40 to...

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