Wed. Nov 23 2022

ANALYSIS: Shrimp, Crab Meat and Frozen Tuna Face Slow Sales, Backed Up Inventory  

Maine Delegation, Governor Mills Urge Retailers to Continue Selling Maine Lobster  

SeafoodNews Closed on Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25

ANALYSIS: Key Shrimp Item Descends to All-Time Low Price  

China Fisheries & Seafood Expo Postponed to 2023 Due to COVID Concerns

OP-ED: NWAA To Public Lands Commissioner Franz: You Got It Wrong!

First Batch of 2023 Alaska Symphony of Seafood Winners Announced

Singapore 7-Eleven Launches 7-Select Fish Burger, Shrimp Burger  

Red Lobster Releases Holiday Collection of Gifts For the Cheddar Bay Biscuit Lover in Your Life

Scott & Jon’s Employees, Owners Give Back At Maine Food Bank Summary Wednesday, November 23

Tue. Nov 22 2022

National Fisheries Institute President John Connelly Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

Seafood Industry to the White House: Include Us in the Ocean Climate Action Plan

Whales are Sticking Around in California; Commercial Crab Season Remains Closed

California Market Squid Fishery Begins MSC Assessment  

Government Accountability Office Says USDA Needs to Provide More Seafood in School Lunches

NOAA Preliminary Data For August Reveals 17.4 Million Pounds of Shrimp Landed in Gulf of Mexico  

First Bidding for Salted Herring Roe in Osaka Up to JPY 10,000 Per Kilo for U.S., Canadian Products  

Russian Fishermen Call on State to Increase Support for Building of New Trawlers

Sysco Unveils 2022 Sustainability Report and Debuts DEI Report

tru Shrimp Partners with Medical Manufacturer to Develop Hemostat Products

Thai Union’s SEALECT TUNA Celebrating 30 Years, Highlights Pathway to Future Growth  

Thai Union Conducts First At-Sea Assessment to Strengthen Improvements For Fisher’s Work, Welfare

MSC Congratulates ICCAT On State-of-the-Art Conservation Measures to Safeguard Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Summary Tuesday, November 22

Mon. Nov 21 2022

Cooke Announces Completion of Acquisition of Tassal Group Limited  

Cooke, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe Release Statement on Decision to End Net Pen Aquaculture in WA  

OBI Seafoods Supports Pedro Bay Rivers Project Blocking Pebble Mine With $200K Donation

Pollock Catch Grows in Russia This Year  

Cargill Appoints Brian Sikes as their 10th CEO in 157-Year History

Japan: F&P to Purchase all ASC-MSC Certified Wakame and Kelp Seaweed by 2024 From a Regional Group Summary Monday, November 21

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This Week in Retail: Global Uncertainty and the Food Supply Chain

Headlines are currently dominated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which entered its eighth day today. The Russia-Ukraine war has forced a mass exodus of Ukrainians and upended the global marketplace as market participants brace for potential consequences for consumers, both domestically and abroad.

Russia and Ukraine produce and export an abundance of natural resources including crude oil, metals, and wheat. The Russian assault on Ukraine could have long-term ramifications for the global economy, which is already strained by the ongoing pandemic and enduring supply chain disruptions.

For the United States, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could intensify inflationary pressures and further increase costs for commodities including fuel and food. 

Amidst the volatility currently engulfing the global landscape, grocers are also monitoring a shift in the retail food landscape. March 2nd signified the start of the Christian Lenten season, which typically slows meat sales as Lent observers switch to other proteins including fish.

Seafood feature volume increased to 36% this week, from 28% the week prior. Currently, most seafood features stem from fresh/frozen fillets. The complex—which includes catfish, cod, and tilapia—averages $7.43 per pound this week, up nearly 41.5% from a year ago. 

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