Tue. Dec 7 2021

Trident Seafoods Acquires Catcher/Processor Starbound From Aleutian Spray Fisheries  

Aleut Corp Met With DOJ on Antitrust Concerns in New Bering Sea Cod Trawl Program

Halibut Stock Boosted By Big Incoming Year Class  

FDA Has Refused 73 Entry Lines of Antibiotic-Contaminated Shrimp So Far This Year  

New York Announces $5.7 Million in COVID-19 Relief for Fishing Industry

Canada Shares Ghost Gear Program Progress Over Past 2 Years

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, December 7

Mon. Dec 6 2021

King, Snow Crab Face Shortages and Size Limitations Moving Into 2022  

PODCAST: New Bedford Scallops Hit High, Dungeness Crab Season Opens, and More  

Pacific Halibut Biomass Still Low, But Signs of Recruitment Positive as IPHC Nears Annual Meeting

Register for the Upcoming Urner Barry Seafood Market Update Webinar on Crab and Groundfish  

More Bigeye for Pacific Longliners? Scientists Say Yes, Along with Increased Monitoring

Scientists Show Warm-water Habitats Help Fuel Coldwater Fish

Chilean Coho Leads the October Salmon Sales at Tokyo Central Wholesale Market  

Sysco Acquires Fresh Produce Distributor The Coastal Companies

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk Encouraging Queenslanders to Eat Local Seafood This Holiday Season

Fri. Dec 3 2021

Bristol Bay 2022 Salmon Forecast Highest Ever, Two Buyers Raise 2021 Base Price to $1.45/lb  

Scallops Hit New Record Price in New Bedford  

VIDEO: USDA Purchase Awards; Disney Funds Spiny Lobster; Seafood Supply Chain Crisis; Gorton's LTO

Maine Lobstering Union Files Supreme Court Appeal to Halt LMA-1 Fishing Closure  

Trident Seafoods Founder to Be Honored; Seafood Showcased During ‘Battle In Seattle’ Basketball Game  

Earth-friendly Packaging by OBI Seafoods, Chitin Packaging Developed

JAPAN: October Seafood Exports Doubled In Frozen Yellowtail for the U.S.  

Norwegian Seafood Exports Topple Annual Value Records With December Still to Come  

Sernapesca: Salmon Company Hit With Significant Fine After Mortality Mismanagement

Gathered Foods Co-Founders Named UBS Global Visionaries

ASP Executive Director Derek Butler Wins Economic Developer of the Year Award

SeafoodNews.com Summary Friday, December 3

Thu. Dec 2 2021

Crabbers Crack Record Opening Prices for Dungeness as Season Opens on West Coast  

This Week in Retail: Jingle Bells, December Sells  

Mowi Tops Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index Again; Grieg, Lerøy Close Behind  

Barramundi Group Notes Expansion Progress, Completion of its Brunei Hatchery in Q3 Business Update  

Scientists Support New Measures, Changes to Hawaii Longline Tuna Fishery

Fish Net Recycling in Alaska Tops 1 Million Pounds

Northern Dynasty Issues Response to EPA's Announcement Regarding Protection of Bristol Bay Watershed  

K-FISH Celebrates Successful Promotional Events in November

SeafoodNews.com Summary Thursday, December 2

Wed. Dec 1 2021

NFI: ‘Time for Washington to Act Now’ to Help Solve Seafood Supply Chain Crisis

Russia Ready to Increase Crab Catch and its Exports Next Year  

Alaska Fish Radio: Small Companies Win Big at New Products Competition

Rising Inflation, Relentless Pandemic Dampen U.S. Consumer Confidence

DFO Hits B.C. Salmon Harvester with Nearly $90K Fine After Routine Inspection  

Ikura Salmon Caviar Tops at 8312 yen/kg, up 600 yen/kg at Tokyo Central Wholesale Market  

Mowi-Owned Northern Harvest Sea Farms Reports Mortality Event at Newfoundland Salmon Site  

Fishing Vessel's Narrow Miss of Collision with a Cargo Ship Results in USCG Citation

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, December 1

Subway Expanding in Saudi Arabia Thanks to New Franchise Agreement

Heimon Kala Oy’s Kokkola Fish Processing Plant in Finland to Close

Tue. Nov 30 2021

UPDATED: Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Team Meeting Postponed  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, November 30

Gorton’s Brings Value-Sized Butterfly Shrimp To Kroger Ahead of the Holidays  

Maine Food Projects Net $3.5 Million in Federal Grants to Boost Local, Regional Food Systems

Grocer Hy-Vee Adopts Seafood Supplier Code of Conduct

California Oil Spill Area Closure Removed as of Noon Today; Harvesters Can Resume Fishing

Department of Commerce Unveils Final Results of Antidumping Duty Review for Frozen Shrimp from India  

Seafood Sales Balloon During China’s Singles Day

Alaska Fish Radio: Halibut Hopeful Signs for 2022  

Market Mover: Fresh Whole Salmon  

Russia’s Norebo Group Expands Domestic Presence  

Kingfish Company Purchases Land for Maine Land-Based Aquaculture Facility  

Urner Barry Unveils New Quotations on Peruvian Scallops  

The Winding Glass: Lobster Industry Consolidation Bigger Story than High Opening Prices this Winter  

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Russian Pollock Producers Call on New Talks with China to Resume Supplies 

The closure of the Chinese market for Russian pollock producers may lead to a drop in revenue by almost 27% this year, according to producers.

In order to prevent the crisis, the All-Russian Association of Fisheries (VARPE) has recently called on the government to hold new negotiations with China to remove obstacles for the imports of Russian pollock to the Chinese market.

As the Russian Kommersant business paper has recently reported citing on the letter of the president of VARPE German Zverev...

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