Wed. Oct 20 2021

Mexico Receives Green Light to Export Wild Shrimp Into United States  

Chinese Seafood Market is Expanding

Oregon Adopts Dungeness Crab Management Plan, First FMP on the West Coast  

Halibut, Sablefish Quota Share Updates  

Ivar's Soup and Sauce Co. Recalls Clam Chowder Due to Potential Presence of Plastic

Salmones Austral Unveils Secret Island Brand, Providing Chilean Salmon Doorstep Delivery  

COVID-19 Positivity Rate Highest Ever As Epidemic Trajectory Declines in Alaska

Chilean Salmon Exports Recover to Pre-Pandemic Levels in Q3, US Recovery Strong  

USDA Awards $10 Million to Address Challenges for Land-based Salmon Production

September Sales of Fresh Tuna Imports at Toyosu Market Fell 60% to 570 Fish  

RODA Files 60-Day Notice Intending to Sue Federal Government Over Vineyard Wind Project

First Philippines Fishery to Recieve MSC Certification

Wild Planet Foods Takes Home Good Housekeeping Sustainable Innovation Award Summary Wednesday, October 20

Tue. Oct 19 2021

Japan’s August Surimi Imports, Production Output, Consumer Surimi Spending

Kishida Approves Fuskushima Wastewater Release Plan For 2023, Korea and China Strongly Disagree

China's White Shrimp Prices Dip as Shopping Season Comes to an End  

Optimism Fuels Interest in AK Salmon Permits  

Albertsons Sees More Inflation

Russia’s Primorye Fisherman Hope for Successful Catch and Exports This Year  

Pacific Council Hires Merrick Burden as New Executive Director

Private Equity Firm Announces New Seafood Platform After Trio of Acquisitions  

Red Lobster’s Ultimate Endless Shrimp Promo Available All Week  

ENGOs File Suit Over Hatchery Salmon Designed to Help Southern Resident Orcas

Blue Star Foods Moves Forward with B.C. Land-based Steelhead Farm

Kingfish Company Lands Retail Partner in Italy Summary Tuesday, October 19

Mon. Oct 18 2021

Alaska Seafood Industry Leader Chuck Bundrant, Dies at 79

Maine Lobstering Union Lands Injunction to Halt Right Whale Lobster Fishing Area Closure  

ANALYSIS: Assessing the Snow Crab Market Following Alaska Quota Reduction  

China: Tilapia Farm Gate Prices Mostly Rise as Retail Prices Dip  

Would You Quit Your Job for $110,000? This California Swordfish Catcher Said No

Bristol Bay Sockeye Weights Down by One Pound, Similar Losses for Other Salmon  

Cumulative Global Fishmeal Production Climbs 6.5%, Fish Oil Sees 12% Rise Summary Monday, October 18

Fri. Oct 15 2021

New BSAI Pacific Cod Trawl Program Using Industry Co-ops Approved by North Pacific Council

PODCAST: Jones Act Case Injunction; Snow Crab Quota; Subway Tuna Lawsuit and More

ANALYSIS: Intra-European Shrimp Trade Remains Firm Amid Global Trade Uncertainties  

Maine Lobstermen’s Association Files Amicus Brief Opposing Seasonal Lobster Fishing Closure  

California Shows Overwhelming Support for Change in Dungeness Crab/Domoic Acid Rules  

Fishing Updates, October 2021 – Dungies Now AK’s Largest Crab Fishery  

August Salmon Sales at the Tokyo Central Wholesale Markets: Chilean Coho Market Firm  

REPORTER: Here's What's Happening with Urner Barry's COMTELL

This Week in Retail: Spread Between Food at Home vs Away from Home Narrows Summary Friday, October 15

Thu. Oct 14 2021

Acosta Report: Majority of Consumers Choosing Seafood When Dining Out

BOEM, DOE Announce Timelines of Ongoing Offshore Wind Leases; Funding for Studies

ANALYSIS: Supply Issues in the Squid Market  

Baby Halibut Bycatch Hurts Users Thousands of Miles Away; Council Conflicts  

August Fish Roe Sales at the Tokyo Central Wholesale Markets Marked 7300 yen/kg for Ikura

4 Mi'kmaw Bands Launch Moderate Livelihood Fisheries with DFO Approval Summary Thursday, October 14

AquaBounty Debuts ESG Analysis, Implementation and Reporting

Wed. Oct 13 2021 Summary Wednesday, October 13

GAPP Announces Annual Meeting and October Campaign in Chicago

Regal Springs Tilapia Becomes First Producer to Use BAP-Integrated Traceability Systems  

Cargill Continues Land-based Aquaculture Investments, Enters Feed Partnership with Salmon Evolution

Japan's August Airfreighted Salmon Imports Accelerate in Norwegian Fillets, Down from North America  

Comments Wanted on Alaska Halibut Bycatch, Management Proposals  

Cermaq CEO to Step Down; New CEO to Take Helm in March 2022

U.S. Fast Casual Restaurant Visits Rebound After Steep Declines in 2020

REPORTER: Plant Protein Manufacturers Attempt to Get the Next Generation to Jump Aboard

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USDA Buys $23.8 Million of Canned Salmon, Frozen Pollock for U.S. School Lunch Program

Last week the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a bulk purchase of canned pink salmon and frozen pollock from Alaska of just under $23.8 million. The annual purchases go to school lunch programs and other nutrition assistance programs across the country.

The purchase will be from last year’s or 2018 inventories. Alaska’s pink salmon season officially opened June 1 in Prince William Sound and last week in regions within Southeast Alaska, but production has not reached high volumes yet.

Canned salmon production represents ...

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