Thu. Nov 14 2019

Primary West Coast Dungeness Season Delayed Until Mid-December at the Earliest  

Pollock Parts Plug Body Holes, Clean Lead From Soil  

CPF Reports Better-Than-Expected Q3 Earnings

Tuna’s Carbon Ratios Indicate Changes in Oceanic Food Web  

Australia Reports on Largest Pacific Illegal Fishing Surveillance Operation

Cantwell Language to Improve Legislation Getting Fisheries Disaster Aid to Fleets Passes Committee Summary Thursday, November 14

SAVE Right Whales Act Passes Out of Senate Committee

Wed. Nov 13 2019

Chilean Salmon Making Its Way to the States as National Strikes Stall the Country  

Zoneco Says 80 Percent of Scallops Found Dead; Cause Unknown  

Coast Guard Names a Pair of Cutters After 9/11 Heroes

High-stakes Effort to End Harmful Fisheries Subsidies Under New Leadership at WTO

Farmed Fish Fail to Reduce Pressure on Wild Stocks, Study Says

Russian Sakhalin and Kuril Islands May Face Salmon Shortage in Years Ahead  

Swedish Study Improves Nutrition and Sustainability for Farmed Lobster, Wolffish

Cooke Aquaculture's Northeast Nutrition Celebrates Expansion Boosting Output 50% Summary Wednesday, November 13

Tue. Nov 12 2019

Harbor Seafood Takes Home US Foods’ Center-of-the-plate Award   

Mowi Tabs Ivan Vindheim as New CEO

What's Next for Amazon: Taking AmazonFresh Beyond Online and into Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Japanese Snow Crab Season Opens, Auction Fetches ¥5 Million ($45,800) For One Crab  

Applications Open for Future Leaders Canada 2020 Program

Bering Sea Region Returns Most Fish Bucks to Alaska

Norway Royal Salmon Announces Q3 Results  

You Chang Trading Recalls Siluriformes Products Summary Tuesday, November 12

Mon. Nov 11 2019

ADF&G Forecasts 2020 Return of 48 Million Sockeye for Bristol Bay: a Harvest of 34.5 Million

LISTEN: Chilean Salmon Production Ramps Up; Dungeness Crab Season Delay and More  

ANALYSIS: Blue Swimming Crab Meat Market Flat for 7 Straight Weeks  

New Fish Tax Passed by Bristol Bay Borough Voters

Coast Guard Suspends Search for 1 crew of F/V Miss Hailee in California Summary Monday, November 11

Fri. Nov 8 2019

West Coast Crab Meat Recovery Results Show Consistent Range from CA to WA  

ANALYSIS: Pangasius & Catfish Imports Down 40%; Two Different Stories  

Russian Fish Producers to Raise Prices to Offset Growing Fuel, Tax Costs  

Vietnam Turns to China for Saving its Basa Industry, but Uncertanties Loom in the Neighboring Market  

Alaska Fisheries Keep Port of Seattle Afloat Summary Friday, November 8

Iceland Seafood Agrees on Head of Terms to Acquire Elba S.L.

New Study Says Millions of Seabirds Rely on Discarded Fish

FFAW Urging Canadian Gov’t. to Refuse Oil/Gas Exploration Bids on Key Fishing Area

Seaweed Farm Becomes First of its Kind to Earn ASC-MSC Certification

Natural Shrimp, Inc. Announces $1 million of Series B Preferred Subscriptions

Coast Guard Medevacs Injured Cewman Near Sitkinak Island

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Japanese Delegation Markets Buri Yellowtail, Scallops in France

A group of Japan Fisheries Association and the Japan Aquatic Products Export Council representatives promoted Japanese buri yellowtail and scallops in France earlier this month.

They traveled to the A4 Seafood Pavilion at Rungis market in France on a cold morning of October 2, after arriving at midnight.

World Sushi Skills Institute Director General Mr. Hirotoshi Ogawa, also a chef in charge of the World Sushi Cup, stood behind a long table provided by local seafood wholesaler R&O. Semi-dressed buri yellowtail and shucked scallops had been delivered from...

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