Wed. Apr 24 2019

WDFW, Army Corps Collaborate on Restoration, Bridge Replacement to Benefit Salmon and Whales  

MSC Hires MEP Linnéa Engström As Program Director for the Scandinavia and Baltic Sea Region

Iberostar Partners with California's FishWise to Launch Global Sustainable Seafood Training Program

Tue. Apr 23 2019

NOAA Lists Newly Discovered Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s Whales as Endangered

Halibut Quota Slump in Alaska  

High Liner Gives Mascot Captain High Liner A Modern New Look

Salmon Permit Values Increase For All But A Few Alaska Regions  

Red Lobster Kicking Off Summer with Cedar-Plank Seafood Event

Cellular Aquaculture Company BlueNalu Moving to Larger Research Facility Summary Tuesday, April 23

Mon. Apr 22 2019

Can Magnuson Protect Fishing Communities? Decision Denying Protection to Adak, Atka Causes Doubt    

USCG to Hold Public Hearing for F/V Mary B II Crab Vessel Capsizing Investigation  

Togiak Herring Sac Roe: Earliest Opening Ever and Higher Quota by 28%

LISTEN: Red Lobster's New Partnership, Most Trusted Frozen Fish Brand, Live Lobster Market and More    

Russian Fish Producers Call for Suspension of Controversial Industry Reforms  

More Tariffs Likely With EU Due to Airplane Subsidy Disputes

NaturalShrimp Expands Marketing Program With Addition of Corporate Chef  

Earth Day and Ocean Trash Counts Summary Monday, April 22

Thu. Apr 18 2019

Johnstone Out of Alaska Board of Fisheries After Last-Minute Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

California Considers Sport Crab Fishery for Action Relating to Whale Entanglement  

ANALYSIS: Unsettled 2019 Scallop Season Start  

Norwegian Food Safety Authority Suspects ISA Outbreak at MOWI Farm in Aukrasanden  

Seafood Industry Australia Fighting Back Against the AMCS Good Fish Project

SeafoodNews Closed on Friday, April 19

Gorton's Seafood Named Winner of BrandSpark's Most Trusted Awards in Frozen Fish Category

Smuggling Overshadows South African Abalone's Success in the Chinese Market  

Red Lobster Partners with Nonprofit Group Ocean Conservancy

Herring and Smelt fisheries at Cook Inlet Pay Big Bucks to Fishermen  

Asia Overtakes UK as Ireland's 2nd Largest Seafood Export Partner Summary Thursday, April 18

Wed. Apr 17 2019

Many California Crabbers Switching to Chinook Trolling as Salmon Seasons Are Set  

Opposition to Pebble Strong at Anchorage USACE Hearing

First Branded Pollock Products from Russian Fishery Co. Brought to Russian Retail Chains  

Americold Realty Trust Acquires Cloverleaf Cold Storage

FFAW Brings SPONL into its Lobster Formula Pricing, Vows to Differentiate Newfoundland Lobster  

Crab Responses to Acidic Oceans, Updates  

Jensen Tuna of Louisiana Recalling Frozen Ground Tuna Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination  

StarKist Fined by EPA For Failing to Comply With 2018 Settlement Summary Wednesday, April 17

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