Mon. Oct 15 2018

The Seafood Industry and the China Tariffs: A Deep Dive Into NFI's Seafood, See Jobs Campaign

Norwegian Food Safety Authority Denies Company Permission for Land Based Salmon Farm

Major High Resolution Study of Global Trawl Footprint Finds it is Far Lower Than Some NGO's Suggest

Imported Seafood Lures More Chinese Foodies, According to JD Report  

Nordic Aquafarms Opens Corporate Office as They Continue to Move Forward with Belfast Facility  

E-commerce Boosts Guolian’s Sales in China

Australian Trawl Fishers Cheer as Massive Seismic Survey Rejected

'Puntada Invisible' Wins WSI Video Competition Summary Monday, October 15

Fri. Oct 12 2018

Presentations at Right Whale Meeting Highlight Questions; Issues in Lobster Gear Modification

NFI Communications Manager Lynsee Fowler Breaks Down the Seafood, See Jobs Campaign

Russian Does Not Foresee Crisis Looming in Crab Industry as New Auction Plan Moves Forward  

VIDEO: Mazzetta Sues Over Tariffs; Lobster Exports Surge; China Seafood Expo Sold Out and More

SeaPak Launches On-The-Go Shrimp Cocktail Nationwide  

Traffic Chaos Marks a Difficult Start for Tokyo’s New Fish Market  

New Canadian Commissioner Appointed to the International Pacific Halibut Commission

Northeast Canyon's Monument Defenders Never Looked at Costs, Considered Alternatives (Opinion)

Coastal Villages Continues Education Program that Sends Youth to Seattle Summary Friday, October 12

Thu. Oct 11 2018

Mazzetta Sues Government Over Vietnam Shrimp Tariffs; Says Black Tiger Pricing is Not Comparable  

China Fisheries Show, Largest in World, Fully Sold Out, with Foreign Participation up 12% This Year

ANALYSIS: Chilean Fillets Adjust Lower Amid Record Breaking Fresh Fillet Volumes  

Icicle’s Jessie Keplinger Named First Female President of Halibut Association of North America  

NOAA Seeking Public Comment on Proposed Traceability Program for U.S. Farmed Shrimp, Abalone  

Chef Barton Seaver Launches ‘Seafood & the Menu’ Magazine

Red Lobster Reportedly Has a 'Secret' Endless Shrimp Menu  

Blue Economy in Alaska Focus of Ocean Technology Sprint (Fish Radio)

EJF Says Chinese Interests Illegally Own Most of Ghanian Industrial Fishing Fleet; Call for Reforms

Remembering Past Urner Barry President, John Merrill Carter Summary Thursday, October 11

Wed. Oct 10 2018

Latest Lobster Numbers Show Continued Surge in Exports to Canada  

Gray Market for U.S. Lobsters Bound for China but Sold Through Canada Worries Fishermen  

INTERVIEW: Responsible Feed Ingredient Sourcing Key to Sustainable Aquaculture Growth

Ups and Downs for 2019 Groundfish Catches  

Alaska Snow Crab Increase is Bad News for Their Cousins  

ANALYSIS: New Zealand Mussel Shortfall Endures  

James Beard Foundation Launches “Waste Not” Campaign to Reduce Food Waste

ASC, Fair Trade USA Sign MOU to Pilot Fair Trade USA’s Requirements in Some ASC-Certified Fish Farms Summary Wednesday, October 10

Tue. Oct 9 2018

Pangasius Import Volumes Recover Somewhat After USDA Equivalence Ruling for Vietnam  

Council Drops Preliminary 2019 GOA Pollock TAC by One-Third, Cod Down by 5%

SSC May Recommend Higher East Coast Scallop Landings for 2019 Tomorrow  

Bristol Bay Chilling Rate for Salmon Likely to Be Higher Than Last Year's Record  

Get Your Free Salmon Insider's Report! Summary Tuesday, October 9

Nick Bouth Promoted to Handy Seafood’s Foodservice National Sales Manager

Charoen Pokphand Foods Working to End IUU Fishing

Chungsan Fishermen’s Organization First Abalone Farm in South Korea to Achieve ASC Certification  

Russian Fishing Company to Build 9 Trawlers at Domestic Shipyards  

Mon. Oct 8 2018 Summary Monday, October 8

Thai Union Nominated for Thomson Reuters Foundation’s Annual Stop Slavery Award

LISTEN: Crab Quotas; NRF 2018 Holiday Sales Forecast; and More on the SeafoodNews Podcast

Full MSC Certification Will Give Papua New Guinea a Better Deal on Tuna  

Clean Seas Seafood Limited Launches First SensoryFresh Range Across Key European Markets  

The U.S. Turns to Vietnam for Basa Supply After Losing China Tilapia Markets Due to Tariffs  

Frozen Seafood is a Rising Star in China's Sam's Clubs  

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Federal Managers Increase Catch Limits in Hawaii Deep-Water Bottomfish

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] - June 13, 2018

The Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Managment council, meeting this week on Maui, have increased the annual catch limit (ACL) for seven species of main Hawaiian Islands deep-water bottomfish species. 

Known as the Deep 7, the species include hapu'upu'u (sea bass) and six snappers: opakapaka (pink snapper), onaga (longtail snapper), ehu (squirrelfish snapper), lehi (silver jaw jobfish), gindai (brigham's snapper) and kalekale (von siebold's snapper). The season for the fishery runs from September 1 to August 31 ...


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