Wed. Jul 17 2019

Whittier Dock Fire Triggers State of Emergency as Peak Fishing and Cruise Season Arrives

Vietnam’s Low Basa Prices Produce Ripple Effect in China; Shrimp Sector Likely to Boost Exports  

Spanish Company Cocedero Invests €500,000 in Octopus Line  

Sergey Darkin Aims to Become Leading Russian Fish Producer in the Years to Come  

U.S. Consumers Care About Environmentally Friendly, Recycled Packaging When Shopping

North Carolina Coast Guard Finds Federal Fisheries Violations on 5 Commercial Fishing Vessels

NY/NJ Baykeeper Deploys 1 Million Oysters in Raritan Bay Summary Wednesday, July 17

Tue. Jul 16 2019

EPA in Pacific Northwest Weighs in Against Pebble Mine: Draft EIS Inadequate for Meaningful Analysis

How a NOAA Aerial Whale Survey Team Aided Canadian Rescuers in Effort to Disentangle Right Whale

We'koqma'q First Nation Partners With Cooke Aquaculture on Sales, Marketing of Steelhead Trout  

ASC Revises Salmon and Freshwater Trout Standard  

5 Alaska Fishermen Rescued After Vessel Sinks Near Black Island

'Deadliest Catch' Star Sig Hansen Helps Launch Resqunit's Canadian Operations  

Captain D's Launches Their Limited Time Lobster & Crab Celebration Menu  

Coast Guard Coordinates Complex Rescue of 2 Fishermen More than 1300 Miles Southwest of San Diego Summary Tuesday, July 16

Mon. Jul 15 2019

Bristol Bay Run Could Reach 50M Sockeye, if Port Moller Results are in Line with Previous Years  

China's Value as Huge Shrimp Market Results in Both Foreign Winners and Losers    

Urner Barry Rolls Out Updated Foreign Trade Data Platform

LISTEN: Lobster Bait Alternative; Fortune International's New Acquisition; Amazon Prime Day and More  

Unusual Die-Offs of Pink Salmon, Marine Mammals, Seabirds, and Krill in Alaska’s Northwest Frontier  

Amazon Prime Day: 5 Seafood Organizations You Can Support For Free While You Shop

Japanese Fishing Co. Ordered to Pay $1.5 Million Fine For Attempting to Cover Up Illegal Pollution Summary Monday, July 15

Fri. Jul 12 2019

Alaska’s Fisheries No Longer the Gold Standard, as Budget Fiasco Threatens Research and Management   

FISH-NL Seeking Immediate Halt to All Fishing for Northern Cod Outside Stewardship Fishery  

Bristol Bay Catches Continue Up a Week After the Season’s Historical Peak

Alaska Fisheries Budget Fares Better Than Most

Congressmen Young and Van Drew Introduce Bipartisan Magnuson-Stevens Act Reauthorization

VIDEO: Maine's Lobster Bait Crisis; Sea Shepherd Petition; Prime Day; Protecting Right Whales  

Maine Gov. Mills Directs State to Present Alternative Plan to Protect Endangered Right Whales

Maine Delegation Sends Letter to Trump Regarding Impact of Whale Regulations on Lobster Industry  

Maine Lawmakers Send Another Request Seeking Relief for Lobster Industry Amidst Trade War with China  

ASPA Reinforces That Commercial Wild-Caught Shrimp from Gulf of Mexico is Safe to Eat  

Planted's Pea-based Chicken, a Meatless Alternative, Was Inspired by Hagfish Slime Summary Friday, July 12

Thu. Jul 11 2019

Bristol Bay Harvest Exceeds 26.1M Forecast; Naknek-Kvichak Catch Now at 6 Million Sockeye  

Maine Lobster Bait Crisis: Cooke Aquaculture Receives Approval for Blackbelly Rosefish  

Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery to Re-Open Off Texas on July 15  

Opinion: B.C. Still “Dragging its Feet” on Mine Safety. UFA Asks AK Delegation to "Lock it In."

California Congressman Announces Listening Tour for Magnuson-Stevens Reauthorization Bill

Russia Plans to Build At Least 30 New Crab Vessels in Coming Years Summary Thursday, July 11

Thai Union Awarded Asia's Best CEO, Best Investor Relations Company at Asia Excellence Awards

Veramaris CEO Looks at Next Steps After Opening of $200 Mln Omega-3 Algal Oil Facility in Nebraska  

Alaskans Own Delivers For a Decade  

Wed. Jul 10 2019 Summary Wednesday, July 10

Louisiana Lawmakers Ask Secretary Ross to Review Impacts to Louisiana's Fishery Resources  

Seafood Nutrition Partnership Receives 2-Year Funding Commitment From Walton Family Foundation

Fortune International Expands Reach into Gulf States with Acquisition of Jubilee Seafood

NMFS Rejects Sea Shepherd Petition to Ban Seafood Imports from New Zealand

Fish Catches, Prices, Sales by AK Region  

URNER BARRY: King Crab Imports on the Rise?  

Acoustic Tags Reveal Dungeness Crab Ranges; Research May Inform Management, Offshore Energy Siting  

China's Tilapia Industry Works to Build Domestic Market Under Trade War Shadow  

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New Study Reveals Benefits and Concerns of Phytoplankton In Coastal Areas

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] - February 13, 2018

Editor's Note: A new study conducted by the University of Reading reveals that coastal areas benefit from the nutritional value of phytoplankton. However, these same areas are vulnerable to environmental changes. Read more on the study, which was published in ISME Journal, below.

Ocean food resources are most volatile in areas which hold most of the world's marine resources, like fish, a new study has revealed.

The University of Reading study provides the first ever estimate of the nutritional value of ...

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