Fri. Jul 13 2018

Why the China Tariffs Matter to the Seafood Industry

Oregon Ports, Port Orford in Line for Army Corps of Engineers Work  

INTERVIEW: Cargill Aqua Nutrition Makes More Progress in Building a Sustainable Supply Chain  

When Will the China Tariffs Go Into Effect? Here’s What We Know

VIDEO: China Tariff; NFI Issues Statement; Buy Cod For Prime Day; Superstitions At Sea

Six Months of Joint Patrols Derails Illegal Fishing Activities in Tanzania

Chinese Make Their First Deep Water Salmon Aquaculture Installation  

Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance Issues Statement on Passage of H.R. 200

Oregon Seafood Commodity Commissions Get New Members

BAP-Certified Facilities Up 14.3% At Midway Mark

SeaShare Seeking Operations Manager to Support Organization Summary Friday, July 13

Thu. Jul 12 2018

Trump Threatens $275 Million Tax on US Sfd Consumers With $2.75 Billion Tariffs on Chinese Seafood   

House Passes HR 200 Allowing More Flexibility on Management Over NGO Objections

UW Take on Bristol Bay Season: Final Catch Could Fall Just Short of Their 33.5 Million Forecast

Chignik Salmon Crash Puts Aleutians East Borough and Bristol Bay Native Association in Tight Spot

Fish Prices for Alaska Show Mostly Increases in 2017

FAO Projects 20% Growth in Global Fish Production and Consumption by 2030

Louisiana Shrimpers Applaud Tariffs on Chinese Shrimp; Want Them Applied Across the Board  

Icelandic Whaler Accused of Killing Protected Blue Whale Summary Thursday, July 12

Wed. Jul 11 2018

NFI Issues Statement on Announcement of Tariffs on Chinese Seafood

Controversial Magnuson-Stevens Reauthorization Bill with 11 Amendments Goes to House Vote Today

Seafood Processors Educate Cabinet, Ak Congressional Delegation on Dire Situation of H2B Visas

Alaskan Seafood Going to More Countries  

Marine Harvest Attempting to Catch Antibiotic-Treated Salmon After Escapement  

Russian Ex-senator Alexander Verkhovsky Becomes Second Largest Fishery Quota Holder  

Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery Re-opens Off of Texas Sunday  

Krill Harvesters Get Behind Push for Massive Antarctic Marine Sanctuary  

Whole Foods Offering Discount on Icelandic Cod as Part of Amazon Prime Day

Australis Aquaculture Hires Mariners Pacific Seafood Veteran Mark Prater Summary Wednesday, July 11

Tue. Jul 10 2018

ANALYSIS: Growing Live King Crab Demand Continues Overseas; U.S. Market Inventories Thin  

Dungeness Season in Southeast Alaska Starts with a Bang: 3rd Highest First Week on Record  

Stock Market is Optimistic About Guolian's Prospects in China

FCC Urges Panel to Consider Socio-economic Factors for Marine Protected Areas Recommendations

Icewater Seafoods Receives Investment Support For Equipment Upgrades From Canadian Government  

Shetland Fish Products Bought Out By Norway's Pelagia AS Summary Tuesday, July 10

Mon. Jul 9 2018

Size of Bristol Bay Run Will Be in Upper Range of Forecast, Likely 50-55 Million Sockeye

Marine Harvest Completes Deal for Northern Sea Farms, After Quick Action by Competition Bureau  

Seafood News Podcast: July 4th Food By The Numbers, China Tariffs Update and More

CDFW Launches E-tix Commercial Landings System One Year Ahead of Mandatory Electronic Reporting  

Size of Bristol Bay Run Will Be in Upper Range of Forecast, Likely 50-55 Million Sockeye Summary Monday, July 9

Crabfest Returns to Red Lobster with New Stuffed Dishes  

Russian Fishery Company Sets Plan to Build New Crab Vessels in Russia to Utilize Quota  

Iceland Salmon Producer Arnarlax Suffers Net Pen Failure, Escapement  

Norwegian Salmon Importer Vikings Label Opening Land-Based Salmon Farm in Dubai  

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California's Immigrant-Owned Lusamerica Supplies Seafood Throughout Northern California

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Morgan Hill Times] Scott Forstner - October 4, 2017

More than 40 years ago, Ana Frederico, an unassuming entrepreneur, borrowed $1,000 from her parents. Her husband, Fernando Frederico, used it as seed money to start their own specialty foods importing business.

Fernando would purchase fish and other seafood, package it himself and deliver it to customers in the Central Valley three times a week. 

Neither of them knew it then, but they were onto something big—bigger than they could have ever imagined.

Today, the married couple are founders and owners of Lusamerica Fish, a full fledged fresh and frozen ...

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