Fri. Jun 11 2021

ANALYSIS: Crab Meat Market Still Climbing; Imports Down 8.5 Percent Through April  

Administration Pushes Offshore Wind Lease Sale in New York Bight

VIDEO: Crab Meat Market Climbing; GE Salmon Labeling Act; 2019 Marine Economy; Plant Based Trends  

ASPANS Voluntarily Withdraws MSC Snow Crab Certification in Gulf of St. Lawrence

Salmon Catches in N. Pacific at Lowest Levels in 40 years  

Businesses, Investors, and Foundations Join the Call for Permanent Protection of Bristol Bay

Eastern Oregon Couple on the Hook for $1,400 After Selling Dungeness Crab on Social Media

JAPAN: April Imports By Air Improve Notably, Volume Recovered The Level Two Years Ago  

Seafood Scotland Shares Success Story as Foodservice Eyes Salmon After U.S. Beef Supply Disruptions  

OmniFoods Launches Plant-based Seafood Line After Alternative Pork Success

Gathered Foods Joins Mission Blue Nonprofit Aimed at Ocean Conservation

DFO Announces Second Call for Proposals Under Ghost Gear Fund

Harry & David Launches Fine Meats Line Just in Time for Grilling Season

GSA Submits Application to SSCI for Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard Summary Friday, June 11

Thu. Jun 10 2021

ANALYSIS: Twice Frozen Haddock Demands Premium Over Single Frozen  

ANALYSIS: Ecuador Shrimp Producers Appear Committed to Value Adding  

American Seafoods Hires Chris Oliver as Regulatory Special Advisor

ANALYSIS: Indian Shrimp Share Values on the Up Despite Supply Concerns  

NOAA Selects OSU for Key Marine Research Institute

Norway Royal Salmon Confirms ISA Cases at Farming Site

Captain D’s Partners With CMX to Boost Quality, Safety Along Supply Chain

Russia’s Largest Producer of Deep-Sea Crabs Call on State Support  

Thai Union Invests in Aquaculture Health Platform Through Venture Fund

FDA Issues Closeout Letter to Neptunus Seafood Following 2020 Warning

Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act Passed By U.S. Senate

Milarex Taps Centric Software's PLM to Help Boost Efficiency as Company Grows

Poseidon Ocean Systems Opening Office in Chile Summary Thursday, June 10

Wed. Jun 9 2021

24 Million Pounds of Snow Crab Arrives in April and Disappears!  

REPORT: Marubeni Withdraws From North American Business, Sold Five Alaska Sites To Canfisco  

ANALYSIS: April Shrimp Imports Surge Led By Ecuador Growth  

Senator Murkowski Once Again Reintroduces Genetically Engineered Salmon Labeling Act  

Seafood Harvesters Pleased with ‘30x30’ Removal in Reintroduced Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act

NOAA: Blue Economy Grew Faster Than National Economy in 2019

Smilin’ Bob’s Recalls Smoked Fish Dip Due to Listeria Monocytogenes

Cultured Seafood Manufacturer Finless Foods Launches Plant-based Seafood Option Summary Wednesday, June 9

Tue. Jun 8 2021

Alaska Fishing Updates For June 2021  

June 8, World Oceans Day: Getting to Know the Blue of Our Blue Planet

Fish Alternatives Make Whole Foods Market’s First Ever Plant-Based Trend Predictions List

Seafood Industry Veteran Alfonso Paz-Andrade Passes Away At Age 80

Bumble Bee Releases Seafood Future Report; Displaying Sustainability Efforts on World Ocean Day

Friendly’s Gets Ready for Summer Time With Seafood Splash Menu

CFIA: Pair of Companies Recall Black Tiger Shrimp Due to Undeclared Sulphites  

DFO to Collaborate on Atlantic Salmon Migration Research  

Kvarøy Arctic Underwriting 2 Grants For World Central Kitchen’s Food Producer Network Summary Tuesday, June 8

Mon. Jun 7 2021

PODCAST: CBP Issues Import Ban; History Made at Peter Pan Seafoods and More

Surveys Back on Track in Alaska, Climate Data Already Coming In

ANALYSIS: Frozen Tuna Hit With Logistical Challenges, Constrained Supply and Firm Prices  

Salmon Harvest Set to be a Big One with Eager Markets, Pinks Surge at Norton Sound  

Public Comment Period Open on Proposal to Close Commercial Salmon Fishing in the Cook Inlet EEZ

Bristol Seafood Releases Seafood Singles Range; Adding More Retail Options Summary Monday, June 7

Commercial Red Snapper Season Opening Announced in South Atlantic Federal Waters  

DFO Highlights International Day for the Fight Against Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing

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Vietnam Emerged as Major Market for Indian Shrimp Exports in 2016

At the same time that India has become as major shrimp supplier to the US market, it has also stepped up exports to Vietnam with shipments in some months even surpassing those to the US. Last year Indian shrimp exports to Vietnamese and US markets increased 28 and 29 percent respectively and were the top two markets for Indian shippers. During India’s heavy harvest period last spring India’s shrimp exports to Vietnam were higher than exports to the US. Additionally, by December of last year, Indian shrimp exports to Vietnam and the US were about the same both in terms of volume and as a percentage of India’s overall exported market share. Vietnamese processors continue to report severe raw material shortages from domestic producers and higher dependence on imported materials. This is an indication that Vietnam will continue to buy foreign raw shrimp supplies so it can meet a goal to export $7.5 billion worth of seafood in 2017.

Vietnam loosened it soaking standards on pangasius fillets allowing for an 18 percent increase in moisture content. The new standard now requires only 14 percent of fish protein in treated pangasius fillets. This decision reverses an attempt by the Vietnamese government to cap soaking at 83 percent net weight. But this decree was staunchly opposed by some Vietnamese producers.

In other news, South Korea’s wild pollock population, considered near-extinct since the turn of the millennium, may be making a comeback. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said Thursday that a wild pollock was caught in eastern waters near Uljin, North Gyeongsang Province. Experts blame global warming along with overfishing for the decline of the pollack population in South Korea, which according to data accounted for 14.9 percent of Korea’s entire seafood market in 1942. Currently, approximately 90 percent of pollock consumed in Korea is imported from either Russia or Japan.

Meanwhile, some Chinese shrimp farmers in Guangxi, are restarting production early this season. Currently more than half of the farmers have stocked their seed. Farmers are reporting high success rates in shrimp farming and satisfactory profit margins in the first round of seed stocking from last year. The first round of shrimp supplies are expected to hit the Chinese market this May.

Finally, Alaska's House Fisheries Committee will assess a resolution sponsored by several House Representatives “urging the United States government to continue to work with the government of Canada to investigate the long-term, region-wide downstream effects of proposed and existing industrial development and to develop measures to ensure that state resources are not harmed by upstream development in B.C.” Chris Zimmer, Rivers Without Borders Alaska campaign director, said Alaskans are troubled by B.C.’s lack of enforcement of mining regulations. The problem is that Canadian mining operations that go out of business are not required to clean up their sites. This has created leakage from abandoned mine works and sludge ponds, which have been polluting Alaskan waterways for decades.

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