Fri. Feb 26 2021

ANALYSIS: Net Supply of Scallops Retreating Since 2018  

ISSF Report: 16 Tuna Stocks Fail to Meet MSC Sustainability Standard  

Maine Delegation Makes Plea to Biden to Protect Lobstermen from Proposed Right Whale Rules  

‘Deadliest Catch’ Stars Encourage People to Wear a Face Mask in New PSA

ASP and SPONL Now One Single Industry Association in Newfoundland and Labrador

Governor of Chiloé ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ by COVID-19 Measures in Salmon Processing Plant

NaturalShrimp Completes Successful Inspection by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Summary Friday, February 26

Thu. Feb 25 2021

Strong Start for Gulf of Mexico Shrimp in January; Texas Leads in Landings  

Overall Consumption of Wild Alaska Pollock Dipped in 2020, But GAPP Finds Bright Spots  

AquaBounty Provides Virtual Tour as They Prepare for First Harvest of AquAdvantage Salmon  

These Are the Top 15 Categories Seeing A Spike in Sales Thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic

SalMar to Enhance Focus on Offshore Fish Farming as Executive Shifts Roles  

Ocean Beauty Launches New Website After Merger to Form OBI Seafoods

High Liner Foods Reports Earnings Jump in Back-to-back Years

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Launches Satellite Program to Track IUU Fishing

O’Charley’s Introduces 2 New Seafood-centric Menu Items with ‘A Taste of the Sea’ Specials

Alaska Fish Radio: Young Fishermen’s Fellowship Program Calls For Mentors

Blue Star Foods to Keep Hayden IR as Investor Relations Consultant

NaturalShrimp Appoints CNBC Contributor Peter Najarian to Advisory Board

New $27M Ocean Supercluster Project to Create 138 New Jobs in Aquaculture Industry Summary Thursday, February 25

Wed. Feb 24 2021

Permanent Protection for Bristol Bay: Jay and Bella Hammond National Fisheries Area?

Alaska Fish Radio: Economic Study Will Assess Human Side of Pacific Halibut Fisheries  

USCG Announces Formal Investigation into Coastal Reign Capsizing off Oregon

NaturalShrimp Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Assets of Hydrenesis for $12.5M

New Wind Partnership Aims to Engage Maryland, East Coast Fishermen

Nueva Pescanova Embraces a New Future by Eliminating Almost All Inherited Debt

New Zealand King Salmon Financials for Last Half of 2020 Measure Impact of Pandemic

Plant-based Manufacturer Modern Meat Launches in IGA, Fresh St. Market Grocery Stores

Friend of the Sea Recertifies SAPMER's Indian Ocean Tuna Fishery  

JBS Showcasing New Seara Fish Product Line at Middle East Food Trade Show

Pan-Seared Shrimp is Back at Pancheros for a Limited Time  

Grupo Sahlman and its Companies Become Carbon Neutral Certified Summary Wednesday, February 24

Tue. Feb 23 2021

Scandies Rose Hearing Begins With Moment of Silence for Victims, then Mayday Call

ANALYSIS: Lobster Prices Firm as Industry Faces Supply Shortage  

Maine Gov. Janet Mills Warns Draft Right Whale Biological Opinion Will be Devastating For Lobstermen    

Thai Union Nets Record Profit as Sales Jump During Pandemic

OSU, USFS Scientists use eDNA to Track Salmon, Trout Diversity

Bakkafrost Reports Challenges in Scottish Operations in Q4 Results  

New Zealand’s Sanford To Pay Fine; Forfeit $20 Million Vessel Following Fishing in Restricted Area

Kvarøy Arctic Donates Over 17,000 Pounds of Salmon to Rethink Food  

Canadian Government Launches First in Fleet of Fishery Surveillance, Conservation Aircraft

Study Finds Strong Currents off Nantucket Prevent Development of Biologically Diverse Communities Summary Tuesday, February 23

Mon. Feb 22 2021

ANALYSIS: Crab Meat Prices Continue to Rise Amid Low Inventories  

ANALYSIS: Pangasius Imports Gain 10 Million Pounds in 2020  

Toyosu Market's January Imported Tuna Sales Down 49.2%  

Bristol Seafood Launches Grab & Go Range of Retail Products  

Russia to Develop Fish Processing to Reduce Dependence from China  

F/V Scandies Rose Hearing Begins Today After Getting Postponed Due to Pandemic

Four Charged with Smuggling Mislabeled Catfish Into the U.S.  

Aaron’s Gourmet Smoked Fish Issues Recall Due to Lack of Licensure, Regulatory Oversight Summary Monday, February 22

UK Government Expands Seafood Response Fund Following Post-Brexit Export Troubles

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MPEDA Tells Indian Shrimp Producers to Tighten Up Antibiotic Use in Response to EU Crackdown

India's Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) told the country's shrimp producers to stop using illegal antibiotics in their operations and asked the industry to begin internal testing of their products for residues. This is part of a response to the EU's decision to inspect at least 50 percent of India's imported shrimp and seafood for illegal antibiotics after a recent wave shipments tested positive for banned substances. MPEDA also plans to meet with EU food inspection authorities to show them how the Indian shrimp industry plans to eliminate the use of antibiotics in shrimp bound for the EU market. “We are going to prepare a detailed statement and give it to the European Authority when they come for discussion. It will contain all the steps we have taken and what we intend to take. There is a meeting scheduled in November in Kochi,” said A Jayathilak, chairman of MPEDA. “Secondly, we are intensifying the testing norms to find out what went wrong and where the problem lies.”

Oregon's Dungeness crab fishery did its part in 2016 to reverse a sharp decline in the state's overall fishery value in 2015, which was reported last week in NOAA's annual Fisheries of the US report. The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission said the latest federal data was a lagging indicator and that Oregon's Dungeness crab fishery values bounced back in a big way in 2016. Landings were up 70 percent and the fishery posted a record value over $51 million this year. This was a welcome bright spot for the Dungeness crab industry that missed its key holiday sales period this past season since fishing was delayed about three months because of high levels of toxic domoic acid. So far, the industry remains optimistic that fishing will start on time this season on December 1.

In other news, EU and Canadian officials signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on Sunday. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed the pact; he was joined by Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council; Prime Minister Robert Fico of Slovakia, which holds the rotating presidency of the body that runs the bloc’s ministerial meetings; and Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission. The deal is expected to benefit Canada's seafood industry since it will remove tariffs on many seafood items exported to EU markets.

Meanwhile, Peggy Parker writes of the results from a workshop intended to improve both the sustainability and economic viability of the West Coast groundfish trawl fleet from Alaska to California. More than 75 fishermen and managers participated in the workshop, which was held in July and was hosted by the Environmental Defense Fund, Oregon Trawl Commission, NOAA's Saltonstall-Kennedy Program, Foulweather Trawl, Santa Monica Seafood and Sea Pact.

Finally, Vietnam will soon be able to import seafood tariff-free from China and other markets across Asia now that the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement has been ratified. Reports estimate the value of Vietnam's seafood imports with China at around $45 million. Vietnam has had to import more shrimp raw materials from China and other Asian markets since its domestic production in the Mekong Delta was hit hard from prolonged drought.

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