Thu. May 23 2024

First Seasonal Grid Closure For Gulf of St. Lawrence; First Temporary Closure For Bay of Fundy  

Rep. Peltola Introduces Bottom Trawl Clarity Act to Mixed Reviews, Also Bill on Bycatch Reduction

Norway’s Directorate of Fisheries Extends Recapture Fishing After May Escapement At Lerøy

Dead North Atlantic Right Whale Spotted Off Southwestern Nova Scotia

China’s Is Introducing Delivery In As Fast As 9 Minutes

Georgia’s Commercial Oyster Season Set To Close As Warmer Waters Bring Risk of Bacteria  

Commerce Makes Preliminary Determination in AD Investigation Into Shrimp From Ecuador, Indonesia Summary Thursday, May 23

Wed. May 22 2024

ANALYSIS: Copper River Salmon Season Opens with Strong Sockeye Landings and Lower Initial Pricing  

High Liner Invests $10 Million Into Andfjord Salmon For 4.5% Share Ownership  

Remember the Good Times: Red Lobster Encourages Customers To Stick With Them Through Bankruptcy

Additional Gulf of St. Lawrence Grid Closures Named As Snow Crab Harvesters Land 95% of Quota  

The Retail Rundown: Ads Centered on Get Grillin’ Themes

Legal Sea Foods Heralds First Wild Copper River Salmon for Boston Area Restaurants  

Russia Plans to Significantly Increase its Halibut Catch Within Next Several Years Summary Wednesday, May 22

Tue. May 21 2024

Red Lobster Bankruptcy: Thai Union’s Role In Endless Shrimp-Gate Being Investigated  

Nostalgia: The Genius Way Tuna Companies Are Trying To Win Back Millennials  

Irvington Seafood Issues Recall For Crabmeat Potentially Contaminated With Listeria Monocytogenes  

Wanda Fish Unveils Its First Cell-Cultivated Bluefin Tuna Toro Sashimi Summary Tuesday, May 21

Mon. May 20 2024

Everything We Know About Red Lobster’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing

Catches Are Up in the Copper River; Cordova’s Fleet Gets A Second 12-Hour Opener Today  

Secretary Gina Raimondo Announces Disaster Determination for Bering Sea Snow Crab — Money to Follow  

ANALYSIS: Mid-May Snow Crab Market Update  

Bristol Bay Groups File Motion to Intervene in Pebble’s Challenge to EPA’s Decision

Sea Harvest CEO Issues Statement After Vessel Sinks With 11 Presumed Dead

Russia Continues to Increase Crab Exports to Asia Pacific Region Summary Monday, May 20

Fri. May 17 2024

LISTEN: TAGeX CEO Neal Sherman Talks Media Attention Surrounding Red Lobster Liquidation And More

Silver Bay Seafoods, Channel Fish and More Win Latest USDA Seafood Purchase Requests  

ANALYSIS: Tilapia Market Troubles – Supply Shortages and Supply Chain Disruptions  

North Atlantic Right Whale Calf Presumed Dead; Fourth Calf of 2024 Calving Season To Be Missing

Conveyor Belt Sushi Market Increased by 8% in 2023, 5.5% Increase Projected For 2024

Japan: March Surimi Products Output Fell 5.2% to 36,547 Tons, Household Spending up 2.9%  

Prince William Sound Citizens’ Council Remains Committed to its Mission Summary Friday, May 17

Thu. May 16 2024 Summary Thursday, May 16

PANOS Brands Acquires Smoked Salmon Producer The Santa Barbara Smokehouse  

Pioneering Hi-Tech Crabber “North American” Sinks Near Seattle’s Ballard Bridge

NL Snow Crab Drama Continues With Talks Of Plant Worker Strikes  

Cooke Accused of Violating American Fisheries Act and Jones Act

Russia Confirms Plans to Increase Volume of Krill Catch This Year  

VIDEO: Red Lobster Closures; Gulf of St. Lawrence Grid Closures; New Atlantic Sapphire CEO  

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Today's Main Story: Alaska's $10 Million Cut to its Fisheries Budget Expected to Ripple Across the Commercial Industry 

The $10 million cut to Alaska's fishery budget for the 2017 fiscal year is expected to have widespread ramifications for the state's commercial industry.  Last year's budget cuts resulted in 109 fishery projects getting axed. Now another 65 are on the cut list for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1. The slimmer budget means resources are more limited for fishery stock surveys and scientific research in addition to other fishery management needs.  “With cuts of that magnitude, everything is on the table,” said Scott Kelley, director of the Commercial Fisheries Division at the Dept. of Fish and Game.

We run an opinion piece from D.B. Pleschner, the Executive Director of the California Wefish Produers, that points to the recent scientific evidence that suggests West Coast sardine stocks are actually rebuilding. Pleschner writes how recent recruitment reports show the fishery's young fish stocks are trending very close to how they looked prior to the 2007 population peak.  She also discusses how these scientific findings have gained little attention from the media and NGOS, who have instead blamed overfishing and lack of management for the stock's declines. 

In other news, China added lobster, crab and coldwater shrimp imports to a list of E-commerce items that are eligible for expedited cross-border clearance and lower taxes. The list an effort by China to reduce the cross-border tax paid by consumers, and to close a loophole that allowed parcel shipments to avoid taxes when resold, for instance, when they are imported by wholesalers.

Vietnam expects a 12 percent hike in exported shrimp revenues to push its overall earnings in seafood shipments past $7 billion this year. Shrimp is on track to account for about half of this year's earnings.

Finally, Vinh Hoan will debut a line of untreated, premium pangasius fillets to the market at its booth number 5-553 during the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels this week. “People today want more natural food options with minimal processing and our untreated Premium Pangasius fillets provide that along with a delicious dining experience,” said Nguyen Ngo Vi Tam, Vinh Hoan Sales and Marketing Director. “With Vinh Hoan’s long-established commitment to sustainable practices, it just makes sense we would lead the way with this untreated option.” 

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