Wed. Sep 27 2023

The Retail Rundown: Pork and Seafood Share the Spotlight Next Month

What the Potential Government Shutdown May Mean for Agricultural Price Reporting

Russian Government Tightens Pressure on Domestic Fisheries Sector  

Cultivated Protein Firm UPSIDE Foods Chooses Chicago as Home for Commercial-Scale Plant

Uber Eats and The Fresh Market Partner for On-Demand Grocery Delivery Summary Wednesday, September 27

Tue. Sep 26 2023

Oregon, Washington Again Face Incongruent Columbia River Salmon Gillnet Management

Everything You Need To Know About Alaska’s Red King Crab Fishery In 2024  

VARPE Proposes Developing Pollock Roe Market in China  

The trū Shrimp Companies Names Brian Knochenmus President and CEO

Iceland Seafood International Names Ægir Páll Friðbertsson As New CEO

Southern Shrimp Alliance Sends Letter to Encourage Inclusion of Seafood Under USDA Programs

China Fisheries & Seafood Expo Prepared To Return To Qingdao Next Month

Island Fin Poké Co. Offers IncrediBOWL Deal on International Poké Day: BOGO 50% Off

Win Endless Shrimp for a Year at Red Lobster with the Limited-Time Scratch & Sea Game Summary Tuesday, September 26

Mon. Sep 25 2023

PODCAST: Alaska King Crab Update; The Caviar Co. Partners With Pringles; And More!

California Spiny Lobster Delayed in Portions of Los Angeles and Orange Counties Due to Domoic Acid

Celebrate National Lobster Day with Maine's Iconic Fishery  

Holland America Line Names Chef Masaharu Morimoto As Its 'Fresh Fish Ambassador'

Norway Shares Satellite Program With Over 60 Countries to Stop Illegal Fishing Globally Summary Monday, September 25

Fri. Sep 22 2023

Red Lobster Promotes Horace Dawson to CEO Following Kelli Valade’s 2022 Departure

ANALYSIS: Wild Salmon Week in Review September 10-16  

Japan: 2022 Surimi Product Output Fell 3% to 470,000 Tons  

6th Bristol Bay Wild Salmon Celebration Makes a Big Splash in Washington D.C. Summary Friday, September 22

Thu. Sep 21 2023

VIDEO: High Liner's Interim CEO; NARW Funding; Pringles & Caviar

NFI, Seafood Producers Draft Sign On Letter Highlighting Priorities For 2023 Farm Bill

Seattle Sports Executives to Discuss Seafood’s Opportunity in Entertainment Venues at GAPP Meeting  

CDC Issues Health Advisory on Vibrio Infections Moving North in Warming Waters Summary Thursday, September 21

WPRFMC, American Samoa Leaders Frustrated by Fishery Management Through Sanctuaries and Monuments

Norcod Granted New Production Site in Nordland County

Wed. Sep 20 2023

ADF&G’s Three-River Index Lowest on Record, Pollock Fleet’s Chinook Allocation Unchanged Summary Wednesday, September 20

Arctic Fish Gives Update On August 2023 Salmon Escapement  

AquaMaof Promotes Eli Amar to CEO

The Caviar Co. Teams Up With Pringles After Unique Pairing Goes Viral on TikTok

The Chinese Fishing Industry: A Global Threat To Fishing Resources That Must Be Contained

Notice Issued on Outbreak of Suspected Botulism in Bordeaux, France Linked to Sardines  

The Retail Rundown: Fall-ing into Seasonal Trends

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Today's Main Story: Alaska's $10 Million Cut to its Fisheries Budget Expected to Ripple Across the Commercial Industry 

The $10 million cut to Alaska's fishery budget for the 2017 fiscal year is expected to have widespread ramifications for the state's commercial industry.  Last year's budget cuts resulted in 109 fishery projects getting axed. Now another 65 are on the cut list for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1. The slimmer budget means resources are more limited for fishery stock surveys and scientific research in addition to other fishery management needs.  “With cuts of that magnitude, everything is on the table,” said Scott Kelley, director of the Commercial Fisheries Division at the Dept. of Fish and Game.

We run an opinion piece from D.B. Pleschner, the Executive Director of the California Wefish Produers, that points to the recent scientific evidence that suggests West Coast sardine stocks are actually rebuilding. Pleschner writes how recent recruitment reports show the fishery's young fish stocks are trending very close to how they looked prior to the 2007 population peak.  She also discusses how these scientific findings have gained little attention from the media and NGOS, who have instead blamed overfishing and lack of management for the stock's declines. 

In other news, China added lobster, crab and coldwater shrimp imports to a list of E-commerce items that are eligible for expedited cross-border clearance and lower taxes. The list an effort by China to reduce the cross-border tax paid by consumers, and to close a loophole that allowed parcel shipments to avoid taxes when resold, for instance, when they are imported by wholesalers.

Vietnam expects a 12 percent hike in exported shrimp revenues to push its overall earnings in seafood shipments past $7 billion this year. Shrimp is on track to account for about half of this year's earnings.

Finally, Vinh Hoan will debut a line of untreated, premium pangasius fillets to the market at its booth number 5-553 during the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels this week. “People today want more natural food options with minimal processing and our untreated Premium Pangasius fillets provide that along with a delicious dining experience,” said Nguyen Ngo Vi Tam, Vinh Hoan Sales and Marketing Director. “With Vinh Hoan’s long-established commitment to sustainable practices, it just makes sense we would lead the way with this untreated option.” 

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