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West Coast Groundfish Survey Reveals Gloomy Economic Outlook for 2024

Positively Groundfish, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sustainable and economic success of the West Coast groundfish fishery, recently released the findings of its annual Economic Outlook Survey. The survey, conducted with industry participants, indicates a growing sense of economic concern and pessimism among leaders in the groundfish industry as they look ahead to the coming year, according to Positively Groundfish.

Key takeaways from the survey results include:

1. We see accelerating pessimism across the industry, with 55% expecting a worse year ...

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USDA to Buy Groundfish, Pacific Seafood and Salmon Products in Massive Solicitation Notice

The U.S. Department of Agriculture posted a 100-page long request for proposals to sell various seafood products, including salmon, Atlantic pollock, Pacific groundfish, to name a few.

The solicitation said the seafood would be used in the National School Lunch Program and other Federal Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs. Acceptances will be announced by midnight, July 10, 2023. Deliveries are to be made between August 1, 2023 through January 30, 2024.

The USDA is eyeing to purchase 3.67 million pounds of frozen wild salmon fillets...

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Blue Harvest Suspends Operations at Processing Plant in New Bedford to Focus on Modernizing Fleet

Blue Harvest Fisheries, Friday, March 24, 2023, Press release pictureOn Friday Blue Harvest Fisheries announced a “strategy shift” for their groundfish operations that involves temporarily suspending operations at their processing plant in New Bedford. 

Blue Harvest holds most of its quota in the haddock, redfish and Atlantic pollock fisheries. The company had expanded their activity in the groundfish fishery in 2020 through the purchase of 12 vessels and 27 fishing permits that had been held by “Codfather” Carlos Rafael, who in 2017 was sentenced to 46 months in prison after pleading guilty to...

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USDA Awards Canned Salmon, East Coast Groundfish Contracts

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) purchased just shy of $29 million worth of groundfish products and about $4.5 million worth of canned pink salmon products for use in child nutrition and other related domestic food assistance programs for Fiscal Year 2023.

Here is a quick breakdown of the total purchases of groundfish products:

The USDA bought 49,500 cases of frozen Atlantic pollock fillets for roughly $12.7 million; It also purchased 18,900 cases of frozen haddock fillets for $6.7 million and 35,100 cases of frozen ocean perch...

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VIDEO: Blue Harvest Strategy Shift; Norway Salmon Tax; NL Snow Crab Price Negotiations 

Join SeafoodNews Managing Editor Amanda Buckle as she breaks down the top read stories of the week, including Blue Harvest Fisheries' strategy shift; an update on the Norwegian salmon tax; and snow crab price negotiations in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

This episode of the SeafoodNews Weekly Video is brought to you by Urner Barry's Data on Demand! Transform your data challenges into valuable business opportunities with real-time commodity market information, seamlessly integrated directly into your company's systems. Urner Barry's data licensing solutions, including...

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Fishermen and Scientists Unite to Restore Fishing Opportunities, Protect Corals off S. California

Non-trawl groundfish fishermen will see increased opportunity in the next few years after the Pacific Fishery Management Council approved the changes at its March meeting. In California, the move will also reopen more than 4,500 square miles of Southern California waters to while also permanently protecting the most fragile and diverse deep sea coral areas within the region.

The effort to change the fishing regulations, particularly in Southern California, is the result of a unique collaboration of recreational and commercial fishermen, the conservation group Oceana and ...

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