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NOAA Files Final Rule Implementing Amendment 23, Changes to At-Sea Monitoring

On Thursday NOAA Fisheries filed a final rule implementing Amendment 23 to the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan. Amendment 23.

For those not familiar with Amendment 23, the purpose of it is to “improve the reliability and accountability of catch reporting in the commercial groundfish fishery.” Of course accurate catch data – whether it be landings or discards – is important to prevent overfishing. Amendment 23 was approved in April 2022, and now the final rule contains the regulations necessary to implement the approved measures...

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NOAA Revises 2022 At-Sea Monitoring Coverage Target For Groundfish Sector Fishery

On Tuesday NOAA Fisheries released an update on at-sea monitoring coverage for the groundfish sector for the remainder of the 2022 fishing year, which runs through April 30, 2023. According to the revision, sectors will be required to have human at-sea monitors on 80% of all vessel trips subject to the groundfish sector monitoring program. 

NOAA had previously announced in December 2021 that the total target at-sea monitoring overall level would be at 99%. The agency said at the time that they considered a...

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Blue Harvest Fisheries Responds to Antitrust Questions Raised in ProPublica Report

Blue Harvest Fisheries responded to a report produced by ProPublica and the New Bedford Light which discussed potential antitrust issues in the New England groundfish industry.

“In light of these questions, Blue Harvest Fisheries reiterates that it complies with all federal regulations in operating its groundfish fleet, including rules regarding fleet consolidation and foreign investment,” the company wrote in an October 10 statement.

The company said it actively manages its quota and follows all federal regulations. Blue Harvest said it follows limits...

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OSU Research Suggests Pacific Hake Skin has Properties to Prevent Wrinkles

For those who didn't like fish before, here's a new reason to like Pacific whiting: It may ease those old-age wrinkles.

The gelatin in the skin of Pacific whiting may help prevent skin wrinkling caused by ultraviolet radiation, according to a new Oregon State University study that was also funded by Pacific Seafood. Pacific whiting is caught in large volumes in the United States but consumers have little familiarity with the mild, white meat fish also known as hake, according to an OSU press ...

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How U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Could Potentially Impact the Seafood Industry

On Thursday Russia invaded Ukraine, leading the U.S. Treasury to announce “unprecedented and expansive sanctions against Russia.” The goal of these sanctions is to impose swift and severe economic costs on the Russian economy and financial system—both immediate and in the long-term. 

“Treasury is taking serious and unprecedented action to deliver swift and severe consequences to the Kremlin and significantly impair their ability to use the Russian economy and financial system to further their malign activity,” said Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen...

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Oregon Trawl Commission Recognized as Ocean Sustainability Champion

The Marine Stewardship Council last week awarded Oregon Trawl Commission a 2022 MSC U.S. Ocean Champion Award for its continued dedication to seafood sustainability and ocean health. Oregon Trawl Commission Executive Director Yelena Nowak accepted the award in a small ceremony at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center in Newport, Ore., presented by MSC Fisheries Outreach Manager, Erin Murray.

The Oregon Trawl Commission coordinates the certification of three MSC-certified fisheries, including the state-managed U.S. West Coast pink (coldwater) shrimp, and two federally-managed fisheries, the U.S. West Coast groundfish ...

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Pacific Whiting Achieves RFM Certification, Extending Certification Standard Beyond Alaska

The Pacific whiting fishery is making strides in increasing its global reach: It's now the first fishery outside of Alaska to be certified to the Responsible Fisheries Management standard.

The midwater trawl whiting fishery covers the U.S. EEZ off the West Coast and includes both tribal and non-tribal fisheries. The Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative led the effort and collaborated with all sectors to gain RFM certification. Products containing Pacific whiting harvested from January 10, 2022, forward, are now eligible to be sold with the RFM eco-label. MRAG ...

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The Winding Glass: Seafood Price Volatility Looms as Russian Bank Sanctions Hit Crab, Groundfish

[The Winding Glass is the opinion and commentary column from John Sackton, Founder of SeafoodNews]

This was the March we were supposed to get back to normal. The pandemic is receding. Demand for seafood is high, and prices for crab and lobster are at record levels and groundfish prices are strong.

Before last week, the most pressing issue for the crab industry was how to negotiate a smooth climb down from the historically high prices, which have stifled customer demand and led to growing inventories...

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The Winding Glass: Anti-Russia Sanctions Could Hit Crab, Groundfish With Price Volatility

[The Winding Glass is the opinion and commentary column by John Sackton, Founder of SeafoodNews]

This morning Russia mounted a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, dashing any lingering hopes of a smaller scale more contained event.

In the build-up to this conflict, the U.S. has managed to forge a stronger united front with Western Europe than most expected. Germany’s decision to suspend the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline, which will lead to sharply higher energy prices in Europe and elsewhere, is a measure of how seriously the...

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