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Red Lobster Has a "Secret Menu" During Their Endless Shrimp Promotion

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Amanda Buckle September 13, 2017

The Endless Shrimp promotion is back at Red Lobster – but with a twist. The seafood restaurant chain has a “secret menu” for customers to order off of.

The 2017 Endless Shrimp campaign has a total of five flavors and preparations to choose from, including two new additions to the menu – Nashville Hot Shrimp and Mediterranean Shrimp. However, there are actually five more dishes that the restaurant is not promoting.

So, how do you order these “secret” menu items? You simply need to ...


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Red Lobster's 2017 Endless Shrimp Promotion Begins With 2 New Offerings

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] September 6, 2017

Shrimp lovers will want to flock to Red Lobster. The restaurant chain is bringing back their annual “Endless Shrimp” promotion for a limited time, giving customers the opportunity to “mix and match their shrimp selections.”

“This year, Red Lobster is giving guests the most abundant and generous portions on their initial order, making it the best Endless Shrimp experience yet,” Chef Dustin Hilinski, executive chef and director of culinary at Red Lobster, said in a statement. “And this year’s new flavors are ...

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Crabfest Back at Red Lobster with More Non-Snow Crab Offerings: Dungeness and Southern Red Crab

 SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafod News] July 11, 2017

 Crabfest®, is back at Red Lobster®! For a limited time Red Lobster is inviting guests to explore the restaurant's largest variety of wild-caught crab it offers all year, including two new types of crab – Dungeness and Southern King.

Red Lobster says diners can dive into its new "NEW! Dueling Crab Legs™" – a pairing of Pacific Northwest Dungeness and sweet Snow crab legs, or they can try the "NEW! Southern King Crab Leg ...

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Thai Union Credits Red Lobster Investment for 19% Hike in Profits with Q1 Sales Steady

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] May 10, 2017

Thai Union Group said sales contributions from Red Lobster helped offset higher raw material prices for tuna and shrimp as the company posted a rise in net profits for the first quarter.

Thai Union reported a 19.3 percent increase in first-quarter profits. The company’s sales were up marginally, less than one percent.

Sales contributions from Thai Union’s frozen and chilled seafood business were up 5.6 percent over the same period last year, despite continued sluggish demand in Europe. In addition, PetCare and value-added product sales grew 17.4 percent year-over-year due to new product launches and continued market penetration improvement...

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Red Lobster Adds Maine Lobster Items to Limited Time Lunch Menu for Lobsterfest 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] - March 6, 2017

Red Lobster is expanding its Lobsterfest promotion to its lunch menu with the addition of a Maine lobster roll among other lunchtime offerings that feature lobster.

The national seafood chain’s Lobster Lover's Lunch will, for a limited-time, offer customers a Lobster Roll with French Fries, Lobster-Topped Caesar Salad or one-half Lobster and Langostino Pizza paired with guests' choice of a side salad or cup of soup for $9.99. 

The Lobster Roll features sweet Maine lobster meat tossed in lemon aioli on a toasted roll. The Lobster-Topped Caesar Salad is another exclusive item on the Lobster Lover's Lunch that pairs Red Lobster's Classic Caesar Salad with Maine lobster meat...

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Thai Union Secures $694 Million in Investment Funds in Strong Support of Red Lobster Deal

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - January 23, 2017

Thai Union Public Group secured $694 million in funding in a sign of strong investor and banking sector support of its recent investment in Red Lobster.

The company said it successfully completed a book building for 12 million Thai Baht (US$339 million) in long term funding. Thai Union said it was the largest number of debentures ever issued by the compabny. The issuance included 3 year, 5 year, 7 year and 10 year bonds. 

Bangkok Bank PCL, Bank of Ayudhya PCL, and Siam Commercial Bank PCL were Lead Managers...

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Red Lobster Includes Wild Caught Red Shrimp in Limited Time Shrimp Promotion to Start New Year

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] January 3, 2017

Red Lobster launched its Big Festival of Shrimp promotion for a limited-time. The promotion offers guests to choose from among six new and classic shrimp preparations for just $15.99, including the chain's recently launched wild caught red shrimp from Argentina. 

Starting this week guests will be able to choose two of Red Lobster's existing shrimp recipes in addition to preparations that were just announced. The new menu options include Creamy Shrimp-and-Cheese Linguini; Bourbon-Brown Sugar Grilled Shrimp...

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Red Lobster Offering Free Seafood Appetizers to US Military Members on Veterans Day

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] November 1, 2016

Red Lobster is offering a free appetizer or dessert on Thursday, November 10 and Friday, November 11 to US military veterans in honor of Veterans Day.

The offer means guests will be able to get a free shrimp or lobster appetizer among other offerings.

Guests only need to show a valid military ID or proof of service to redeem the offer.

Following is a complete list of the menus items that are part of the deal...

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Thai Union’s Stake in Red Lobster Remains Strong in Second Quarter

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Amanda Buckle August 7, 2017

Thai Union, the world’s largest canned tuna producer, is benefitting from the 2016 deal in which they bought a stake in restaurant chain Red Lobster. The seafood chain brought in 235 million baht to the net profit in the second quarter, which translates to over $7 million in US dollars.

“Our strategic investment in Red Lobster and effort in cost control continue to deliver positive results,” said Thai Union Group CEO Thiraphong Chansiri...

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Red Lobster Promoting Wild Caught Red Shrimp on Summerfest Menu

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] May 31, 2017

Red Lobster is featuring six new dishes on its menu as part of its Lobster & Shrimp Summerfest promotion, including wild- caught red shrimp from Argentina.

The annual event sees Red Lobster feature unique, seasonally inspired lobster and shrimp dishes on its menu. This summer the promotional event will take advantage of the wild-caught red shrimp the chain introduced on its menu last fall. It was the first time in years Red Lobster started featuring a wild caught shrimp item...

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Red Lobster Brings in New Crab Cake Item as Part of Current Promotion

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] - May 2, 2017

Red Lobster announced a new crab cake item, Southern Style Crab Cakes, as part of its Create Your Own Seafood Trio® event.   The current promotion features nine dishes, of which five a new to the chain's menu.  Beginning today and for a limited time, guests can build their perfect plate by choosing from three of nine delicious selections for only $15.99.

This year's Create Your Own Seafood Trio selections include:

Pasta Specialties: NEW! Lobster Cavatappi, Shrimp Linguini Alfredo, Grilled Chicken Alfredo

Classic Favorites: NEW! Southern-Style Crab Cakes, Hand-Breaded Shrimp, Garlic Shrimp Scampi

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Red Lobster Brings Back Lobsterfest With Four New Combo Entrees

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] February 6, 2017

Red Lobster announced the return of its annual Lobsterfest promotion with several new menu options that pair lobster with other seafood items.

This year’s promotion is featuring a Lobster Mix and Match selection that lets customers choose any two lobster tails from four choices to create their own entrée – Creamy Shrimp-Topped Lobster Tail, Seafood-Stuffed Lobster Tail, Steamed Maine Lobster Tail, or Grilled Maine Lobster Tail.

The Mix and Match offer is just one of four entrées Red Lobster has rolled out for its annual Losterfest promotion. This year the national chain is pairing its lobster with other seafood and protein options. The entrée include: Wood-Grilled Lobster and Red Shrimp; Stuffed Tilapia with Langostino Lobster and its Lobsterfest® Surf & Turf...

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PODCAST: West Coast's Dungeness Fishermen Go on Strike

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Red Lobster Launches Wild Caught Red Shrimp to Menu for First Time Ever

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - November 15, 2016

For the first time in many years Red Lobster is promoting wild-caught red Argentine shrimp on its menu.

The restaurant chain’s holiday season menu will be featuring wild caught red shrimp from Argentina in addition to its traditional offerings of imported, farmed raised shrimp from Asian suppliers.

The company will offer the red shrimp paired with lobster in a Wild Caught Lobster and Shrimp Trio.

"This time of year sparks an appetite to indulge, treat yourself

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