Tue. May 24 2016

Murkowski Mandates Labels on GE Salmon, Supports AK Fisheries in Appropriations Bill Before Senate  

Univ. of Washington Wants to Test Lingcod Fishing in Closed Pacific Waters to Help Rockfish Stocks

Trident's Akutan Pollock Processing Plant to be Featured on Science Channel this Week

Multiexport Foods Gets Chilean Salmon Farming Operation Four-Star BAP Certified

Quirch Foods, Chefs Trading and Mexico's PESMAR Join Mexican Grouper FIP

Rich Products Joins NFI's Crab Council

Seafood.com News Summary Tuesday May 24, 2016

Mon. May 23 2016

New Brunswick's Westmorland Fisheries Invests $10 Million for Lobster Processing

Alaska's Yukon Chinook Salmon Are Arriving Early This Year

Oregon's Dungeness Crab Catch Up 70% from Last Season to 14 Million Lbs; Average Prices Also Higher  

Competing Proteins: Red Meat Values Up Overall Last Week, While Poultry and Eggs Slide

Seattle Fish Hires Hamish Walker as Director of Purchasing

Wild Seafood Benefitting from Consumers Demanding More Nutritional, Naturally Produced Food   (1)

Ocean Premier Acquires All Assests to Canada's Toppits Foods

Oceans Brand Commits to FAD-Free Tuna and MSC-Certified Salmon

Seafood.com News Summary Monday May 23, 2016

Fri. May 20 2016

Aquabounty Wins Approval to Sell GMO salmon in Canada

Last Portion of California's Northern Dungeness Crab Fishery Opens for Commercial Harvesting  

Chilean Farmed Salmon Production in Chiloe Resumes as Deal Ends Strikes  

NGOs Petition Feds to Close California Swordfish Drift Gillnetting to Protect Sea Turtles

Online Food Retailer Green PolkaDot Box Buys Wild-Caught Seafood Producer Day Boat Seafood

Maine Economic Development Agency Makes Grants to GMRI and to Start Maine Scallop Aquaculture

Hooters Featuring $10 Crab, Shrimp and Fish Options on Summer Season Menu

Seafood.com News Summary Friday May 20, 2016

Thu. May 19 2016

Salmon Production in Chiloe Expected to Resume Soon as Chile Nears Deal with Protestors  

Two Earthquakes Strike Western Ecuador Close to Last Month's Epicenter; Damage Not Severe

MPEDA sets Plan to Start Hatchery, Expand Tilapia Production in India  

Alaskan Leader's Catch-Processor Northern Leader to be Featured on Discovery Channel Canada

Long John's to Feature Alaskan Cod Sandwich for Limited Time this Summer

Iceland's Samherji Names Jon Rafn Ragnarsson CFO

US Seafood Imports from Malaysia at Virtual Stand Still After FDA Warnings  

Sea Delight Canada Recalls Tuna Steaks for Elevated Histamine Levels

Arctic Fish's Rainbow Trout Farm is Iceland's First Aquaculture Operation to Get ASC Certification

Seafood.com News Summary Thursday May 19, 2016

Wed. May 18 2016

Slade Gorton Sells Minority Stake to Iceland's Samherji in Strategic Distribution Deal

Hanwa Has Difficult Year in 2015, But Saw Increases in Crab and Shrimp Volume

Seafreeze Testimony on the Hill Shows Dangers to Stakeholders of Rush to National Ocean Policy

2016 Copper River Season Opens with 25,000 Sockeye Landed  

NFI Supports Full Global Enforcement of Port State Measures Pact

NFI's Revamped Website Emphasizes Latest Advocacy Work

Seafood.com News Summary Wednesday May 18, 2016

Tue. May 17 2016

Seafood.com News Summary Tuesday May 17, 2016

Joe's Crab Shack Parent Ignite Post Dip in Q1 Sales

Daniel Pauly Project Claims New Zealand's Quota Management System is Flawed

Weather Cuts Shrimp Pond Stocking 20% to 30% in China; Promotes Disease; Prices of Small Shrimp Fall  

Port State Measures Treaty Enters into Force with Required Number of Signatures

First Copper River Salmon Arrives in Seattle This Morning After Strong Opening  

Clearwater Posts Record Q1 Sales from Improved Canadian Scallop Harvest and Macduff Acquisition  

Chinese Inspectors Clear First Shipment of Scallop Broodstock to Canadian Producers   (1) 

PEI Lobster Season Looking Weaker Than Last Year; Landings Hampered by Wind, Cold  

Copper River Seafoods to Sell Fresh Sockeye Salmon with "Bristol Bay" Label this Summer  

Japan Trading Companies Hurt by Commodity Prices; Mitsubishi and Mitsui Report First-ever Net Loss

Trident Fined for Failing to Monitor Wastewater Discharge at Newport Processing Facility

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McDonald's Japan launches Tofu Shinjo McNugget featuring minced whitefish and tofu

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [CNN] by Yoko Watasuki and Madison Park - July 30, 2014 

If you're wary of chicken and beef products after a major meat supply scandal in Asia, the McDonald's in Japan could have an alternative for you -- tofu and fish nuggets.

On Wednesday, McDonald's in Japan rolled out Tofu Shinjo McNuggets, a doppelganger of the Chicken McNugget made from a mishmash of minced white fish, tofu and vegetables including edamame, soy beans and carrots. Deep-fried to a golden-brown and shaped just like the original chicken version, the Tofu Shinjo McNugget is crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside.

The fast food chain is known for adding dishes with local flavor to its menu...

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