Wed. Aug 31 2016

Spike in Lobster Demand Pushes Live Lobster Prices to Highest August Pricing in Ten Years  

"A Pivotal Year": Yukon River Salmon Season a Record-Breaker  

Record Year for Oregon Dungeness as Value Tops $51 million  

Russian Pollock Fillet Production is Up, Some US 'B' Season Surimi Prices Negotiated in Japan  

Live Lobster Sales to Asia Already top Last Year Says Exporter Maine Coast  

Friend of the Sea Certifies Mori Seafood's Australian-Caught Southern Bluefin Tuna News Summary Wednesday August 31, 2016

Tue. Aug 30 2016

Alaska's 2017 Bering Sea Opilio and Bairdi Fisheries May be in Jeopardy Due to Lower Stock Levels  

Iceland's Responsible Fisheries will become 2nd Certification Scheme to Meet GSSI Benchmarks

Plan is in Motion to Get Alaska's Pink Salmon Fishermen Disaster Funding (Fish Radio)  

Bristol Bay Sockeye Rebranding Campaign Targets Millennials

GAA's International Business Team to Focus on Developing BAP Program in EU Market

Massachusetts-Based LobstahBox Shipping Do-it-Yourself Live Lobster Dinners Directly to Consumers  

CP Group Developing Fresh Water Shrimp Aquaculture in Landlocked Hubei Province of China  

Skuna Bay Salmon Featured at US Open Tennis Tournament for Fifth Straight Year News Summary Tuesday August 30, 2016

Mon. Aug 29 2016

California Discusses Potential Evisceration Order Options for Dungeness Crab  

Letters: Why Does President Obama Want to Eliminate Sustainable Commercial Fisheries?   (1)

Competing Proteins: Chicken Market Flat While Eggs and Pork Advance Last Week

Chile and Peru Agree to Improve Pacific Anchovy Management and Expand Direct Consumption Market

Western Pacific Council Says Papahānaumokuākea Marine Monument Extension Lacks Scientific Basis

New Zealand King Salmon Announces Intention to File Initial Public Offering News Summary Monday August 29, 2016

Fri. Aug 26 2016

Surging Demand for Lobster Meat Changing Canadian Processing Patterns

Gorton's Seafood Hires Connelly Partners to Handle Marketing and Media

Orca Bay Now Offering Sales Directly to Consumers With New Online Store

Further Peer Review Again Delays FDA Update on How Pregnant Women Should Eat Seafood   (1)

Fishline's Mobile Application is Industry's First Directory of Community Supported Fisheries

Norway Royal Salmon Expands to Iceland, Buys 50% Stake in Arctic Fish News Summary Friday August 26, 2016

Thu. Aug 25 2016

Thai Union Responds to Greenpeace; Publishes Questionnaire Greenpeace Won't Acknowledge

Lobster Ban Threat in Europe is Real, as Swedish and US Scientists Talk Past Each Other  

Consistent Supply is Key to Develop West Coast Rockfish Market Says Oregon Trawl Commission  

ISSF and Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tuna in New Collaboration to Promote Sustainability Goals News Summary Thursday August 25, 2016

Wed. Aug 24 2016 News Summary Wednesday August 24, 2016

Poseidon Food Joins NFI's Crab Council as 27th Member, Second International Company

Large Portion of Fishmeal, Fish Oil Still Produced Using Fish from Poorly Managed Fisheries

Greenpeace Only Blesses 3 out of 14 Foodservice Companies - the Three that Agreed to Talk to Them

Gulf Shrimp Prices Spike in August on Low Volumes; Spread Widens Over Farmed Market  

Mothership and Shoreside Whiting Sectors Struggling This Year as Catches Fall Behind  

Settlement Reached in Legal Action Against Sea Shepherd by Japanese Whalers

Supreme Crab and Seafood Launches Signature Catch Crab Meat as Flagship Brand  

Continued Poor Salmon Harvests Forecast in Hokkaido this Autumn, with Less Than 40 Million Fish  

High Price of Salmon Continues in Japan Amid Dwindling Imports of Coho from Chile  

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