Thu. Jul 28 2016

Farmed Salmon Price Volatility Worse Than Shrimp As Prices Soar More than 60%, 3rd Time Since 2010  

Russia and China Sign Agreement on Controlling IUU Crab Sales to Chinese Market  

NOAA Reopens Comment on Proposed Gulf of Alaska Groundfish Management Program  

NFI Says USDA Catfish Grading Proposal is Another Example of Why Inspection Program is Unnecessary

Blue Apron's Ingredient, Recipe Delivery Service Commits to Monterey Bay's Seafood Watch Program

NFI's Salmon Council Launches Grilling Challenge to Spur Summer Season Consumption News Summary Thursday July 28, 2016

Wed. Jul 27 2016

LeBlanc Says Newfoundland's Inshore Harvesters Will Be First to Get Northern Cod Allocations  

SalmonChile Says Marine Harvest's Exit is Regrettable and Will Hinder Regulatory Progress  

F/V Alaska Juris Sinks Near Kiska Island, All 46 Crew Rescued

Nova Scotia Halibut and Salmon Distributor Binnacle Seafoods Gets MSC Chain of Custody Certification

NFWF Announces $1.19 Million in Grants to Support Sustainable Fisheries in the U.S.

Responsible Aquaculture Foundation Translates Shrimp Courses into Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish News Summary Wednesday July 27, 2016

Tue. Jul 26 2016

Marine Harvest to Leave SalmonChile Over Disagreements on Regulations, Harvest Limits

Peru Likely to Close Anchovy Fishing, Leave Half the Quota in the Water as Reproduction Cycle Starts

Gulf of Mexico Council Extends Ban on Issuing Commercial Shrimp Fishing Permits to 2026

Guolian Credits Better Shrimp Sales to US and Chinese Markets for Swing to Profitability in 2016

Indonesia's Squid Shipments to China Up 132% News Summary Tuesday July 26, 2016

Mon. Jul 25 2016

Salmon Chile Makes Final Appeal to Try and Keep Chile Antibiotic Usage by Company Not Public  

Captain D's Names Longtime Pollock, Flounder Supplier Southstream Seafoods Vendor of the Year

Chile's Los Lagos Salmon Producers Say China is only Market to See Real Growth in May

Competing Proteins: Beef, Pork and Egg Markets Slide Last Week

Chinese Tilapia Prices on the Rise in July as Wet Weather Slows Growth, Stalls Plantings

NOAA Asks for Fisheries Proposals, Has $10 Million in S-K Funding News Summary Monday July 25, 2016

Fri. Jul 22 2016

Gulf Shrimp Landings Up Sharply YTD But is Short On Brown and Smaller Sized Varieties  

Bristol Bay Reaches and Exceeds ADF&G Pre-Season Forecast  

Aleutian Golden King Crab Fishery Opens August 1  

Workshop Urges India's Shrimp Farmers to Modernize Operations to Defend Against EMS, Other Diseases News Summary Friday July 22, 2016

Thu. Jul 21 2016 News Summary Thursday July 21, 2016

Plan Wants to Shift Mid-Atlantic Scallop Season Start Date to April 1 to Get Stock Data in Time   (1) 

Pacific Halibut and Sablefish Landings on Track

MSC Moves to Certify Supplier Labor Practices as Part of Chain of Custody, Certification Requirement

WesPac Defensive About Proposed Monument Expansion

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