Mon. Oct 24 2016

Frank Dulcich Credits Strength of His Team in Celebration of Pacific Seafood's 75h Anniversary

High Liner Adds ASMI's RFM Program to Certification Toolkit; Pledges Full Support to GSSI

Performance Food Group Names Pacific Coral its Overall Supplier Partner of the Year

Thai Union on Shortlist to Win Reuters Foundation Anti-Slavery Award for Efforts to Curb Labor Abuse

Critics: Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise Program Has No Enforcement

Burley Lagoon Could Become Largest Geoduck Farm in Pierce County News Summary Monday October 24, 2016

Fri. Oct 21 2016

Bristol Bay King Crab Prices at Record Levels, Similar to 2011  

China Fisheries & Seafood Expo Ready to Surpass Brussels as Largest Global Seafood Trade Fair

Bundrant says New Products and More Value Added Products Only Way to Boost Pollock Prices  

EU Leaders Scramble to Save CETA Agreement at Last Minute

Nantucket Sound Shellfish Harvesting Closed Until at Least Nov. 1 Because of Domoic Acid

EU Commission Raises Northeast Atlantic Mackerel Quota 18% for 2017 Season News Summary Friday October 21, 2016

Thu. Oct 20 2016

Barents Sea Cod Quota Virtually Unchanged, at 890,000 Tons  

US Foods Buys Florida-Based Save on Seafood in Deal to Expand Seafood Sales in Southeast Market

Guolian Previews Strong Profit Rebound This Year With Improvements on Many Fronts

Parties to Naru Agreement and ISSF Move for Closer Cooperation with Tuna Board Appt.

Performance Foods Group Gets Over 90% of Seafood Certified Sustainable; DNA Testing Major Products

NFI's Shrimp Council Launches Football Tailgating Campaign to Boost US Shrimp Consumption News Summary Thursday October 20, 2016

Wed. Oct 19 2016

Iceland Fishing Crews Vote Overwhelmingly to Strike Nov. 10th if no Agreement Reached  

High Price of Japonicus Snow Crab Likely to Continue this Season with Less Crab Imports from Russia  

East Coast Shellfish Harvesters Hit by Duel Threat of Domoic Acid and Norovirus in October

PODCAST: Seafood News Reboots Show With Update on EU Live Lobster Ban; Sysco Seafood Awards; Imports

New Zealand King Salmon Files $154 Million IPO on NZ and Australian Stock Exchanges

China Expanding Frozen Mussel Exports from Zhejiang News Summary Wednesday October 19, 2016

Tue. Oct 18 2016

Chile's 19% Dip in Farmed Salmon Harvest Meets Algae Loss Projections  

Baader Teams up with Leroy for 100,000 ton Salmon Factory Using New Gutting System

Cargill Opens World-Class Research Facility in Chile that Will Focus on Salmon Disease Prevention

US Soybean Export Council Helps Colombian Fish Farmers Earn BAP Certification

Maryland's Striped Bass Spawning Rates Trending Well Below Fishery's 63-Year-Average

Sino Agro Foods Has Big Plans for Recirculating Production of Macrobrachium Prawns in Southern China News Summary Tuesday October 18, 2016

Mon. Oct 17 2016 News Summary Monday October 17, 2016

Marine Harvest's Q3 Earnings More than Double 2015 With Production Up Slightly  

CP Foods, Oceana Among Finalists to Win Leadership, Innovation Awards at IFFO's Annual Conference

WPRFMC to Amend Pacific Fishing Regs to Accommodate Hawaii's Expanded MPA; No Changes Made to Bigeye

Devi Named Sysco's Top Seafood Supplier for Third Straight Year; Sea Watch Wins Sustainability Prize  

ISA Detected in Four Farmed Salmon in New Brunswick; No Signs of Outbreak With Cages Depopulated

Competing Proteins: Pork Market Gained Last Week While Chicken Steadies Due to Storm Impacts

Hainan Qinfu Foods Nears Export Goal of 10,000 tons of Tilapia

Good Lobster Supplies Spur Competition in China, With Walmart Prices for Lobster Lower Than Online  

Shellfish Harvested from RI Waters Test Negative for Toxins

TINRO Estimates Show Increases in Pollock, Crab Stocks in Russia Far East  

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