Fri. Feb 12 2016

Gulf Shrimp Protections Added in Trade Bills Signed by Obama in Futile Quest to Reduce Imports

California Dungeness Finally Beginning to Open after 3 Month Delay  

Bristol Seafood Promotes Peter Handy to President and CEO

Acadian Fishermen's Co-op Sells Lobster Processing Facility; Landings, Sales Channels Won't Chang

Thirteen Applicants on Governor’s Desk for Two Possible Alaska Council Seats

US Officially Joins Port State Measures Agreement

Publix Debuts Fresh Made to Order 'Cook in Bag' Dinners at its Seafood Counters

Hokkaido Fish Production Falls to Lowest Level on Record, After Scallops, Squid Disappoint News Summary Friday February 12, 2016

Thu. Feb 11 2016

Shortage of Lobster Processing Capacity Pushing Meat Prices Through the Roof  

Washington Dungeness Landings 23% Higher than Last Year  

Morpol, Poland's Largest Seafood Company, To Expand Output Capacity, Increase Salmon Sales within EU  

Urner Barry to Revive Compliance Workshops and Update FDA Guides with Safe Quality Seafood Assoc

Seafood Sustainability Jobs Open with the NFI's Crab Council and GAA's BAP Program

Backyard Burger, Shoney's Coastal Grill Featuring Salmon for Lent

Guolian Loses Most of its Profitability in 2015 News Summary Thursday February 11, 2016

Wed. Feb 10 2016

Indian Shrimp Producers Optimistic on Recovery From Floods, Higher Prices; Add Seed Stock this Qtr  

Northern Economics Says Alaska Economy Will Enter Recession in 2016

Rec Red Snapper Sector Using Congress to Bypass Gulf Stakeholders to Get State-Run Management

IFFO Urges Increase in By-Products Usage in Feeds like Biomar and Whole Foods, For Low FIFO Ratios

AquaStar Joins NFI's Crab Council; Sustainability Director David Martin to Lend Expertise

National Fish to Sponor Four-Star BAP Certification for Vietnam Shrimp Exporter Minh Phu  

Captain D's Leverages Seafood Expertise with Lent Offerings at $4.99

Atlantic States Commission Passes Herring Spawning Monitoring System in Amendment 3 Provision News Summary Wednesday February 10, 2016

Tue. Feb 9 2016

Intense Opposition from Fleet to GOA Bycatch Management Plan at North Pacific Council   (1) 

Trident Launches First Ecommerce Effort in China under its Own Brand for Chinese New Year

Fishmeal Prices Showing Early Signs of Decline in 2016 with Peruvian Production Up  

Tuna Groups and Managers Embrace Harvest Control Rules for Indian Ocean Skipjack  

Newk's Eatery Expand Ahi Tuna Offerings, Adds Crawfish Items to Menu in Time for Lent News Summary Tuesday February 9, 2016

Mon. Feb 8 2016

Slowdown in Indonesia Shrimp Production Helping to Firm Prices  

Chinese Buyers Said to be Distorting Market By Injecting Mekong Delta Tiger Shrimp with Water

Flooding in Andhra Pradesh Forced Indian Shrimp Producer to Shut Down for Two Months  

Devi Seafoods Adds Feed Mill to Better Control Shrimp Operations and Improve Integration  

Bristol Seafood Launches Wild Maine Mussels to National Retail, Broadline and Foodservice Markets  

Rosrybolovstvo Moves to End 'Research Quotas' by Selling Rights to Russia's Existing Fish Tycoons News Summary Monday February 8, 2016

Gulf Council Tables Proposal to Move Rec Red Snapper Management to the States  

Competing Proteins: Only Modest Gains in Beef, Pork Markets Last Week; Eggs Lower

Fri. Feb 5 2016

Collapse of Pollock Prices in China one Reason for Price Stand-off in Gulf of Alaska  

US Shrimp Imports Reach Second Highest Annual Total at 1.29 Billion Lbs in 2015  

John West Deal for FAD-Free tuna in Australia is largest yet for Pacifical News Summary Friday February 5, 2016

National Restaurant Chains Prep Menus with Shrimp, Seafood Promos in Time for Lent Next Week  

Cooke Aquaculture's Maine Salmon Gets "Good Alternative" Rating from Seafood Watch

Patrick McGuinness Retires as President of Fisheries Council of Canada; Michelle Boudreau Takes Over

Kodiak's Ouzinkie Native Corp Supports Alternative 3 at Council due Experience of Rationalizations

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