Fri. Feb 24 2017

Walmart Backs Global Seafood Sustainability Initiative in Seafood Procurement Policy

MSC Streamlines Assessment in Pilot Program for Echebastar Indian Ocean Skipjack Tuna

High Salmon Prices Offset Sea Lice Losses as Scottish Salmon Company Posts Sales Increase in 2016  

Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Landings Remain Below 5-Year Average in January  

VIDEO: Red Chamber Argentina Agrees to Shrimp Vessel Observers; Iceland’s Fishermen Get Back to Work

Marine Harvest Canada Gets Approval to Buy Gray Aqua's Salmon Farming Assets in New Brunswick

Lemon-Seasoned Crispy Fish and Butterfly Shrimp Headline Church’s Chicken Seasonal Menu

Driftnet Ban Fails to Save Ireland's Atlantic Wild Salmon

Thai Union Training Workers on Labor Rights and Benefits Under Thai Labor Protection Act News Summary Friday February 24, 2017

Thu. Feb 23 2017

Adak's Seafood Plant Not Processing Bering Sea Cod Because of Damage, Not Over Deliveries Lawsuit  

Russia's Federal Fishing Agency, Director Implicated in Corruption Ring for Upcoming Quota Auctions

Major Ecuadorian Shrimp Producer, Exporter SONGA Gets Four-Star BAP Certification  

Crabmeat Importer, Distributor Bonamar Secures $30 Million Credit Line from Santander

Oceana Says 50% of World's Transshipping Activity Occurs in Russian Waters

Walton Foundation to Continue $32 Million Investment Plan to Boost Indonesia's Seafood Exports

Platina Seafood Names Damien Claire President; Starts Crystal Seafood to Focus on Fresh Salmon News Summary Thursday February 23, 2017

Wed. Feb 22 2017

High Liner Posts Annual Sales Decline in 2016 Noting Weak US Demand for Breaded, Battered Seafood

State-Waters Cod Season Opens to Pot Gear as Federal Pot Gear Season Closes in Gulf of Alaska  

White Castle Adds Crab Cake Sandwich to Menu for Lent  

Hello Fresh's Meal Kit Delivery Service Commits to Monterey Bay's Seafood Watch Program

EDF Says Smart Reforms are Key to Global Fish Recovery, Even with Climate Change   (1) News Summary Wednesday February 22, 2017

Tue. Feb 21 2017

Feds Quickly Exempting Fishery Regulations Stalled by Federal Freeze Order   (1)

Commerce Finalizes Shrimp Duty Rates for Vietnamese Exporters in 11th Review Period  

Grieg Posts Record 4Q Earnings on Strong Salmon Prices, Higher Production  

Mariner Seafood's Jack Flynn Joins NFI's Board of Directors

Leroy Seafoods: High Prices Generate Good Earnings  

Arun Dhar Takes Over Shrimp Research Lab from Don Lightner at Univ. of Arizona  

Texas' Perciformes Group Sends First Harvest of Farmed Sablefish To Washington DC Market News Summary Tuesday February 21, 2017

Mon. Feb 20 2017 News Summary Monday February 20, 2017

PODCAST: India Carries US Shrimp Imports to Record; Snow Crab Prices Smash Records Before Boston  

Russia's Quota Incentive Program Does Not Spur Crab Producers to Place Domestic Shipbuilding Orders  

Handy Seafood Launches Line of Value Added Oysters in Time for Boston Show

Iceland's Commercial Fishermen Resume Fishing as Labor Deal Gets Narrow Approval  

Effective Management Can Navigate Climate Impacts on the Fisheries

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