Thu. Aug 25 2016

Thai Union Responds to Greenpeace; Publishes Questionnaire Greenpeace Won't Acknowledge

Lobster Ban Threat in Europe is Real, as Swedish and US Scientists Talk Past Each Other  

Wed. Aug 24 2016

Greenpeace Only Blesses 3 out of 14 Foodservice Companies - the Three that Agreed to Talk to Them

Gulf Shrimp Prices Spike in August on Low Volumes; Spread Widens Over Farmed Market  

Mothership and Shoreside Whiting Sectors Struggling This Year as Catches Fall Behind  

Continued Poor Salmon Harvests Forecast in Hokkaido this Autumn, with Less Than 40 Million Fish  

High Price of Salmon Continues in Japan Amid Dwindling Imports of Coho from Chile  

Supreme Crab and Seafood Launches Signature Catch Crab Meat as Flagship Brand  

Settlement Reached in Legal Action Against Sea Shepherd by Japanese Whalers

Poseidon Food Joins NFI's Crab Council as 27th Member, Second International Company

Large Portion of Fishmeal, Fish Oil Still Produced Using Fish from Poorly Managed Fisheries News Summary Wednesday August 24, 2016

Tue. Aug 23 2016

The Mazzetta Company Suspends Fish Production at Gloucester Seafood Processing to Focus on Lobster

Indian Tilapia Farming Off to Good Start with High Survival Rates in Andhra Pradesh  

Bumble Bee Gets Canned Tuna Non-GMO Project Verified; Will Certify Entire Product Line by Year's End

Mid-Atlantic Fishery Council Approves Fishery Protections for Over 50 Unmanaged Forage Fish Species

Doug Coffman Named Business Dev. Manager for Trans Ocean's Midwest, Southeast, Southwest Regions News Summary Tuesday August 23, 2016

Mon. Aug 22 2016

Fraser Sockeye Salmon Run Estimate Lowest Since 1893  

Sea Port Initiates Voluntary Recall with FDA for Philippine Scallops Produced Nov. 23 and 24, 2015

Zhanjiang Guolian to Invest $72 million in Three Closed System Shrimp Farms  

Record Salmon Catches in Russia This Year to be Directed to the Domestic Market  

Seafood Nutrition Partnership Seeks to Host House Parties to Start October Seafood Month

Competing Proteins: Red Meat Markets Slide, Poultry and Eggs Advance Last Week News Summary Monday August 22, 2016

Fri. Aug 19 2016

Copper River Coho Season Gets Off to Strong Start; Landings Could Exceed Preseason Forecast

Yihe and Alaskan Jack's Brand add to Salmon Line With Dumpling Products This Fall

Gloucester's Sustainable Groundfish Assoc. Gets Acadian redfish, haddock, Pollock MSC Certified

MSC Hires Seafood Industry Veteran Eric Critchlow as US Program Director

JingDong, A Chinese Online Platform, Expands Fresh Fish Business with Global Sourcing Strategy News Summary Friday August 19, 2016

Thu. Aug 18 2016

Regal Springs Names Ex-Nomad Foods Director Achim Eichenlaub CEO to Replace Retiring Lamprecht

NFI Says Greenpeace to Issue Rank and Spank US Foodservice Listings as Early as Monday   (1)

Lasting Damage to Perceptions of Seafood Found in Southern Lousiana from Deep Water Horizon Oil Spil

Seattle Fish Co. Helps MSC Expand Certified Seafood to First Restaurants in Colorado Market

Nova Scotia Distributor Binnacle Seafood Expects Export Bump to US After MSC Chain of Custody

High Salmon Prices, Limited Supplies Help Marine Harvest Post Record Q2 Revenues News Summary Thursday August 18, 2016

Phillips Seafood Now Featuring its Own Farmed, Indonesian Barramundi at Baltimore Location

Pollock Conservation Co-Op Now Taking Funding Proposals for Alaskan Fishery Improvement Projects

Monmouth Univ. Gets $1.2 Million in Funding to Develop Online, Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal

Newfoundland Reorganizes Ministries to Reduce Gov't Costs, Fisheries adds Forestry and Agrifoods

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