Mon. Feb 8 2016

Devi Sea Foods Adds Feed Mill to Better Control Shrimp Operations and Improve Integration  

Gulf Council Tables Proposal to Move Rec Red Snapper Management to the States

Competing Proteins: Only Modest Gains in Beef, Pork Markets Last Week; Eggs Lower

Rosrybolovstvo Moves to End 'Research Quotas' by Selling Rights to Russia's Existing Fish Tycoons

Fri. Feb 5 2016

Collapse of Pollock Prices in China one Reason for Price Stand-off in Gulf of Alaska  

US Shrimp Imports Reach Second Highest Annual Total at 1.29 Billion Lbs in 2015  

John West Deal for FAD-Free tuna in Australia is largest yet for Pacifical

Kodiak's Ouzinkie Native Corp Supports Alternative 3 at Council due Experience of Rationalizations

Cooke Aquaculture's Maine Salmon Gets "Good Alternative" Rating from Seafood Watch

National Restaurant Chains Prep Menus with Shrimp, Seafood Promos in Time for Lent Next Week  

Patrick McGuinness Retires as President of Fisheries Council of Canada; Michelle Boudreau Takes Over News Summary Friday February 5, 2016

Thu. Feb 4 2016

Whiting Fisheries Had a Rough Year, as Fishing Conditions and Markets Pushed Revenue Down 50%  

Brazil's Camanor May Have Found the Next Stage of the Shrimp Aquaculture Revolution

Restaurant Industry Contracted Sharply in December, RPI Falls to Lowest level in 3 years

NMFS Says First Ever Winter Sablefish Spawning Survey Will Deliver Better Stock Data

Cermaq Chile Cuts 1,000 Workers From Los Lagos Processing Plants  

Church's Chicken Adds Fried Shrimp and Fish Menu Offerings for Lent News Summary Thursday February 4, 2016

Wed. Feb 3 2016

Russia Plans to Catch 41,500 Tons of Snow Crab This Year, (24,500 of Opilio)  

Early A Season Pollock Roe Production Appears Slow  

Omarsa Gets Positive Marks in First Work Ethics Audit

Peru's IMARPE says They Are Seeing Cobia Escaped from Ecuador

Judge Tossed Out Injunction to Stop Observer Payments for NE Boats During Trial, Not Entire Case

North Atlantic Absorbed 50% More Man-Made Carbon in a Decade Study Says

John West to Promote More MSC-Certified Canned Tuna in Australian Market

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to Help North Star Seafood Assess its Supply Chain News Summary Wednesday February 3, 2016

Tue. Feb 2 2016

Holiday Promotions Lag for All Seafood Except Shrimp  

Thai Government, Seafood Industry, Take Further Actions to Combat Labor Abuse, IUU Fishing

Commercial F/Vs Don't Get Permanent Discharge Exemption, May Face Higher Costs in Coast Guard Act

Ocean Trust and Louisiana Dept. of Fish Show Sustainable Certifications Can be Applied to Management

Vietnam's Selva Tiger Shrimp Gaining Chef Recognition for Natural Growout in Mangroves  

Alaska's Fish Managers Name 2016 Advisory Committee Excellence in Serve Award Winners News Summary Tuesday February 2, 2016

Sainsbury's Fish Manager; PNA Countries; Maldives Gov't Among SeaWeb's Seafood Champion Winners

Just 3% of Sacramento River's Winter Run Salmon Eggs Hatched into Fry

Legal Sea Foods Celebrates Leap Year with Two-Lobsters for $29 Promotion on Feb 29  

Cannon Fish Company Earns BRC Certification at Processing Plant Opened Last March

Calysta to Commercially Develop its FeedKind Fishmeal Protein in $30 Million Deal with Cargill

All Saudi Arabian Aquaculture Producers Commit to Achieve BAP Certification in 2016

Beaver Street Adds Crab Stuffed Shrimp, Tilapia Loins and Seafood Soups to Sea Best Line

Mon. Feb 1 2016

Gulf of Alaska Trawl Industry, Processors Write Highly Critical Letter on Council Plans

Red Lobster Bets Big on Small Tails as Lobsterfest Starts News Summary Monday February 1, 2016

Competing Proteins: Beef Market Continued to Slide While Chicken, Pork Gain Last Week

FDA Bans GM Salmon Shipments to US Market Pending Final Labeling Guidelines  

The Entire US Fisheries Management System Can be Certified as Meeting FAO Ecolabel Guidelines

GAA Extends Public Comment Period for Revised Farmed Mollusk Standards by One Week

Marine Harvest Chile Gets BAP Approval at 9 Farms, 2 Processing Centers Through Multi-Zone Program

Dr. David Wilson to Officially Take Over as IPHC's Executive Director in August

Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF) Establishes Memorial for Ken Conrad

IPHC Sets Halibut Limit at 29.89 mlbs, Slightly Above 2015 Catch  

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