Fri. Apr 29 2016

MKG Provisions Processed But Did Not Supply Salmon to St. James Smokehouse

Evaluating the Report Card: What's Behind NOAA Fisheries Annual Status of the Stocks

One North Coast "Hot Crab" Pushes California's Fishery Officials to Reconsider Opening Protocols  

Togiak Herring Landings At 50% of Quota Twelve Days into the Season  

China's Seafood Imports and Exports Struggle From High Input Costs, Overproduction, Weak Demand

Public Comments Sought on Federal Program to Expedite Seafood Imports to US from Trusted Suppliers News Summary Friday April 29, 2016

Thu. Apr 28 2016

Vietnam, Grappling with Mass Fish Deaths, Clamps Down on Seafood Sales

Gulf Red Snapper Quota Reallocation to Rec Sector Finalized; Revised 2016 and 2017 Quotas Issued  

Fortune Fish Distributing Pacific Oysters Under the Hangtown Oysters Brand  

Brett Veerhusen Steps Down as Executive Director of the Seafood Harvesters of America

Sherrill International Joins NFI's Crab Council News Summary Thursday April 28, 2016

Wed. Apr 27 2016

Tilapia Prices Expected to Rebound with Pond Stocking Rates in South China Down 30% in 2016  

Santa Monica Seafood Gets BAP Certification at Expanded Rancho Dominguez Facility

Canada's Fishery Minister Tootoo Discussing EU Lobster Ban, IUU Fishing and CETA at Brussels Show

Pressure Shelled Raw King Crab, Microwaveable Shrimp Dumplings Win Top Seafood Prizes in Brussels   (1)

Turkey to Double Fish, Seafood Production to 500,000 Tons by 2023

ASC to Develop More Finfish Certification Standards Based on Upcoming Seriola and Cobia Schemes

Tropical Aquaculture Partners with GeneSeas and Netuno to Expand Tilapia Network News Summary Wednesday April 27, 2016

Tue. Apr 26 2016

Newfoundland Northern Cod Will Need more than a FIP, It will Need the Unity of All Stakeholders  

'Disastrous' Argentine Squid Opening Drives Prices Up Further  

Brussels Show Organizers Remain Upbeat on Slow First Day

Record Heat in India Forcing Early Harvest of Smaller Size Shrimp  

31 Vietnamese Companies Approved to Ship Live Tiger Shrimp to China  

Camanchaca Expects 2017 Salmon Output to Be Unchanged Despite Chilean Algae Bloom  

Marks & Spencer First Retailer to Ask All Suppliers to Sign on to SeaFish Responsible Fishing Scheme

Marine Harvest Forms Marketing Partnership to Push ASC Standard at Retail

Captain D's Announces Franchise Deals to Open At Least Six More Stores This Year News Summary Tuesday April 26, 2016

Mon. Apr 25 2016

Lobster, Crab and Shrimp Added to Chinese Cross-Border Ecommerce Tax Reductions

Vinh Hoan to Debut Line of Untreated Premium Pangasius Fillets at Brussels Show  

Competing Proteins: Beef Market Falls While Pork, Chicken Advance Last Week

Rosrybolovstvo Under Fire for Failure to Meet Goals, as Companies Refuse Distant Water Fishing

Decline of Alaska Revenue Sharing Leaves Communities Vulnerable

Guolian Revises Financial Statements to Reflect Lower Shareholder Income News Summary Monday April 25, 2016

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