Tue. Jan 23 2018

West Coast Dungeness Crabbers Set Gear on $2.75 Price as New Storms Move In  

Chinese Tilapia Prices Increase; Nearly All Processing Plants Raise Purchase Prices  

JD.com Says Chinese Consumers Embracing More Sustainable Products

Young's Seafood Hires New Group Operations Director

Safe Quality Seafood Associates Partners With SafetyChain Software to Improve FSQA Programs

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, January 23

Mon. Jan 22 2018

Mahi Recap: A Lot of Uncertainty Heading into the 2017-2018 Season  

How a Longer Government Shut Down May Impact NOAA: Research Halted, Seafood Inspections Continue

King Cove and Feds Sign Deal to Advance Proposed Road from King Cove to Cold Bay

Seafood Trends - The Whole Point of Catching Fish is to Get people to Buy and Eat It

Capital Flooded Into Chinese Crayfish Industry in 2017 as Prices Continue to Rise  

With Red King Populations Rebounding in Kamchatka, Pressure Grows to Increase Nearshore Harvest  

Keyport LLC Announces Headquarters Move to Edmonds, WA

Latest Seafood News Podcast Focuses on Red Lobster, Argentinian Shrimp in the U.S. and More   

SeafoodNews.com Summary Monday, January 22

Fri. Jan 19 2018

Fortune International Announces Senior Level Promotions

DDP Entries Not Affected by New SIMP Requirements, Despite Some Importer Confusion

VIDEO: Shrimp Seized in FL; Fishing Captain Arrested; Japan Sounds Alarm Over Fugu; Sector IX Update

$300K Tuna Sold at Final Tsukiji Fish Market Heads to NYC Sushi Chain  

Sea Otters Ravaging Shellfish in Southeast Alaska  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Friday, January 19

Thu. Jan 18 2018

UK Retailers Express Concerns Over Sustainable Tuna  

Claims of 300 Job Losses Due to Sector IX shutdown Are Overblown  

Coast Guard, NOAA Seize 6,000 Pounds of Illegal Shrimp from Florida Fishing Vessel  

Russian Pollock Producers Again Vow to Focus more on Domestic Market  

Shanghai Sets New Live Seafood Import Record in 2017  

ASMI Educating Chefs About Quality of Frozen Fresh Alaska Seafood

Scallop Group Praises NMFS Decisions on Openings, But Still Wants Georges Bank Area as Well  

Open Seat On Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission Draws Applicants

Tampa Maid Foods Adds Former Cargill VP of Sales As COO, Executive VP

SeafoodNews.com Summary Thursday, January 18

Wed. Jan 17 2018

Richard Stavis Steps Down as CEO, as Stavis Brings in International Investor with Ties to Argentina

High Liner Foods Restructuring Canadian Operations After COO Jeff O’Neill Exits

North Carolina Congressman Calls for Shrimp to be Included in SIMP  

Florida Keys Commercial Fishing Captain Arrested After Illegally Dumping Lobster Traps  

ADF&G Wants to List Southeast Chinook as a Stock of Concern; Board of Fish Hears Dire Outlook  

CDFW Opens More Areas to Commercial Rock Crab Fishery as Domoic Acid Levels Drop  

NOAA Appoints Kevin Wheeler as New Deputy Chief of Staff

Survey Shows Lobster Recruitment Up Around P.E.I.  

How a Food Additive Could Change Food Safety in Fish

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, January 17

Tue. Jan 16 2018

Jeff Davis Retires From Blue Harvest Fisheries; Keith Decker Named New CEO

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, January 16

Global Fishing Watch Partners With NOAA to End Illegal Fishing in Indonesia

Carrefour's Innovation Brings Lobster, Oyster Delivery to Chinese Online Consumers in One Hour  

How Pacific Seafood Became the First Company to Offer BAP 4 Star Oysters  

European Importers Move to Strengthen India Shrimp Trade with High Level Meetings in Goa  

Kodiak's Tanner Crab Fishery Opens For First Time in 4 Years  

Alaska Salmon Protections Get Enough Signatures for Ballot  

ANALYSIS: Fresh Chilean Fillet Imports Up YTD, But Overall Fresh Fillet Imports Down  

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New Research on How Ocean Acidity Harms Salmon Raises Red Flags for Alaskans

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Anchorage Daily News] by Jerry McCune - January 3, 2018

Fishing families and businesses across Alaska are veterans at keeping an eye out for change — day-to-day and season-to-season. The largest single employer in the state of Alaska, and a food source for millions, the successes of Alaskan seafood harvests rise and fall with a dynamic marine food web. New research is shedding light on a big change within that system — ocean acidification — and Alaska's salmon fishermen are watching closely.

Researchers from NOAA and the University of Washington have found that wild salmon runs may be affected by rising ocean acidity — a well documented global trend that is particularly pronounced in the cold-water, carbon-rich waters off Alaska's vast ...

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