Fri. Dec 8 2017

NE Council Sets Higher Limits for Cod, Pollock, But SNE Yellowtail Restrictions will Hurt

Live King Crab from Alaska Flying to Chinese Markets  

Russian Banks May Cut Funding for Domestic Industry If Crab Auction Overturns Historical Fish Rights  

Urner Barry Hosting Seafood Import Workshop in Los Angeles

Poland’s Fish Processors Expand as Exports Drive Sales  

VIDEO: Fork and Fin Foodtruck; Aldi Trademarks “Love Fish”; WC Crab Season Delayed; Misty Blue Sinks

Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell Introduces Fishing and Small Vessel Relief Act

Young’s Seafood Launches ‘Proudly Made in Britain’ Campaign

Researchers Find Dam Flow Patterns Could Boost Yields at Freshwater Fisheries

Maine Shrimp Fishery May Never Rebound Summary Friday, December 8

Thu. Dec 7 2017

AP Recommends Modest Increases in Pollock, POP, and Sablefish TACs in Bering Sea

MSC Called to Parliament to Answer Questions About its PNA Tuna Recertification

Dungeness Crab Continue to Fill Out in Oregon; Season Delayed Until Dec. 31  

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Seeks to Introduce Commercial Fishing to 3 Marine Monuments

ASC Adds New Member To Commercial Team in Stockholm

Dan Herring Joins Suram Trading Corp as VP of National Accounts  

Coldwater Shrimp Market May be Tight in Early 2018  

Captain D’s Continues to Grow in Final Weeks of 2017

Bay of Bengal Typhoons Hit Seafood Exports from Kerala, Threaten Andra Pradesh, Shrimp Farm Cap Summary Thursday, December 7

Wed. Dec 6 2017

Seafood Importers and Brokers Totally Unprepared for Jan 1st Implementation of Sfd Import Monitoring

Atlantic Capes Puts Out Statement on Sinking of Their Clam Vessel F/V Misty Blue; 2 Crewmen Lost

Industry, Managers Prepare for Possible Partial Dungeness Crab Opening on the West Coast  

New England Fishery Management Council Sends Atlantic Herring Amendment 8 to Public Hearing  

Seafood Sourcing Investing Over £600,000 into Whitefish Processing Facility  

University of New Haven Student Sheds Light on Sodexo’s Sustainable Seafood

NFI Launches New Website to Get Food Service Community 'Hooked' on Seafood

China’s Antarctic Toothfish Market is Bustling But Smuggling Remains a Problem  

Eggs Set Up 4 Percent; Chicks Placed Up Slightly Summary Wednesday, December 6

Tue. Dec 5 2017

SW Nova Scotia Lobster Season More Normal This Year, Quality Varies by Location

Sector IX Objects to Suspension in Letter to NOAA; Asks to Operate While Investigating Over Fishing

Shrimp Imports Continue to Accelerate, Driven by Retail Demand  

Hokkaido Scallop Season Ends with Landings Up 16% Over 2016; Another Increase seen for 2018  

OECD Review of Fisheries 2017 Sees Rise in Aquaculture Sector

Lund's Fisheries Announces New Management Team

Florida Fishermen's Group Sues Over 40% Cut in 2018 Golden Tilefish Allocation  

Chinese Basa Growth Slows by About 7%; Prices Expected to Remain High  

Red Lobster Launches New, Smaller Tasting Plates and Globally-Inspired Entrées  

ISSF Releases Position Statement Calling for Better Management of Stocks  

Broodstock Capital Invests in Norwegian Salmon Industry Track and Trace Software Summary Tuesday, December 5

Mon. Dec 4 2017

With Pacific Cod Problems, Whitefish Buyers May See a Wild Ride in 2018 Summary Monday, December 4

New ISSF Report Reveals Participating Companies Fully Compliant With Conservation Measures  

Vietnam Overcomes Challenges to Grow Shrimp Export Volume to South Korea  

Falling Shipments to EU, U.S. put Tra Fish Sector under Tenterhooks  

Inside the Battle Over Salmon Farming in BC with Marine Harvest and the Occupiers  

China Reduces Tariffs of 8 Imported Seafood Types  

Russian Government Considering Salmon Export Quotas for 2018  

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Whole Foods Offering Vegan Raw Tuna Alternative for Sushi 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Amanda Buckle September 21, 2017

Whole Foods is continuing to expand their offerings. Los Angeles and New York shoppers who visit the grocery market will be able to purchase Ahimi, the “first ever plant-based alternative to raw tuna.”

Ahimi is a product from Ocean Hugger Foods, a company that creates sustainable plant-based alternatives to ...

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