Wed. Aug 16 2017

High Liner Will be Looking for New CEO Says Henry Demone

NOAA Endorses Eating Small Haddock — But What About Cod?  

Canada Announces Largest Marine Protected Area in High Arctic

Midwest Supermarket Chain Hy-Vee Offering 100% Responsibly Sourced Fresh and Frozen Seafood  

Prices Drop as Sick Shrimp in China Flood the Market Again -- Except in Guangxi  

Sea Pact Announces 2017 Request for Grant Proposals

Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission Looking to Fill Staff Position  

Southeast Alaska Dungeness Fall Season Reduced to One Month  

Calysta Trial Reveals FeedKind Protein Could Replace Fishmeal in Shrimp Feed  

Washington Governor Appointments Former PFMC Director to Fish and Wildlife Commission  

As right whales move into Gulf of St. Lawrence Protection Creates Dilemma for Canadian Gov’t

Cargill Survey Reveals U.S. Consumers are Willing To Spend Extra for Sustainable Seafood Summary Wednesday, August 16

Tue. Aug 15 2017

Henry Demone Returns as CEO of High Liner Foods, Effective Immediately, As Company Stumbles in 1st Q

Boston Seafood Hall of Fame Inducts GAA Executive Director Wally Stevens

Trū Shrimp Company, Schwan’s Company Enter into Partnership to Provide Safe, Natural Shrimp  

West Coast Groundfish Marketing Group Hires Jana Hennig as Director  

ANALYSIS: Shrimp Imports Continue to Soar  

Aquaculture Could Satisfy Global Seafood Demand Using Ocean Space the Size of Lake Michigan

North Atlantic Traders President Seeking Attorney Fees After Being Cleared of NOAA Bluefin Charges  

Cooke Again Faces Local Opposition to Potential Salmon Hatchery in Nova Scotia  

NMFS Institutes More Swordfish Research Off Florida, Praised by EDF  

"Inefficient" Methods of Fishing is Keeping a Cornish Oyster Fishery in Business  

Urner Barry Wraps Up 2017 Intern Program Summary Tuesday, August 15

Mon. Aug 14 2017

Stronger Canadian Dollar Creating Standoff Over Falling Shore Lobster Prices in New Brunswick   (0) 

Maxfield Seafood Sues Freight Co. Over Theft of $318,00 Load of Frozen Lobster from Boston  

Diana Evans New Deputy Director at North Pacific Fisheries Council

Dubai Seafex Show Highlights Growth of Seafood Consumption in Middle East

Norwegian Salmon Titan Gustav Witzoe Concerned Over Cost of Sea Lice Control  

Seattle's Fancy Canned Fish Restaurant Lands RealNetworks CEO as Investor  

Added-value Seafood Products Will be the Rising Star of Guolian  

Western Pacific Council Wrestling with Cultural, Commercial Fishing Definitions in Monuments  

Guolian Supports E-commerce Companies to Find Solutions to Online Seafood Sales Problems Summary Monday, August 14

Fri. Aug 11 2017

Russian Crab Companies Delay Fishing Due to New Processing Rules; Crab Prices Rise  

VIDEO: Joe’s Crab Shack; GM Salmon; Russian Sockeye; Fisheries Improvement Act; Destination Hearing

Cermaq Named the Most Transparent Salmon Farming Company By Seafood Intelligence  

FAO Predicts Decline of North American Lobster Production in 2017, Rise of China Imports  

Railway Companies Improving Cold Chain Delivery on Vietnam/China Border  

Qingdao Clears Live Lobsters from Canada in 40 Minutes Summary Friday, August 11

Thu. Aug 10 2017

OPINION: MSA Reauthorization Must Be Guided By National Standards

Fish Feed Businesses Could Benefit from Bipartisan Carbon Capture Bill  

Alibaba Encouraging Canadian Seafood Companies to Sell to China Through Them  

Hong Kong’s Tri-way Industries Growing Two New Fish Species At Aquaculture Farm 2  

Faroe Islands, Russia Free-Trade Agreement Could Impact US Salmon Imports  

Alaska Celebrates 2nd Annual Alaska Wild Salmon Day on August 10, 2017 Summary Thursday, August 10

Electronic Monitoring Instead of Human Observers Now an Option for Some Alaska Fishermen  

Wed. Aug 9 2017

Electronic Monitoring Instead of Human Observers Now an Option for Some Alaska Fishermen  

Crocker & Winsor Seafoods Acquired By Newport International Parent Co.

Bristol Bay Run is 4th Highest Ever, Exceeding Forecast by 35% Summary Wednesday, August 9

Shrimp Imports Continue at Record Pace, Up 15.7% in June Driven by Peeled Shrimp

Seafood Restaurant Chain Captain D’s Expands In Florida

Chinese Tilapia Prices Increase Due to Unstable Supply  

New Bedford Seafood Processing Workers Protest EDA, Inc. That Supplies Workers to 17 Plants

Worse Than Expected Canadian Shrimp Catches Push Markets Higher  

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MSC Could be Kiss of Death for West Coast Groundfish

A news analysis by John Sackton and Susan Chambers explains how the Marine Stewardship Council is rushing to praise the recovery of the West Coast Groundfish fishery even though fishermen are unable to land more than 19 percent of its allowable harvest. The key issue is not the sustainability of West Coast stocks since a strong recovery program is in place. Rather, it's that West Coast harvesters are hampered by a management system that fails to allow for a sustainable harvest. "That is why we feel the MSC’s embrace of the West Coast fishery is potentially a kiss of death, as they become an impediment to the desperate reforms needed to keep a healthy and sustainable fishery economically viable," writes John Sackton.

China's shrimp prices are in decline because of as a flood of weak and sick shrimp to hit local markets in recent weeks. Weaker market behavior was also attributed to a decline in demand in major cities likes Beijing and Shanghai because of good supplies of local shrimp.

In other news, Russia's federal fisheries agency Rosrybolovstvo made a record $319 million from the sale of crab quotas during a recent auction. The biggest fight was for opilio snow crab quotas. Leading Russian fish producers and well-known oligarchs were locked in the most serious bidding wars for the quotas. This included companies like TURNIF, which is part of the Russian fishing company.

Meanwhile, the research vessel Pandalus, assigned to the Port Moller test fishery in June and July, encountered a mechanical problem last night and is undergoing repairs in Port Moller today. No test fishing will be done today, but program managers expect the vessel to be back tomorrow. Missing one day of data is not as critical now as it would be, say, a week from now.

Finally, Alaska's Governor Bill Walker brought the state's legislators back for a second special session so the lawmakers can hash out a state budget and prevent a government shutdown on July 1. The Republican-led state Senate gaveled out Friday morning, rejecting a last-ditch operating budget offer from the largely Democratic House majority, which had adjourned Thursday evening. Four minutes after the Senate's adjournment, Walker signed his proclamation convening the next special session.

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