Thu. Jul 27 2017

Huge Bristol Bay Run Meant $ Millions in Lost Revenue Due to Congress’ Disastrous Labor Policies  

3rd New Bedford Seafood Executive Charged with Tax Evasion as Gov’t Attorneys Target Waterfront

VIDEO: Bristol Bay Barge; Louisiana Dead Zone; AquaBounty Technologies; Walmart & BAP

Newport Fishing Fleet Steadfast in its Access to International Terminal   (0) 

Chinese Tilapia Prices Rise Due to Better Weather Conditions, Better Feed  

Compass, UK’s Largest Foodservice Provider joins Sustainable Seafood Coalition

Mississippi Seafood Dealer Faces Jail After Selling Recreational Caught Fish News Summary Thursday July 27, 2017

Wed. Jul 26 2017

Walmart Selects BAP as First Seafood-Related 3rd Party Auditor for Social Compliance

United Fishermen of Alaska's Fish Facts Shows Proportion of in-State vs. Out of State Fish Income

Zhejiang Province Imports White Shrimp Seed from Thailand for the First Time  

Hawaii Longline Leader Testifies on Ways to Strengthen the MSA News Summary Wednesday July 26, 2017

Tue. Jul 25 2017

Louisiana Shrimp Landings Lowest in 10 Years Due to Dead Zone Becoming More of a Problem

Former Pacific Seafood Executive Sentenced for Embezzlement

MSA Reauthorization Fault Lines on Recreation and Stock Target Flexibility Exposed in House Hearing

Court Battle over Placentia Bay Salmon Farm Could Scare Off Future Investors, Says Marystown Mayor

Guolian’s Net Profit Expected to Balloon by 700% or More in First Half of 2017  

Pacifico First Company to Raise Salt Water Striped Bass, Gets 4 Star BAP Rating  

Alibaba Joins Argentina's Ocean Family to Bring Fresh Red Shrimp to Chinese E-commerce Consumers  

Domestic Red Crayfish is a Big Success for Chinese E-commerce Platforms  

ISSF Seeks to Strengthen Tuna Conservation Efforts at IAATC

National Fisheries Institute Introduces Unique and Easy Summer Shrimp Recipes News Summary Tuesday July 25, 2017

Mon. Jul 24 2017

Stavis Seafoods to Greatly Expand West Coast Distribution with Partnership with R.W. Zant

Russian Fish Co. to Expand Sales of Single Frozen Pollock to Domestic Market, Citing Weakness in EU  

Increasing Shortage of Vietnam Basa Could Lead to Higher Prices Later This Year  

Shanghai Crayfish Season at its Peak; Prices Have Skyrocketed Over Last Decade  

UFA Turns to Text Messaging to Build Fisherman Support for Alaska Salmon Habitat Measures

Summa Equity Acquires 75 Percent of Salmon Smoker Milarex  

Summa Equity Acquires 75 Percent of Salmon Smoker Milarex News Summary Monday July 24, 2017

Fri. Jul 21 2017

ANALYSIS: Shrimp Market an Island of Stability in Shellfish Sector  

ANALYSIS: Imported Mahi Mahi Prices Remain Near Record High Levels Amid Limited Production  

NOAA Locates Crabber F/V Destination Wreckage; Coast Guard Hearing Set for August News Summary Friday, July 21, 2017

New President of B.C. Wildlife Federation Aims for Stability

Clean Seas Seafood Rebrands and Launches New Kingfish Campaign

Australian Heard and McDonald Islands Toothfish Fishery is Recertified Under MSC  

Senators Collins, King Introduce Resolution to Designate September 25, 2017, as National Lobster Day

Thu. Jul 20 2017 News Summary Thursday July 20, 2017

ANALYSIS: Chilean Market Continues to Weaken to Levels Now Below 2016  

VIDEO: Trident Seafoods Value; Bakkafrost Bacteria Outbreak; UK Seafood Fraud

West Coast Dungeness Crab Season: Rocky Start, Good Markets, High Value  

BlueOcean Expanding Market for Pure Polar Shrimp Oil  

Canadian Fisheries Puts $8.9 Million in Upgrade, Expansion of St. Andrews Biological Station in NB

High Quality Shrimp Breeding Farm Set Up in Mekong Delta

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Era of High Shrimp Output in China is 'Gone Forever'

The era of high shrimp output in China may be gone forever. This corresponds with predictions that China will become the largest global shrimp importer this year. In today's story we breakdown shrimp production forecasts for the all of the major aquaculture regions across China. Overall, poor weather and high incidence of disease in many areas appear to show that farmed shrimp production will be lower in the first half of this year than last year.

Even though the EU has raised its inspection rates on Indian seafood imports, rejections have been in steady decline the last five years. The EU is now inspecting half of all seafood imported from India. Previously that figure was just 10 percent. "However, Indian seafood industry proved its mettle and managed to withstand the new restrictions, by maintaining a low rejection rate," said A Jayathilak, chairman of MPEDA.

In other news, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for the 3Ps cod fishery in Newfoundland has been voluntarily suspended by the certificate holders. A recent spike in mortalities prompted the suspension and efforts are underway to identify the cause so the fishery can get the certification reinstated. “While recent recruitment of young fish has been above average, the reality is, the science now shows a concerning trend in the 3Ps cod stock. In fact, modeled estimates of total mortality have increased by over 65 percent since the initial assessment for certification,” said Dr. Kris Vascotto, Executive Director of the Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council.

Meanwhile, the Copper River salmon season starts tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Alaska time, signaling the first large run of fresh sockeye in the world. The 2017 commercial harvest projections for sockeye salmon are 889,000 fish. This is usually the best time to target chinook or king salmon, as their run peaks at the early part of the sockeye run. But this year, biologists are forecasting a total run of only 29,000 chinook, the smallest on record since 1985.

Finally, the first ever Bristol Bay Fish Expo will be held this year on June 9th and 10th, just prior to the opening of the salmon season. The event is modeled on Comfish in Kodiak, and on the Seattle Fish Expo. The event is a chance for some of the processors in the Bay to become more acquainted with community needs.

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