Tue. Apr 21 2015

Vietnamese Shrimp Having Tough Time Competing in US Market Against Lower-Priced Indian Shipments  

Alaska Budgets Set for ASMI and ADF&G

EU Gives Thailand 6 Months to Clamp Down on IUU Fishing Or Lose Market Access

DFO Bumps Up P.E.I. Snow Crab by 800 Tons  

WWF Warns about Tuna Commission's Relevance  

Sea Scallop Industry at Odds With NOAA on "Essential Fish Habitat" Closures  

Technomic Sees Opportunity For Seafood In Fast Casual Sector

Ruffner Appointment to Board of Fish Voted Down

Which Food Prices Are Rising Fastest (And Slowest) in Russia

Lobster Levy Enabling Legislation Introduced in Nova Scotia, But No Consensus Yet  

Steve Voisin Says Louisiana Seafood Industry is Having to Learn New Game Plan to Survive  

ASMI Recruiting Fishermen to be Alaska's Unofficial Seafood Ambassadors (Fish Radio)

Supervalu and Albertsons Reach Agreement on Winding Down Transition Services Agreement (TSA)

Officials Propose $134 Million in Gulf Recovery Projects

25 Salmonella Cases Possibly Linked to Raw Tuna Sushi in California

Leap in Sales Makes Salmon UK’s Leading Food Export  

High Price for Maine Elvers Holding as Fishermen Wait for Thaw

Share the Gulf Gears Up For New Fight Over Red Snapper

California's Drought Blamed for Just One Smelt Found in Sacramento Delta Survey

Firm Set to Build Satellites for Ocean Research

Mass Seal Slaughter as RSPCA Opts to Protect Fish Farms

Seafood.com News Summary Tuesday April 21, 2015

Mon. Apr 20 2015

Alaska At-Sea Processors say MSC is at 'Reputational Risk' After Tragic Sinking of Dainiy Vostok   (1)

Birds Eye's Fish Finger Brand Iglo to be Sold to Nomad Foods in US$2.8 Billion Deal

Maine's Vendors Buying Canadian Coldwater Shrimp with Local Fishery Closed, Supplies Dry  

Sanford Closed Christchurch, NZ Mussel Plant Today, As Expected

Alarming Artemia Shortage Crimping Andhra Pradesh Shrimp Hatcheries  

Mass. Lobstermen, West Coast and Alaskan Trawler Groups Join Seafood Harvesters

National Fish Helps Another Indian Shrimp Producer Earn Four-Star BAP Approval

Spare Fleet Readies for Togiak Herring Season  

Red Meat, Poultry and Egg Markets Fairly Flat Last Week

Florida Eases Commercial Lobster Diver Rules

Mississippi Crab and Shrimp Fishermen are Still Reeling from Oil Spill Impacts

Nordic Fisheries' Peter Anthony Supports NE Council's George Bank, GOA Closure Proposals (Opinion)

Spokesman for New Zealand's Mussel Growers Dismisses Current Shortage as "A Blip"  

Boston Globe Sees Better News for New England's Fishermen

BP Really Wants You to Think the Gulf Is OK (Opinion)

Joe's Crab Shack Parent, Ignite, Overhauls Executive Team

Some Louisiana Oystermen Investing BP Checks in Cultch For Their Oyster Leases  

Nissui Sees Opportunities for Traditional Japanese Cuisine in North America and Europe

Irish Fishing Vessel Fined £7,324 for Illegal Take of Langoustine  

Consumer Reports Readers Pick Fondue Chain Melting Pot as Best Casual Restaurant Chain

UK Working Hard to Conserve its Limited Lobster Stock as Demand Soars  

Renowned Pianist-Composer Rzewski Plays Free Recital Upstairs at Wholey's Fish Market in Pittsburgh

Whelk Shells To Be Used As Cultch in Barnegat Bay, NJ Oyster Restoration Project

Black Tiger Production Going Smoothly in India's Kerala Region  

Recreational Fishers Organize To Fight Australian Trawler

Seafood.com News Summary Monday April 20, 2015

NOAA Proposes Lifting Protections for Most Humpback Whales

Fri. Apr 17 2015

Newfoundland's Huge Northern Cod Fishery Begins FIP Project in Preparation for a Return to Market  

Atlantic Capes Fisheries' Acquisition of Ocean Fleet Expands Market for US, Japanese Scallops in EU  

Togiak Herring Forecasted to be Higher than Ten-Year Average  

Norway to Resume Salmon Exports to China Under Revamped Food Safety Deal  

Louisiana to Reopen Some Offshore Shrimp Fishing April 22 with Whites Now at Marketable Sizes  

Eastern Fisheries Buys Stake in Japanese Scallop Exporter  

Bangkok Post Calls on Thai Government to Punish Slavery Vessels Now

Boston - Home of the Bean and the Cod - Faces Cultural Crisis as Cod Disappear  

Pacific Council Closes Current Sardine Season Immediately to Conserve Fish  

BioMar Partnering with China's Leading Animal Feed Company to Build 100,000 MT Fish Feed Plant  

Pesticides New Threat to Lamprey Populations in Columbia River

Gosse Boon Out as Nutreco's CFO Following Takeover Deal with SHV, Delisting from Euronext Exchange

Mexico Goes All Out to Save Vanishing Vaquita Porpoise With Fishing Restrictions and Compensation  

Canada Backing Export Marketing of Pacific Sea Cucumber and Sea Urchin with $164,000

Chile's Squid Fishermen Say Biobio Stock Can Support Higher Commercial Quota Next Year  

Another Year of Chinook Conservation and No Subsistence Fishing ahead after Whitehorse Meeting

Pacific Council Recommends Longer Commercial Season for California Chinook But Drought Effects Loom  

ADF&G on the Hunt for Mile Long String of 29 Sablefish Pots in PWS (Fish Radio)

Russian Official Says $800 million Lost in Fish and Seafood Smuggled to Asia

Captain D's Lighter Menu and Brighter Look Attracting Young Diners and Families

D.C. Wholesaler Pro Fish Gets Top Chefs for its Seafood Tasting Charity Event

Mississippi DMR and County Prosecutor Throw the Book at Alabama Fisherman Taking Sponge Crabs

China Begins Construction Of Aircraft Runway On Disputed South China Sea Islands

Tasmanian Salmon Grower Tassal In Final Stages of Acquiring Australian Seafood Distributor DeCosti

Aftermath of Vancouver Oil Spill Expose Problems

Seafood.com News Summary Friday April 17, 2015

Thu. Apr 16 2015

Editors's View: What's Changed Between Alaska and the MSC: A Whole World   (2) 

Multiple Signs Point to Tough Summer Season for Farmed Salmon Market  

US Fishery Management Under MSA Improves Again with Overfished, Overfishing Numbers at All-Time Low

Marine Harvest Q1 Operating Profit Drops Below Forecast  

USDA to Propose Standards for Organic Seafood Raised in US   (1) 

Clearwater Launching New Lobster and Scallop Products at Brussels Show  

AK's Weathervane Scallop, Seine Pollock Fisheries Get Little Interest from Fishermen (Fish Radio)  

Oceana Sues NMFS for Inadequate Enforcement of TEDS in Shrimp Fishery to Protect Turtles

High Liner Stays with Mechanica Branding Agency for New Sea Cuisine campaign

Bringing Fresh Seafood to the Mountains of Western North Carolina Finally Paying Off

Austral's Seafood Trading Division Names Markus Gerlich GM, Promotes Theo Kailis to Exec Role

UK's Peterhead Port's High Landings Tumble in First Quarter

Western Atlantic Blufin Tuna a Success Story, Comes off U.S. "Overfishing" List  

Another Modest Florida Stone Crab Harvest Has Scientists Worried About Future  

Chile Invests Over $1.8 Million in Sardine, Anchovy Fisheries Research  

Pescanova Trims Loss in Q1

More Feed Mills Required to Grow Ghana's Aquaculture Industry

Regulators Say Several Critical Fish Species Have Rebounded

Chefs Get Creative with Seafood for Summer Menus

Roger Berkowitz, Legal Sea Foods CEO, Treasures Memories of Julia Child

Seafood.com News Summary Thursday April 16, 2015

Wed. Apr 15 2015

Speculation Emerges that Kjell-Inge Rokke May be Involved in Refinancing American Seafoods

WTO Finds US Dolphin-Safe Labeling Rules Discriminate Against Mexican Canned Tuna Imports  

Warm Weather Brings Heavy Shrimp Stocking in South China, Driving up Price of PLs  

Kodiak's Roe Herring Season Gets Underway with Quota Set at 3,200 Tons (Fish Radio)  

Maine Scallop Season Ends, Likely One of the Best in Years  

Seafood.com News Summary Wednesday April 15, 2015

Gulf Council Favors More Allocation to Recreational Fishery in Motions on Red Snapper  

PEI's Fishermen Assoc. May Create College Course to Train Potential Lobster Boat Workers  

UK Media Freaks out over Future of Fish and Chips if North Sea Cod Declines; Forgets Barents Sea  

Indonesia Will Work with Norway to Combat IUU Fishing

Brazil Lifts Import Ban on Vietnamese Pangasius Imports  

Seafood Industry Mostly Recovered 5 Years After BP Spill; Longer Term Environmental Impacts Linger

Chile's Commercial Squid Fleet Takes Entire Quota in Biobio; Larger Artisinal Catch 20% Complete  

Squid Hearing Spotlights Valuable Cape May Fishery  

Washington State Imposes Rapid Cool-Down Regulations on Oyster Industry to Control Vibrio

Regulators Collect Last of Comments on Maine Shrimp Fishery  

Drought, Saline Intrusion Cut Shrimp Production in Vietnam's Southernmost Province  

North Pacific Council Approves Black Cod Pots to Outsmart Whales

Ruffner Appointment to Alaska Board of Fish Passes House Hearing, now being Questioned in Senate

Boston Chef-Owner Jeremy Sewall Offers Opinions on Oysters and "Trash Fish"

Hangzhou Gets Fast Track Customs Clearance for Live Dungeness, Lobsters

Japan's New Whaling Plan Rejected by IWC Experts

Brian Unger Joins Long John Silver's as Chief Operating Officer

Tue. Apr 14 2015

Seafood.com News Summary Tuesday April 14, 2015

Pacific Council Closes 2015-16 Pacific Sardine Fishery  

Editor's View: Pacific Sardine Closure Shows Management Works, but Oceana and Pew Won't Accept That

Mass Oyster Die-Off Reported in Southern Vietnam  

Virginia's Oyster Industry Revival is a Testament to Chesapeake Bay's Recovery (Opinion)  

Investigation Underway to Find Who Set 100 Illegal Lobster Traps in Nova Scotia's LFA 34

Alaskan and Canadian Delegates Hashing Out Plan to Restore Yukon River Chinook Stocks

Minh Phu Expects Vietnam's Seafood Exports to Pick Up After Poor Q1

Critics Say DFO missed Fraser Sockeye escapement Target by 20% due to too much Commercial Fishing  

Gulf, South Atlantic Fishery Councils Want Florida Keys Spiny Lobster Catch Exempt from MSA Limits  

Chilean Mussel Export Values Up 58% Through February Driven by Sales to EU  

Newfoundland Crab Quotas Remain Largely Unchanged, Except for 3PS, Where Quota Down 23%  

Red Lobster's Supply Chain V.P. Nelson Griffin Joins GAA Board

Target Names Former Safeway Exec Anne Dament to Head Food Repositioning

Restaurant Traffic falls For Second Month Despite Higher March Comps

SVP Mark Gilley Explains How Red Lobster Succeeds at Social Media

Alaska Senate Committee May Advance Nominees for Fisheries Board Today

West Coast Shrimp Bycatch Reduction Efforts Applauded as Entire Fleet Begins using LED's   (2) 

Scientists Say North Sea Waters Warming Fast, Traditional Species Expected to Migrate Out

Rep. Don Young Denies He is Unwinding Legacy of Ted Stevens in his Magnuson Re-authorization

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Vietnamese Shrimp Having Tough Time Competing in US Market Against Lower-Priced Indian Shipments

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Saigon Times Daily] by Trung Chanh - April 21, 2015

The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (Vasep) has warned that local shrimp exporters may lose in their competition with Indian counterparts in the U.S. market if they do not lower prices.

Vasep cited sources as saying that the price of shrimp shipped to the U.S. averaged US$13 per kilo last year, a 15-year high, and the price differentials of shrimp exported by India, Indonesia and Vietnam were insignificant...

Full Story »

Alaska Budgets Set for ASMI and ADF&G

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [Juneau Resources Weekly]  -  April 21, 2015

Alaska lawmakers settled on a $2 million cut to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and an $8 million cut for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game after lawmakers reconciled the Senate and House budgets Tuesday afternoon.

The final cut to ASMI is less than the original 40 percent cut proposed by the legislature, and slightly more than Govenor Walker's original recommended cut of about 20 percent of state funds, which account for roughly a third of the agency's budget. 

Members of the budget conference committee choose the Senate’s proposal for ASMI funding nearly $1 million more than the House’s draft included.
Even with the lawmakers choosing the Senate’s smaller cuts the state’s sole seafood marketing agency is looking at a 10% reduction from last year. 

Despite the cut, ASMI officials did not project a cut of that size...

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EU Gives Thailand 6 Months to Clamp Down on IUU Fishing Or Lose Market Access

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Wall Street Journal] by Trefor Moss - April 21, 2015 

The European Union said Tuesday it will ban seafood from Thailand unless it clamps down on illegal fishing, while removing a similar threat from the Philippines and South Korea.

Thailand was given six months to clean up its fishing industry, or join neighboring Cambodia, the only Southeast Asian country now on the European black list, the EU said. Thailand is the world’s third-biggest fisheries exporter, according to the U.N., behind only China and Norway. And 15% of its fisheries exports head to the EU...

Full Story »

DFO Bumps Up P.E.I. Snow Crab by 800 Tons

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Guardian] - April 21, 2015 - 

The total allowable catch for snow crab is increasing slightly this year, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has announced.

The total allowable catch will increase to 26,036, that is an increase of over 800 tons. 400 tons of the snow crab increase will be used to fund scientific studies on fisheries management.

The exploitation rate, the percentage of fish that will be caught out of the total number of fish, will also increase slightly to 38.5 percent...

Full Story »
WWF Warns about Tuna Commission's Relevance

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Radio New Zealand] April 21, 2015 
The WWF's Western and Central Pacific Tuna Programme Manager, Bubba Cook, says expansive fishing fleets from countries like China in the Pacific have created a crisis for local fishers and pose a big threat to the sustainability of stocks.
He says some of these countries show complete disregard for the authority of the Commission.
Mr Cook adds that fishing activities on the high seas remains a major black hole that Pacific nations need to tighten up on.
"The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries...

Full Story »

Sea Scallop Industry at Odds With NOAA on "Essential Fish Habitat" Closures 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Standard-Times] By Steve Urbon - April 21, 2015 

NEW BEDFORD, The scallop industry is on high alert over next week's meeting of the New England Fishery Management Council after a long warning letter was sent to the council by NOAA Fisheries Regional Administrator John Bullard.

At issue is the revamping of decade-old fishing restrictions aimed at preserving "essential fish habitat," an effort that began a decade ago and has been monitored since.

The council's Habitat Committee has issued recommendations that fishing restrictions be lifted on several areas of Georges Bank, the Gulf of Maine and the South Channel. That would please the scallop fishing fleet, which eyes many of those sites as having an abundance of scallops.

NOAA believes that the relaxing of the restrictions would set back the effort to nurse fish stocks back to health...

Full Story »

Technomic Sees Opportunity For Seafood In Fast Casual Sector

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Restaurant Business] By Kelsey Nash - April 21, 2015 - 

For fast-casual operators looking to meet the demand for healthy menu items, seafood may be the answer they’ve been fishing for.

Consumers believe seafood entrees are more healthful than dishes containing beef, pork and poultry, according to findings from market-research company Technomic Inc., and 72 percent of consumers who increased their seafood purchases over the last two years say they did so out of a desire to eat healthier.

“Health is one of the primary drivers for seafood consumption,” says Anne Mills, a manager of consumer insights for Technomic. “As consumers become more health-conscious, seafood is one of the categories that can meet that demand.

Full Story »

Ruffner Appointment to Board of Fish Voted Down

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [Juneau Resources Weekly] - April 21, 2015

Lawmakers voted down Gov. Walker’s choice to fill a vacant seat on the Board of Fisheries after a contentious confirmation process that saw Robert Ruffner fall two-votes shy of the simple majority he needed to gain approval.

Growing opposition built in the days leading to Sunday’s confirmation vote as two dipnetting associations came out in opposition Ruffner’s appointment, one that had previously supported the nominee. In a letter sent to lawmakers rescinding their support, the Chitina Dipnetting Association said Ruffner was too inexperienced in fisheries beyond the Kenai and that he did not fully understand importance of personal use fishing.

Ruffner, an experienced Kenai River dipnetter, told a Senate panel the group wanted him to take a stance on...

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Which Food Prices Are Rising Fastest (And Slowest) in Russia

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [The Moscow Times]  -   April 21, 2014

Data released Monday by state statistics service Rosstat show that as year-on-year food price inflation hit a startling 24.7 percent in March, price rises were by no means equal across the board.

Goods with a significant share of imports, such as sugar, have seen blistering price rises of more than 50 percent spurred by the steep devaluation of the ruble currency in the second half of 2014, which pushed up the price of imports. The ruble is currently down around one-third against the U.S. dollar since this time last year.

Other groups, such as fish and seafood, have been hit hard by Russia's embargo last August on a range of Western food imports in response to U.S. and EU sanctions on Moscow over Russia's role in the Ukraine crisis.

But in product categories where domestic production dominates - such as bread and baked goods - price rises are significantly less severe.

Here is a rundown of which food prices are rising fastest...


Full Story »

Lobster Levy Enabling Legislation Introduced in Nova Scotia, But No Consensus Yet

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [CBC] - April 21, 2015 -

A lobster marketing levy on sales still isn't in place in Nova Scotia but the government would be allowed to collect such a fee under legislation it introduced on Monday.

Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell said a change to the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act would enable the province to collect a financial contribution through regulations once the industry decides what form it will take.

But Colwell said there is still no consensus among lobster fishermen on the implementation of a levy. Any solution would ultimately be industry driven, he added.

Full Story »

Steve Voisin Says Louisiana Seafood Industry is Having to Learn New Game Plan to Survive

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Houma Today] By Jacob Batte & Aaren Gordon - April 21, 2015 - 

Stephen Voisin, CEO of Motivatit Seafood, a Houma oyster processor, said the industry is having to learn a new game plan to survive. The market is still skeptical of the quality of the seafood being pulled from Terrebonne and Lafourche waters, he said.

"I don't know if this will ever end. They've changed our way of living, our life, our projections," he said. "Things we expected to happen can no longer be relied upon...


Full Story »

ASMI Recruiting Fishermen to be Alaska's Unofficial Seafood Ambassadors (Fish Radio)

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Fish Radio with Laine Welch] April 21, 2015 

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Be a seafood brand ambassador! I’ll tell you more after this 

A call is out for fishermen who want to be unofficial ambassadors for Alaska seafood.

"For several years we’ve felt that some of our best spokesmen are fishermen in Alaska, some of the best brand advocates for Alaska seafood are the people most involved in the fisheries. And it’s always been a challenge to stay in touch with the fleet."

Tyson Fick is Communications director for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. To make contact with fishermen, ASMI has launched a confidential on line data base. It asks basic questions such as how long you’ve fished in Alaska and in what fisheries, if you use social media – and if you’re willing to do interviews and be a ‘face’ for Alaska seafood. Fick says it’s a win/win for everyone...

Full Story »
Officials Propose $134 Million in Gulf Recovery Projects

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Associated Press]- April 21, 2015
JACKSON, Miss. -- State and federal officials overseeing $1 billion provided by BP PLC to spur recovery from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill said Monday that they're proposing another 10 projects totaling $134 million.
About $700 million to repair environmental damage and enhance recreational access has been allocated previously, although some of that work has yet to begin.
The latest projects announced on the fifth anniversary of the spill are preliminary, with officials planning to reach a final agreement with the oil company later this year. If approved, they would...

Full Story »
25 Salmonella Cases Possibly Linked to Raw Tuna Sushi in California 
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Food Safety News] - April 20, 2015
There are 18 confirmed cases of Salmonella Paratyphi in Southern California, including seven in Los Angeles County, four in Orange and Ventura counties, two in Riverside County, and one in Santa Barbara County.
Seven other people sickened are from other states but had traveled to the area, according to the Ventura County Public Health Department. Five have been hospitalized.
Department officials said Monday that the exact cause of the outbreak is still being investigated, but indications point to a link ...

Full Story »
Leap in Sales Makes Salmon UK's Leading Food Export
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The National] James Hamilton - April 21, 2015 
Figures released reveal that exports of Scottish salmon grew by £50 million last year, reaching £500 million for the first time ever.
This announcement comes as Scotland’s salmon farmers head out to the Seafood Global Expo, the world’s largest seafood exhibition held in Brussels, to bring back more business, leading to jobs and continued investment for communities across Scotland and the rest of the UK.
Scottish salmon is Scotland’s number one food export, and for the first time last year, it became the UK’s biggest food ...

Full Story »

Florida Eases Commercial Lobster Diver Rules 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Key West Citizen] By Adam Linhardt - April 20, 2015 - 

Things are about to get easier for commercial lobster divers looking to expand or sell their business.

New Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rules set to go into effect July 1 will allow commercial lobster divers to sell their licenses to people other than immediate family members, which is currently prohibited.

The changes also will remove the requirement that an endorsement holder be on board his or her vessel when lobster are being harvested, in much the same way other commercial fishing captains are allowed to let their crews run their boat in their absence.

Since 2004, commercial divers targeting lobster were required to have a commercial dive endorsement for lobster, along with a saltwater products license (Florida's basic commercial license) and a restricted species endorsement.

The pending changes to the dive endorsement are key for the industry, as the other two licenses are easier to acquire...

Full Story »

High Price for Maine Elvers Holding as Fishermen Wait for Thaw

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Associated Press] - April 21, ,2015 - 

PORTLAND, Maine, Maine’s baby eel season is off to a slow start, causing prices to balloon back to historic levels as fishermen wait for waterways to finish thawing.

The fishery for the baby eels is one of the most valuable in Maine, though the value dropped in 2014. Fishermen caught 9,690 pounds of elvers last year at an average price of $874 per pound. State regulators say this season prices are back up to more than $1,800 per pound, as in 2012 and 2013.

Full Story »

Atlantic Capes Fisheries' Acquisition of Ocean Fleet Expands Market for US, Japanese Scallops in EU

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] April 17, 2015

New Bedford's Atlantic Capes Fisheries has expanded its reach to European and Asian markets with the acquisition of major UK scallop processor Ocean Fleet Seafood. Together the scallop suppliers specifically plan to drive up market access for US East Coast and Japanese Hokkaido scallops in the EU market.

Under the deal Atlantic Capes will integrate Ocean Fleet's operations as a division whose primary focus will be on servicing retail and foodservice customers in the EU and Asia....

Full Story »

Alaska At-Sea Processors say MSC is at 'Reputational Risk' After Tragic Sinking of Dainiy Vostok

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by John Sackton - April 19, 2015

The At-sea Processors Association, representing the MSC certified Alaska pollock producers, has written the MSC and Intertek Fisheries Certifications to answer for the facts that have come to light in the tragic sinking of the Dalniy Vostok with the loss of 69 lives.
The vessel was operated by one of the holders of the MSC Certificate for Russian Pollock, Magellan Co.,  Ltd.
In a letter dated April 17th, Stephanie Madsen, Executive Director...

Full Story »

Birds Eye's Fish Finger Brand Iglo to be Sold to Nomad Foods in US$2.8 Billion Deal

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Financial Times] April 20, 2015

Iglo, the frozen foodmaker behind Birds Eye fish fingers, is poised to be acquired by Nomad Foods for €2.6bn, according to people familiar to the matter.

Martin E Franklin and Noam Gottesman, the consumer goods tycoons that set up Nomad a year ago, agreed to take over Iglo from private equity group Permira.The expected deal would be the latest transaction in a series in Europe as boardroom confidence grows in spite of the continent’s broader economy enduring a patchy recovery.

The deal, which could be announced as early as Monday in London, will be primarily funded in cash. Permira will retain a 9 percent stake in the company...

Full Story »

Maine's Vendors Buying Canadian Coldwater Shrimp with Local Fishery Closed, Supplies Dry

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Washington Post] by Patrick Whittle - April 20, 2015

Maine fishmonger Glen Libby made a disheartening discovery on Easter Sunday brunch — the cold water shrimp on the menu at a restaurant up the street from his fish market were from Canada, not New England.

Canadian imports of the sweet, quarter-sized crustaceans are turning up more in American restaurants and seafood markets since a ban on fishing for Maine shrimp dried up local sources. The value of Canada’s shrimp imports to the U.S. grew nearly 20 percent, to more than $30.5 million, from 2013 to 2014, federal statistics say. Canadian imports of cold water shrimp to Maine alone more than doubled, to nearly 100 metric tons, in that time, Canadian authorities said.

The price to American consumers has also risen since the December 2013 shutdown. Libby said the inability to sell the popular shrimp is a deep pain in the winter and spring, when customers typically come looking for them. But he said he’d rather wait for the American fishery to reopen than sell the Canadian alternative...

Full Story »

Sanford Closed Christchurch NZ Mussel Plant Today, As Expected

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] April 20, 2015 

Sanford has confirmed that it has closed its Christchurch mussel processing facility and will consolidate operations to its site in Havelock. 

The decision comes after a consultation period with the 232 staff employed at the Riccarton site earlier this month. They were told that the company was considering the future of mussel processing in Christchurch. Sanford said recent weather patterns had impacted the regions's natural spat supply to a point where Stanford needed to look at its South Island mussel processing capacity.

“The final decision to close has been a difficult one due to the number of staff impacted, however given the outlook of reduced Greenshell mussel crop supply in the short to medium term, the Company needs one South Island location working efficiently at capacity, rather than two impacted by uncertain supply,” said Kuntzsch...

Full Story »

Alarming Artemia Shortage Crimping Andhra Pradesh Shrimp Hatcheries

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Hindu] CH R.S. Sarma - April 20, 2015 -

 KAKINADA, Delay and procedural hurdles in import of artemia are affecting the shrimp hatcheries in East Godavari and the rest of Andhra Pradesh and the authorities should take immediate steps to address the issue, according to L. Satya Narain alias Tikkoo, president of All-India Shrimp Hatcheries' Association.

If the situation continues for a while, the hatcheries have to shut down their production facilities. Summer is the main stocking season for grow-outs in India.

He said the impact would be so severe that entire shrimp aquaculture industry would come to a stand still. "At this stage, it is difficult for the industry to reach the shrimp production levels of last year. The situation is very alarming and immediate intervention by officials is the need of the hour," he added.

Full Story »

Mass. Lobstermen, West Coast and Alaskan Trawler Groups Join Seafood Harvesters

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] April 20, 2015

Massachusetts Lobstermen along with West Coast and Alaskan Midwater Trawler fishermen have joined the Seafood Harvesters of America. This latest addition has pushed the Harvester's umbrella organization to feature membership from 16 premiere fishing associations from around the country.

The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association is a member organization that accepts and supports the interdependence of species conservation and the collective economic interests of its 1,700 members. 

"The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association (Association) is extremely excited about joining the Seafood Harvesters of America.  The Association has been following the many successes of the Harvesters and looks forward to joining the leadership to help keep commercial fisherman here in Massachusetts and across the nation fishing for years to come...

Full Story »

Supervalu and Albertsons Reach Agreement on Winding Down Transition Services Agreement (TSA)

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Supermarket News] By Jon Springer - April 21, 2015 - 

Supervalu has come to agreement with New Albertsons Inc. and Albertsons LLC to wind down the transition services it has been providing to the companies.

The agreement calls for Supervalu to receive $50 million from Albertsons, payable in eight payments of $6.25 million every six months, in exchange for winding down its transition service agreements with Albertsons.

Full Story »

National Fish Helps Another Indian Shrimp Producer Earn Four-Star BAP Approval

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] April 20, 2015

National Fish & Seafood has helped another Indian shrimp and seafood producer and distributor, Suryamitra, achieve Four Star Certification from the Global Aquaculture Alliance's (GAA) Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program. Suryamitra is now the second Indian seafood operation ever to get the recognition.

According to the GAA, Suryamitra qualified for four-star certification under BAP when its farm, I. Surya Rao confirmed that it sourced its feed from BAP-certified Avanti Feeds Limited (Feed Unit 1 & 3). This completed the the four-star operating requirement denoting that a company's processing plant, farm, hatchery and feed mill all operate according to standards recognized sustainable under the BAP criteria...

Full Story »

Spare Fleet Readies for Togiak Herring Season

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [Bristol Bay Times]  By Hannah Colton  - April 20, 2015

After another mild winter and warm spring, Alaska's largest herring fishery will probably start inside of April again this year. 

Seine and gillnet boats, and their buyers, are converging on the grounds of the Togiak sac roe herring fishery, where an estimated 29,012 tons will be available for harvest.

The herring district is ice-free, so the Department of Fish and Game is monitoring sea surface temperature to help predict when the herring will arrive.

"We know that generally we have to have three-plus degree (C) water for the herring to start showing up and spawning," said area management biologist Tim Sands. He's monitoring National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite data on sea surface temperatures out of the Dillingham ADF&G office.

Sands said long, sunny days or a good storm from the south...

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Red Meat, Poultry and Egg Markets Fairly Flat Last Week

SEAFOODNEWS.COM- [Urner Barry Newswires] - Jamie Chadwick -  April 20, 2015

Urner Barry's Choice beef cutout, which represents a composite value of the carcass based upon prices paid for primal cuts, rose 1% over the course of last week, mainly on strength seen in the loin complex as well as thin meats and trimmings.  Notable gains were posted early on in the week, softening slightly however by week's end.  Select was down 0.5%.

The pork carcass cutout was fairly flat last week, struggling to gain traction under high production and sluggish fresh pork sales.  The cutout gained a modest $0.25/cwt.  Pork packer margins dropped to the low single digits following a run of favorable margin levels...

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Newfoundland's Huge Northern Cod Fishery Begins FIP Project in Preparation for a Return to Market

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton - April 17, 2015

The huge Newfoundland Northern Cod Fishery has entered into a fishery improvement project in preparation for a return to the market.
Canada's largest groundfishery on Northern Cod famously collapsed after overly optimistic stock assessments, a lengthy period of overfishing, and changes in the ocean environment.
This fishery, which rivals the size of the Barents Sea cod fishery, and once produced 800,000 tons per year, was shut down completely in the famous cod moratorium of 1992, prompting the largest layoffs in Canadian history.
For years, there was little stock recovery.  However in the last seven or eight years, a new ocean regime with warmer temperatures more suited for cod has gradually returned to Atlantic Canada, and as a result conditions have begun to shift from those favorable for crab and shrimp to those favorable for cod. 
Current stock suveys show a spawning stock biomass in the 200,000 ton range, and the stock has the potential to increase 50% a year...

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Mississippi Crab and Shrimp Fishermen are Still Reeling from Oil Spill Impacts

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Sun Herald] by Karen Nelson - April 20, 2015

For five years, they've come to the shrimp-boat docks around the anniversary of the BP oil spill to read the names of the dead -- 11 workers killed on the rig.

The groups that gather represent the fishing community, hardest hit by the spill that spewed what responding agencies estimated to be 205 million gallons of oil into the Gulf. A federal court case later lowered that figure.

This year, the Rev. Eddie Hartwell asked God to intervene and "restore the waters" so people can again earn a living...

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