Thu. Nov 15 2018

America’s Finest Wins Jones Act Exemption in Senate Coast Guard Bill

Seafood Industry Applauds Coast Guard Bill that Ends Much Uncertainty for Fishing Vessels

Symphony of Seafood Debuts 10 New Products  

Nova Scotia Fishermen’s Organization Want Boat Harbour to Close on Schedule

Coast Guard Rescue 4 Fishermen Off Maine Coast

New Zealand’s Sanford Limited Releases Full Year Results for FY18  

Thai Union Launches Fish Oil Refinery in Germany to Produce Tuna Oil

GAA Debuting Documentary Short Film About Indonesian Shrimp Farming  

Blain Shortreed Named New COO at Long John Silver’s Summary Thursday, November 15

Wed. Nov 14 2018

Clearwater Receives Patent for Vision System for Grading Lobsters That Are Molting  

Bay Area Consumers Have Dungeness for Thanksgiving; Rest of West Coast Seasons Likely Delayed  

There is Now a Plant-Based Food Certification for Seafood Alternatives

Scotland May Be Left in the Cold on Brexit, As No Clear Fisheries Guarantee Emerges

Marine Harvest Builds New Processing Plant in Shanghai, its 6th in Asia  

Texas Shrimp Producer NaturalShrimp Conducting Final Tests in Enclosed Salt Water Systems  

#FutureFishAndChips Campaign Raises Awareness About Plastic in Oceans with Crazy Stunt

Applebee's Launches Catering; Offers More Shrimp Options With Bigger, Bolder Grill Combo Menu  

Captain D’s Brings Back Family Meal, Launches $3.49 Snacks Summary Wednesday, November 14

Tue. Nov 13 2018

Alexa Tonkovich Resigns as ASMI Director

Bristol Bay Sockeye Forecast Reduced for 2019, Board of Fish Update  

Ocean Phoenix Confirms Deal is Likely for Purchase of F/V Pacific Glacier

Marine Harvest Proposes Changing Company Name to Mowi; Joins Long Tradition of Company Rebrandings

East Coast Seafood Launches New Retail Brand for Holidays

China Basa Processing Plants Run Into Trouble with Rising Prices, Farm Stocking  

ASC Celebrates China's 10th ASC-Certified Farm  

Algeria Teams up with Egypt to Develop Nile Tilapia Aquaculture  

EDF, Santa Barbara ChannelKeeper Celebrate Judge’s Decision to Halt Offshore Fracking Pending Review

Canadian Government Creates Nature Legacy to Protect Country’s Nature and Wildlife

Canada’s Arctic Glacier Canada Fined for Fisheries Act Violation Summary Tuesday, November 13

Mon. Nov 12 2018

Letters: Ray Hilborn Clarifies Thoughts on MSC

San Francisco Crab Season Opens Nov. 15; Areas North to Mendocino Delayed Due to Domoic Acid  

JD.COM Reaches Record USD$23 Billion During Singles Day Shopping Festival

1,300 Fishermen Wanted First New Scallop Licenses Since 2009. Only Four Got Them.  

LISTEN: Alaska Fish News; Mexico Shrimp Production; October Refusals; and More  

Russia Expects No Significant Increase in Crab Harvests; More Live Exports in Future  

Maine: New Protections for Herring but Lobster Bait Crunch Imminent  

Plant-Based Seafood Company Sophie’s Kitchen Joins PepsiCo’s Nutrition Greenhouse Program Summary Monday, November 12

Fri. Nov 9 2018

High Liner’s 3rd Quarter Disappointing; Completes 14% Reduction in Salaried Workforce

Samherji, One of Iceland’s Largest Fishing Companies, Wins 8 Year Struggle with Central Bank

West Coast Whale Entanglement Causes, Solutions Detailed in New Report

ANALYSIS: Canada Whole Farmed Salmon Market Shifting to 12-14lb Size; Norway, Scotland Lower Offers  

Halibut’s a Wrap But There’s Lots of Fishing Going on Across Alaska  

VIDEO: Mexico Shrimp Production; Alaska Fishermen Sentenced; NZ Mussels Imports Fall and More  

Singapore Investment Fund Plans Global Rollout of Indoor RAS Salmon Farms

October 2018 Tuna, Mahi Refusals Up YTD; Shrimp Refusals Drop Slightly  

Alaska Senators Applaud $30 Million Alaska Pollock Procurement Contract for Nutrition Programs Summary Friday, November 9

Maine Scallop Season starting Soon with Minimal Changes from 2017-2018 Season  

FFAW Speaks out on Oil and Gas Activity in NL Marine Reserve

NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program Awards Over $8.3 Million in Grants

Applications Open for IAFI’s 2019 Peter Howgate Award

Thu. Nov 8 2018 Summary Thursday, November 8

Captain D’s Awards 2018 Pride Cup to Georgia General Manager

Univ. of Texas Finds Gulf Fish Spawning Not Impacted by Hurricanes

In-Store Pickup Trend Growing: Online Grocery Company Instacart Expands Pickup Nationally

U.S. Coast Guard Stops 2 Lancha Boats from Illegally Fishing  

Single Snow Crab Bought for $23,000 as ‘Echizen Gani’ Snow Crab Fishery Begins in Sea of Japan  

Ocean Choice International Enters into Marketing Agreement with Qingdao Meichu Food Co.

Two Alaska Fishermen Sentenced for Harassing, Killing Steller Sea Lions

Mexico May Produce Nearly 140,000 Tons of Shrimp, Up About 15%, but it’s Not Coming to the US  

Alaska Fishing Jobs Set Records in 2017

Samuel Martin Named Atlantic Cape Fisheries’ New COO

ANALYSIS: NZ Mussels - September Imports Fall 75%; Lowest Ever Recorded  

ANALYSIS: A Year of Pangasius Imports in the Books Under USDA    

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America’s Finest Wins Jones Act Exemption in Senate Coast Guard Bill, but will have Sideboards on Pollock and Cod

The bitter intra-industry fight over the certification of F/V America’s Finest has ended with the approval by the Senate of a Jones Act waiver.  The House has already twice approved such a waiver.

The language, included in the Coast Guard Authorization Bill, says “Notwithstanding sections 12112 and 12113 of title 46, United States Code, the Secretary of the department in which the Coast Guard is operating may issue a certificate of documentation with a coastwise and a fishery endorsement for the vessel AMERICA’S FINEST ...

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Seafood Industry Applauds Coast Guard Bill that Ends Much Uncertainty for Fishing Vessels

The Senate has passed a bi-partisan Coast Guard Reauthorization bill 94-6 that includes many regulatory updates that were critical to US fishing interests. Charter and commercial fishing businesses in Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii have been working on this issue for several years.

The bill permanently removes all vessels under 79 feet from being subject to EPA incidental discharge regulations regarding ballast water and deck washing.  It also removes all fishing vessels, fish processing vessels, or tenders of any length from the EPA discharge requirements.  The EPA rules applying to ballast water and deck water discharge were put in place in 2008, ...

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Symphony of Seafood Debuts 10 New Products

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – From spring rolls to seafood noodles – Alaska’s Symphony of Seafood unveils new products.

The 26th Alaska Symphony of Seafood attracted 10 entries in its annual competition. They were judged privately last night (Wednesday) in Seattle in three categories: retail, food service and Beyond the Plate. As always, the innovation is off the charts.

“I have not seen a spring roll product entered before. Alaska sockeye salmon spring roll by Tai Foong. And Fishpeople Seafoods entered a salmon jerky ...

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Coast Guard Rescue 4 Fishermen Off Maine Coast

Four fishermen off the coast of Rockland, Maine, were rescued by the Coast Guard on Wednesday after they were forced to abandon their boat.

The men, who were on board the F/V Aaron & Melissa II, were forced to abandon their boat when it began taking on water at approximately 7:45 a.m. The captain radioed the Northern New England Coast Guard, who were able to send an HC-114 Ocean Sentry aircraft and MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter. The aircrews were able to locate the raft and fishermen ...

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 New Zealand’s Sanford Limited Releases Full Year Results for FY18

New Zealand’s Sanford Limited released their full year results for FY18 on Thursday. The company is reporting net profit after tax of $42.3 million, an improvement of 12.9% from last year, which can be credited to the insurance settlement from the Kaikoura earthquake that damaged their Havelock mussel processing facility. Meanwhile, the company’s adjusted earnings before interest and tax increased 1.5% to $64.7 million.

According to Sanford, sales revenue increased by 7.7% from $477.9 million to $515 million. The increase can be credited to ...

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GAA Debuting Documentary Short Film About Indonesian Shrimp Farming

The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) is giving their members a peak into what goes on at an Indonesian shrimp farm. The organization announced on Monday that their fifth documentary short film – about Rosida Idriss, her daughter Aanisah Idriss, and their network of black tiger shrimp farms in East Kalimantan, Indonesia – will debut at the end of the month.

GAA has been producing films since 2016, but their upcoming release stands apart from the rest in that it features “overlaying plotlines” and “tension” ...

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Bay Area Consumers Have Dungeness for Thanksgiving; Rest of West Coast Seasons Likely Delayed

The celebrated San Francisco Dungeness crab season starts tomorrow, but delays due to domoic acid or meat quality in other areas are likely, according to officials from Oregon and California.

“California’s Dungeness crab fishery is one of the most progressively designed and collaboratively managed fisheries on the West Coast,” Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations Executive Director Noah Oppenheim said in a press release. “Our crab populations are stable and doing well. Yet climate change continues to threaten crab fisheries in complex and unpredictable ways ...

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Scotland May Be Left in the Cold on Brexit, As No Clear Fisheries Guarantee Emerges

The Brexit deal hangs by a knife edge as UK prime minister May tries to round up support in her coalition for a deal that gives few parties what the want.

The bare outlines are that the UK will stay in the EU customs union at least until 2020, and possibly longer, without a unilateral path to exit unless the EU and the UK agree on a supplemental trade agreement.  If the UK did exit, Northern Ireland would remain ...

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Texas Shrimp Producer NaturalShrimp Conducting Final Tests in Enclosed Salt Water Systems

Texas shrimp producer NaturalShrimp is making progress on their system to grow top-grade shrimp without toxic chemicals. The agro-technology company, which produces an eco-friendly fresh Pacific white shrimp, announced on Tuesday that they are running the final tests on their indoor all-natural patented system at their production facility near San Antonio.

“NaturalShrimp has spent the past several years developing its new, unique technology of growing shrimp in enclosed salt water systems,” the company said in a press release ...

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#FutureFishAndChips Campaign Raises Awareness About Plastic in Oceans with Crazy Stunt

Customers who recently ordered fish and chips from The Chippery in Blackburn, England, received quite a surprise. A recording reveals that the restaurant was serving guests battered plastic instead of battered fish – and the reason will surprise you.

“God, that’s plastic,” one patron says in the video.

“You think I’m feeding the kids with that?” asked another, as she angrily handed back her plate.

The stunt was part of Plastic Oceans UK’s #FutureFishandChips campaign, a global effort by environmental groups and ...

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Nova Scotia Fishermen’s Organization Want Boat Harbour to Close on Schedule

A number of fishermen’s organizations in Nova Scotia are coming together to demand that Boat Harbour close on schedule – despite Northern Pulp admitting that they likely will miss the 2020 effluent deadline.

Northern Pulp, a pulp and paper mill in Pictou County, confirmed yesterday that a new effluent treatment pipeline is at risk of missing the government-imposed deadline of January 2020. Jean-Francois Guillot, VP of Operations at Paper Excellence, which owns Northern Pulp, told CBC News that they will likely miss the deadline by ...

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Clearwater Receives Patent for Vision System for Grading Lobsters That Are Molting

According to US Patent office, Clearwater Seafoods was granted a patent on November 12 for a vision system that identifies the molt stage of lobsters.

The system would replace blood protein analysis and other means of determining the overall quality and amount of meat in a live lobster.  The system is designed to be noninvasive, and operate on a conveyor belt.

The lobsters could be sorted by size, molt condition, and quality, based on the vision system.

According to the patent filing, the vision system consists of ...

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Thai Union Opens Fish Oil Refinery in Germany to Produce Tuna Oil

Thai Union announced on Wednesday that they have commissioned their $24 million Thai Union Marine Nutrients tuna oil refinery in Rostock, Germany. The company is now the only refiner of high-grade tuna oil with complete end-to-end supply chain and production management.

“we are focused on creating a sustainable future for the tuna industry by maximizing and leveraging high-nutrient tuna byproducts,” Thai Union CEO Thiraphong Chansiri said in a statement. “Our pure tuna oil is just our first step in a suite of ....

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Blain Shortreed Named New COO at Long John Silver’s 

Blain Shortreed, the former Vice President of Operations for Pizza Hut USA, has been named the new Chief Operating Officer at Long John Silver’s.

“Long John Silver’s is continuing the process of innovation and sharing our story with loyal customers,” James O’Reilly, Long John Silver’s CEO, said in a statement. “Blain is a veteran in the quick-service restaurant industry and we know he’ll be an asset to our brand as we continue to evolve.

Shortreed has over 25 years of global franchise operations experience ...

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There is Now a Plant-Based Food Certification for Seafood Alternatives

Plant-based seafood alternative brands like Sophie’s Kitchen, Ocean Hugger Foods, New Wave Foods and Good Catch Foods will now be able to get their products certified. On Tuesday the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) announced that they have launched a new Certified Plant Based program – the first and only certification for plant-based foods.

“The launch of the Certified Plant Based seal is an exciting step for the fast-growing and innovative plant-based food industry,” PBFA executive director Michele Simon said in a press release ...

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Marine Harvest Builds New Processing Plant in Shanghai, its 6th in Asia

Marine Harvest is building a large salmon processing plant in Shanghai.  The company, whose subsidiary is Shanghai Harvest Marine, will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal.

This was announced at the recent China International Fisheries Show, where the Shanghai Association of Cruise Line Supplier was inaugurated.

According to a report in Eastday, the plant will be located in Shanghai’s Baoshan district.

The chilled salmon processing plant will improve product quality by shortening the supply chain ...

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Alexa Tonkovich Resigns as ASMI Director

Alexa Tonkovich, who has served for as ASMI’s executive director for three years, announced her resignation in a letter to ASMI committee members on Saturday.

Tonkovich said she will be leaving in mid-December to pursue a master’s degree in international business.

She pledged to work with the interim director, who will be appointed at the ASMI board meeting on November 19th.

Tonkovich has been with ASMI for nearly ten years, formerly working as head of Asia operations before becoming executive director.

Another ASMI staffer, Domestic Marketing Director Victoria Parr, resigned on ...

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