Wed. Nov 26 2014

Alaska's crab harvesters blame falling red king prices on Russia's IUU haul

Reports from six regions of China show that 2014 shrimp season was much improved over 2013  

Pebble mine wins procedural injunction against EPA; temporarily delaying 404c review

US and Canada's Pacific Whiting fishery gets MSC re-certification

ISSF says Bigeye tuna protection measures woefully inadaquate, calls for total seasonal closures  

Fishing delays in LFA 34 cuts into lobster production time for processors  

Overseas Chinese spending slows due to anti-corruption drive, hitting resorts and tourism

P.E.I. fisheries minister confident elections won't derail lobster levy

Restaurant industry largely welcomes FDA calorie count rule

China Fishery Results support ratings, says Fitch; company is deleveraging

Grocery groups fear confusion and costs in FDA's calorie labeling rule

International companies said to be stripping Ghana's sea bare as local fishermen starve

Sysco names Tom Bene EVP and president of foodservice operations

Oceana wants higher horse mackerel quota in Namibia, posts strong FY Group results  

Wind power leases south of Martha's Vineyard to be auctioned January 29

Next year goal is to have 30 percent of Vietnam's aquaculture farms Vietgap certified

Last of 3 Westward employees gets probation in Clean Air Act case

Australia's massive sardine fishery looking at potential for food grade fish

Brennan's reopens in French Quarter "with one foot in the past and one foot in the future"

Estonia hopes Belarus will process fish for export to Russia

Japan vows to resume Antarctic whale hunt for ‘science’ next year News Summary Wednesday Nov. 26, 2014

Tue. Nov 25 2014

Russia has "completely substituted" its Norwegian salmon imports with product from the Faroes, Chile  

Sitka's preliminary 2015 sac roe herring harvest cut in half based on low numbers of young fish  

Gale force winds delay opening to Nova Scotia's LFA 34 lobster fishery until at least Friday  

Stavis Seafoods to move into Globe Fish's 310 N. Ave facility in Boston, tripling its fresh fish ops

NMFS's announces Western AK Steller sea lion protections that will impact mackerel, P. cod, pollock  

Cooke Aquaculture processing salmon at reopened Hermitage plant

FDA will require restaurants to display calorie counts, includes some retail prepared foods

Taylor Shellfish plans to build 30-acre geoduck farm in Dungeness Bay next year  

Russian-Japanese anti-poaching agreement will take effect December 10

Commercial and sport charter groups urge action on vessel discharge bills

Much higher rock lobster prices not expected to curb holiday demand among Australian consumers  

EU, Norway, Faroes agree to cut mackerel quota 25 percent, Iceland, Greenland not included  

Discards rule change could collapse EU's whitefish industry, warns Scottish Fishermen's Federation  

Safeway says it is "on track" to achieve 2015 seafood sustainability goal

American Bluefin Tuna Assn. pleased with ICCAT quota increase  

Oil World analyst expects global fish meal production to fall 10 percent as Peruvian output falls

Lithuanian crab vessel detained in Russia still in legal limbo

Alaska's Ocean Observing System to hold ocean acidification workshop in December (Fish Radio)

China Fishery sets March deadline to redeem Copeinca's debt

Icelandic Group appoints new Director of Sales and Sourcing Coordination

Captain D's plans to open 25 new restaurants in North Texas

Umami sells Croatian Kali Tuna bluefin farm to Japanese company

Seven Holdings acquiring Mote's Siberian sturgeon and caviar business

NE Aquarium overwhelmed with cold stunned sea turtles News Summary Tuesday November 25, 2014

Mon. Nov 24 2014

Sysco reported to be closing in on deal with US Foods by selling assets to Performance

Congestion and surcharges 'worst ever seen' at Los Angles ports, delaying seafood holiday shipments

Media frenzy over seafood sustainability rivals that over food safety in the 1990's

PSPA donates $100,000 to Seashare in honor of Terry Shaff at memorial gathering last Friday

The Mazzetta Co. closes on purchase of former Good Harbor Fillet plant in Gloucester  

Meat fill allows Klipsan Beach to Point Arena, CA Dungeness season to open December 1  

Lobster levy lagging in Maritimes  

Appeals Court says five Boston seafood companies must pay taxes for overstaying Fish Pier leases

Early influx of cold weather floods local shrimp markets in China, as farmers rush to harvest ponds  

Earle McCurdy's return to the FFAW not 'double dipping,' says union

Russia to take mandatory 25% stake in all foreign investments in Russia's fishing sector

Strong winds, high seas delays start to Nova Scotia's LFA 34 lobster season for at least two days  

India plans to ramp up fish production hoping to challenge China's output

Bering Sea is home to world's most acidic ocean waters says Columbia University study

Mussel aquaculture in New England expanding with opening of federal waters

Maine scallop fishermen win "a small victory" with more flexible rules  

Pacific Andes FY profit up 27.5 percent driven by Peruvian fishmeal operations  

Why have Gulf of Maine cod continued to decline despite ever stricter management?  

Jason Hart promoted to CEO of Aldi U.S.

Vietnam wants Russia to lift its seafood import restrictions on exporters with no existing contracts

Higher salmon sales help Camanchaca net $10 million in income through three quarters  

China's President Xi spreads cash, seeks influence in the Pacific

Some watermen see catch shares as way to manage blue crab fishery, hatcheries also could help News Summary Monday November 24, 2014

Fri. Nov 21 2014

Strengthening dollar puts US market in ideal position for imported seafood

Southwestern Nova Scotia early lobster fishery may have a lot of soft shells  

Maine's second straight shrimp closure leaves NE seafood suppliers short on product for the winter  

Nova Scotia cashing in on $5 million investment that saved High Liner during the 1980's cod collapse

Price gap between moisture-added and non-moisture added tilapia splits Urner Barry quotation  

Pacific coast shellfish growers and hatcheries now have access to real-time ocean acidification data

NE council expands sea scallop closure areas to protect juvenile scallops  

Beaver Street enters the hot dog business with launch of Grillman's Franks brand for retail

Fortune Fish and SeaShare team up for fifth straight holiday season food drive in Chicago

Maritime Association calls latest West Coast dockworker bargaining tactic a deliberate "slowdown"

PEI's Center for Aquaculture wants to use abandoned fish plant in Souris for fish farming research

NOAA clarifies misconceptions about ocean zoning and how it benefits fisheries (Fish Radio)

Environmental groups sue NMFS over higher bigeye quota for U.S. longliners News Summary Friday November 21, 2014

Japanese researcher using mackerel surrogates to spawn bluefin tuna

Sea Shepherd will chase illegal Patagonian toothfish poachers in Southern Ocean

Australian greenlip abalone farm expanding to produce up to 100 tons annually

InstantID DNA test identifies Atlantic blue crab meat in 2 hours  

Fresh Market posts 34.2 percent higher profit in Q3 on 15.1 percent higher sales

Thu. Nov 20 2014

Council votes to exempt NE lobster fishery from cod management measures  

With marketing levy approval, PEI's lobstermen set out to build brand in Chinese, EU markets

Chile cuts 2015 hake quota with biomass down over 6% in a year  

Nova Scotia's lobstermen warned of wind delay protocol ahead of LFA 34 season opener on Monday  

FDA clarifies policy on ensuring safety of seafood imports from China

Gulf Coalition finds consumers eating more seafood in restaurants with cost a barrier at retail

Chinese shellfish meat extraction machine impresses Maine processors   (1)

Bankruptcies among fish processors in Russia's Kaliningrad region blamed on raw material shortage News Summary Thursday November 20, 2014

FWC bans spiny lobster casitas as too problematic

Keith Sullivan nominated to replace retiring McCurdy as FFAW's third president

Collaborative plan announced to rebuild 3Ps cod  

AquaChile's sales grow 4% to $555 million for the year supported by strong salmon market prices  

Seafood Harvesters support quick Congressional action to pass fishing vessel discharge exemption

Sanford ponders vertical integration or selling off its tuna business after disappointing sales  

Rubio-Murkowski bill would exempt small commercial vessels from incidental discharge regs for 1 year

Target hopes to differentiate its food offerings

Russian ban and sinking ruble leave Estonia with 35,000 tons of surplus fish

EU and South Korea both detecting antibiotic residues in Vietnamese pangasius  

Major Vietnamese shrimp exporter Minh Phu Q3 profit up 50 percent over year-ago  

EDF proposes 100 percent vessel monitoring of NE groundfish boats

Giant Foods recalls Acme Smoked Nova Salmon for possible listeria, no illnesses reported

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Alaska's crab harvesters blame falling red king prices on Russia's IUU haul

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [KUCB] by Annie Ropeik - November 26, 2014

The Bering Sea red king crab fleet finished catching 10 million pounds of quota last week -- and they're facing some lackluster prices as the crab goes to market. It could be due to higher catch limits in Alaska and Russia.

There’s also the problem of pirates. Illegal crab harvesting is declining, but industry groups say it’s still their biggest concern. KUCB’s Annie Ropeik reports on what impact it had this year.

Crab economics can be a tricky business. Take it from Jake Jacobsen, who heads up the state’s biggest crab harvesting collective, the Inter-Cooperative Exchange...

Full Story »

Reports from six regions of China show that 2014 shrimp season was much improved over 2013

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [Oeofo news and SeafoodNews] Translated by Amy Zhong  Nov 25, 2014

A review from the six major shrimp growing areas in China shows that local producers had a much better year in 2014 than they did in 2013.  The success of local farmers should help maintain shrimp supplies in the Chinese internal shrimp market, which is the largest in the world. 
In China, the estimated production of farmed shrimp in 2013 was 1.1 million tonnes, nearly 22% less (-300 000 tonnes) than in 2012. Some reports indicate almost a 30% production shortfall for vannamei shrimp. 
In 2013, according to the FAO, China imported shrimp aggressively, not only from Asian sources but also from Latin America, Europe and Canada. Overall imports of frozen shrimp in 2013 were 30.3% higher than 2012; supplies increased by 84% from India, 48% from Canada, 32% from Greenland and 16% from Ecuador.
The estimated production of farmed shrimp in 2013 was 1.1 million tonnes, nearly 22% less...

Full Story »

Pebble mine wins procedural injunction against EPA; temporarily delaying 404c review

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Canada Newswire]  Nov. 26, 2014

VANCOUVER, - Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. reports that U.S. Federal District Court for Alaska Judge H. Russell Holland has granted the Pebble Limited Partnership's request for a Preliminary Injunction in its litigation against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
"Although the decision is a procedural victory and does not resolve our claims that EPA pursued a biased and predetermined 404c veto initiative against Pebble by not complying with the requirements of the Federal Advisory Committee Act ("FACA"), the decision is important for several reasons," said Tom Collier, CEO of the Pebble Partnership.
"Specifically, the court has granted a Preliminary Injunction that blocks EPA from taking any further steps in the 404c regulatory process it has initiated at Pebble before Judge Holland is able to issue a final decision on the merits of our FACA case. We expect the case may take several months to complete. ...

Full Story »

ISSF says Bigeye tuna protection measures woefully inadaquate, calls for total seasonal closures

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by John Sackton - Nov 25, 2014
It is fair to say that within the global tuna complex, bluefin and bigeye tuna are facing the biggest challenges of overfishing and depletion.
On Bluefin, a number of positive steps have been taken in both the Atlantic and South Pacific, so that in the Atlantic stocks are now rebuilding, and in the South Pacific, Japan has taken an important market leadership role in limiting harvests of juvenile bluefin.
Unfortunately, it seems the same successess are eluding managers of Bigeye tuna.  The largest fishery is under the jurisdiction of the Western and Central Pacific Fishereis Commission.
The WWF, a partner with ISSF, says "The current situation with bigeye indicates other failings at WCFPC that are forcing many in the market, the public and other stakeholders to ask, If WCPFC can’t get bigeye right when the science is so clear on needing to reduce catches, how can we trust that the rest of the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) tuna fishery can be well managed?"
The ISSF, (International Tuna Sustainability Foundation) says that the stock is now below the limit reference set by the WCPFC, and overfishing is occuring.  Fishing mortality has to be reduced by 36% in order to end overfishing.
Since 2009, measures have not been effective, says ISSF...

Full Story »

Overseas Chinese spending slows due to anti-corruption drive, hitting resorts and tourism

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [China Daily] Nov. 25, 2014

As a graduate student in Australia six years ago, Liu Jingping moonlighted at a Chinese restaurant where many Chinese government officials on "work trips" would dine.
They would order lobster and other expensive seafood that they washed down with baijiu, the fiery, sorghum-based Chinese liquor.
But such overseas government trips are a thing of the past amid Beijing's anti-graft and austerity campaigns, which are reverberating far beyond its shores, said Liu, 34, now a tourism analyst and part-time tour guide.
The China-dependent sector of the global tourism industry has been hurting...

Full Story »

Restaurant industry largely welcomes FDA calorie count rule

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Nation's Restaurant News] By Jonathan Maze - November 26, 2014 - 

The FDA published Tuesday sweeping but long-expected rules requiring restaurant chains to publish calorie counts on menus and menu boards.

The restaurant industry largely welcomed the rules. Many chains have already been preparing for them, opting for a single, national standard instead of an amalgamation of state-led requirements.

The FDA has estimated that 1,640 chains nationwide would be subject to the requirements. Those chains have 278,600 locations. It has also estimated the cost of complying to be about $1,100 per unit, including $1,800 per limited-service restaurant and less than $1,000 per full-service location...

Full Story »

Grocery groups fear confusion and costs in FDA's calorie labeling rule, hope for future legislation limiting rule to restaurants


SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Supermarket News] By Liz Webber - November 26, 2014 - 

After beginning the process of sifting through FDA’s 395-page menu labeling final rule, industry groups say they are still unclear about what food items are covered, and they worry about the cost and speed of compliance.

“And there’s no question that there’s going to be a lot of confusion. First off, why grocery stores are in a chain restaurant menu labeling law. But then also what foods are covered, what foods are not covered, how do you go about labeling this information, how do you even find the nutritional information,” said Rob Rosado, FMI’s director of government affairs.

FMI and NGA are looking to Congress to pass some form of the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act, a bill introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate last year that would limit menu labeling to restaurants.

Full Story »

Sysco names Tom Bene EVP and president of foodservice operations

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] - November 26, 2014 - 

Sysco has named Tom Bene executive vice president and president of foodservice operations, effective January 1, 2015.

Bene will succeed Mike Green, who previously announced his intention to retire from Sysco at the end of 2014 after 24 years of service.

Bene will report directly to Bill DeLaney, Sysco president and CEO, and have management responsibility for Sysco's US broadline operations, SYGMA, specialty meat companies, FreshPoint, Guest Supply, European Imports, international, shared services and revenue management.

Pending the close of Sysco's merger with US Foods, all commercial functions, including contract sales, marketing, merchandising, e-commerce and quality assurance, will also continue to report to Bene.

Full Story »

Wind power leases south of Martha's Vineyard to be auctioned January 29

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SANA] - November 26, 2014 - 

Four leases for 742,000 acres of sea south of Martha's Vineyard - a area roughly the size of Rhode Island - will be put up for bid at a wind power auction on Jan. 29.

If leased and developed by the power industry, the area has the potential to provide wind-generated electricity to 1.4 million homes, according to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which announced the auction date Monday and pitched it as part of President Barack Obama's climate action plan and efforts to reduce carbon pollution...

Full Story »

Last of 3 Westward employees gets probation in Clean Air Act case

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Alaska Dispatch] By Jerzy Shedlock - November 26, 2014 - 

The last of three federal defendants who pleaded guilty this year to Clean Air Act violations at a Dutch Harbor seafood plant was sentenced Tuesday to three years of probation, avoiding the maximum sentence of two years in prison.

U.S. District Court Judge Ralph Beistline also ordered Bryan Beigh, 48, to pay a $750 fine.

Full Story »
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US and Canada's Pacific whiting fishery gets MSC re-certification

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] November 26, 2014

The Marine Stewardship Council has re-certified the US and Canadian Pacific hake mid-water trawl fishery following an independent, third-party assessment conducted by MRAG Americas.

Under the re-certification the Pacific hake fishery continues to meet the MSC's standards for a sustainable and well-managed fishery that it first approved of back in 2009.  At that time the TAC for the jointly managed fishery was 48,061 metric tons on the Canadian side and 135,939 metric tons for the US caught off the coasts of Washington and Oregon. The primary commercial markets for Pacific hake are Europe, Asia and North America. It is used in producing a variety of products including surimi and frozen fillet, dressed and whole fish block markets...

Full Story »

Fishing delays in LFA 34 cuts into lobster production time for processors

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - November 26, 2014

This week's weather-induced 4 day delay to the start of Nova Scotia's lobster fishing season in LFA 34 squeezes the amount of time processors will have to get the lobsters they need for tail and meat production before the haul goes to the live market.

Gale force winds and high seas forced Nova Scotia's lobster fishery managers to delay the scheduled November 24 opening in LFA 34 until this Friday at the very earliest.

Provincial laws require the fishery be shut down if winds exceed 25 knots...

Full Story »

P.E.I. fisheries minister confident elections won't derail lobster levy

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [CBC] - November 26, 2014 -

P.E.I. Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley is optimistic all three Maritime provinces will have legislation in place for a lobster marketing levy by the time the spring fishery opens.

“Nova Scotia is not as up to speed as we are. This was started under Belliveau, under the NDP, and then all of the sudden the election changed and you've got a new minister in there,” said MacKinley.

“Same as New Brunswick, they started under the Conservative government and now there is a Liberal government in there, and it takes time for those ministers to get a hold of the file and to be able to feel comfortable with it.”

MacKinley still feels everything will be in place by May...

Full Story »

China Fishery Results support ratings, says Fitch; company is deleveraging

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Fitch Ratings]   Nov 25, 2014

Fitch Ratings in Hong Kong said today that China Fishery Group Limited's  results for the financial year ending 28 September 2014 (FY14) support its ratings at the current level (BB) as its operations remain sound and deleveraging is on track with the refund from the long-term supply agreement (LSA) with Russian suppliers.

However, the company needs to refinance the USD250m bond issued by Corporacion Pesquera Inca SAC, a subsidiary of Copeinca ASA, which China Fishery acquired in 2013 by 16 March 2015. The Negative Outlook on China Fishery's rating reflects this risk. China Fishery is exploring various options to address this, including support from its shareholders. If the refinancing needs are addressed adequately, Fitch may revise the Outlook to Stable.
In FY14, cost savings from the enlarged Peruvian fishmeal ...

Full Story »

International companies said to be stripping Ghana's sea bare as local fishermen starve

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Times] - November 26, 2014 -

The coast of Ghana used to offer the richest fishing in Africa. Now the country has to import protein-rich food from abroad because international companies are stripping the waters bare.

Jerome closes the door, fearful of being overheard saying what everyone knows: His village is only just clinging on to life, like the once-plentiful fish stocks that sustained it and other coastal communities in Ghana.

"They grab our fishes," he says. 

Some of them come officially under EU-subsidized "fisheries partnership agreements" with the government. Others come without a permit and usually head for Ghana...

Full Story »

Oceana wants higher horse mackerel quota in Namibia, FY Group operating profit up 18 percent

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [All Africa] - November 26, 2014 - 

The fishing group, Oceana, whose major operations are in Namibia and South Africa, is seeking to increase its horse mackerel quota in Namibia.

In 2014 season, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernard Esau set the horse mackerel total allowable catch at 350,000 tonnes.

Oceana said in annual results for the financial year ended 30 September, that the ministry continued to allocate further quota to new rights holders which resulted in a reduction of its quota.

"This had a negative impact on the overall tonnage caught despite good catch rates. One of our three Namibian trawlers...

Full Story »

Next year's goal is to have 30 percent of Vietnam's aquaculture farms Vietgap certified

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [VNS]  - November 26, 2014 -     

By 2015 there will be 30% of intensive, semi-intensive farms and aquaculture systems that are VietGAP certified and this percentage in 2020 will be 80%.

The application of VietGAP standards is considered crucial measures to minimize the negative impacts of aquaculture, to develop sustainable farming; and to enhance product value and to promote export activities.

Pangasius production has reached 1.1 million MT with total farming area of 5,200 ha while brackish water shrimp yield was 550,000 MT from the total farming area of 666,000 ha. 

Full Story »