Fri. Oct 24 2014

Proposed lobster levy will not be implemented on Nova Scotia's catch this winter  

Possible Bristol Bay Salmon buyback program to be discussed at Fish Expo next month

CBP to pay crawfish processors $20 million from import duties, says Landrieu  

Generally positive outlook for Chile's aquaculture industry highlighted at opening of AquaSur 2014

Kroger Is Suddenly Whole Foods' Biggest Threat; will be nation's top seller of organic food in 2 yr

US and Canadian fishing groups will discuss BC mines in Trans-boundary meetings (Fish Radio)

New buyer considers using OCI's former Newfoundland plant to process sealskin

SW Nova Scotia lobster dock prices now at CA$4.75 per pound after brief spike last week

With sales booming, Captain D's reboots corporate-store development plan

As Chinese demand drives up spiny lobster values, California moves to to curb poaching

Dillingham renews efforts to annex Bristol Bay's Nushagak district to impose landings tax

Brooklyn, NY man gets jail time and fine for $510,000 worth of illegal fluke

Australia's southern bluefin tuna quota raised 10 percent

Singapore fish farms turn to direct home delivery to compete with lower cost Malaysian counteparts

Rubio's brings back Langostino Lobster Burrito  

BJ's Q3 profit up almost 78 percent as comps turn positive

Australia's Torres Strait Rock Lobster fishery still lacks management plan  

Maine lobsterman fined $50,000, loses license for 3 years for catching undersized lobster

Norway's Research Council invests $2 million to study possibility of using insects in fish feed

Newfoundland to continue with Gulf of St. Lawrence halibut stock tagging program News summary Friday October 24, 2014

Thu. Oct 23 2014

OCI shrimp plant in Nova Scotia gives flexibility as Newfoundland quota is cut  

Bluefin tuna and midwater herring fisheries collide off Gloucester, MA

US octopus sales climbing, Spain becomes largest supplier as EU market weakens

Gorton's 'reinventing' the fish stick with new Smart & Crunchy line

Louisiana Sen. Landrieu asks Customs to increase inspections of Indian shrimp followng EU rejections   (1) 

Global Salmon Initiative of major farming companies issues first year progress report  

West Coast consumers get mixed messages on wild salmon with huge runs amid drought  

Southeast Alaska facing threats as Canadians rush approval for mines in boundary watershed

Days after deploying to Cold Bay for fishing season, Coast Guard medevacs injured crab crewman

Seafood proves sweet spot in Japan’s exports on weak Yen

Venezuelan fresh crab meat shipping after delay; new season product will be in US next week

NMFS to survey catcher processor crews in Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska for socioeconomic study

ASMI looking for unofficial ambassadors to promote Alaska's seafood industry (Fish Radio)

FAO globefish says EU weakeness hurting Bangladesh black tiger shrimp sales

Bill "Chopper" Young Jr. remains invincible at Welfleet Oyster Fest shucking contest

Decision expected from ASMFC November 5 on Gulf of Maine shrimp season, if any

US tribes testify against expansion of West Coast Canada pipeline

Australian TV Chef hopes to stir passions about seafood origin with show in tradition of 'fish fight

Paperwork lapse costs Finest at Sea $14,000 halibut catch

McDonald's tries DeLuxe Shrimp Burger in South Korea

Japanese consumers very receptive to hatchery raised bluefin tuna

Pingtan adds 6,000 tons of fishing capacity off Indonesia with deliver of three new vessels

Association hopes P.E.I. lobster will have achieved MSC certification before Christmas sales

Maine Organic Products expanding steadily using shellfish waste, particularly lobster shells

Ottawa restricts possible Beaufort Sea fisheries News Summary Thursday Oct 23, 2014

Wed. Oct 22 2014

Quirch Foods aims to be billion dollar distributor in 2015; one of largest Hispanic owned businesses

Crackdown on smuggling, international market keeps premium seafood prices high in China  

White shrimp return to Gulf as Sept. landings help mitigate losses from season's late start  

Key US senators on anti-trust subcommittee urge close FTC scrutiny of Sysco-US Foods deal

Heroism and tragedy as landing craft support vessel working for Marine Harvest Canada capsizes

Angry jumbo squid attack Greenpeace mini-sub in Bering Sea

Legal Sea Foods CEO Berkowitz: "Not all scallop dishes are created equal"   (1) 

Alaska's The Salmon Project shares the history of West Coast salmon with free book drop (Fish Radio)   (1)

Army Corps approves mussel farm off Nantucket, MA  

$1.4 million bond set for Miami fisherman caught with 246 wrung undersized lobster tails

Atlantic salmon importer SalmonDepot USA acquires SNG UK to expand EU supply network  

Brinker reports 12.1 percent increase in quarterly profit as comps improve at Chili's and Maggiano's

BP again asks judge to delay compensation payments alleging fraud

Marine Harvest Q3 operational EBIT beats forecast, guidance unchanged

From "dead zones" to climate change, restoring Louisiana's fishing industry sees many hurdles News Summary Wednesday October 22, 2014

Three UK oyster farms, first to enter ASC assessment, hope to get product certified by Christmas  

Bonefish Grill running lobster specials on Tuesday nights

Tue. Oct 21 2014 News Summary Tuesday October 21, 2014

Vietnamese shrimp producer Quoc Viet is first to gain certification against ASC's Shrimp Standard  

Global Salmon Initiative says responsible salmon production must keep up with accelerating demand  

Alaska's summer salmon prices mostly down this season compared to 2013 (Fish Radio)  

McDonald's Q3 profit plunges 30% as traffic falls in major markets

ASMI now taking submissions for its annual Alaska Fishing Families Photo Contest

Russian price inflation stokes "monstrous" rise in fish prices for consumers in October

Gloucester's CSF Cape Ann Fresh Catch begins supplying region's schools with locally caught fish

Russia will not impose export duties on salmon or pollock  

FAO's Food Security group endorses higher seafood consumption among pregnant women, children

Florida reviewer likes Bonefish Grill's new "Fall Crush" menu

Eating fish may help anti-depressants work

Ex-Im Bank helps Dan's Fish Inc. sell Great Lakes fish and caviar in Baltic states

South Africa slashes rock lobster quota in effort to rebuild stock but poaching continues  

B.C. environmental disaster narrowly averted as disabled Russian ship towed away by U.S. tug

Zhangzidao Group forms Capital Seafoods Int'l in Nova Scotia to export lobsters to China  

Mitsubishi says Cermaq shareholders with 90.97 percent of the share capital have accepted bid

Mon. Oct 20 2014 News Summary Monday October 20, 2014

Cyclone Hudhud damages Indian shrimp hatcheries in Andhra Pradesh; seafood exports being diverted  

In historic meeting Council keeps Pacific whiting sector open, shoreside may suffer  

Software project aims to modernize Maine's lobster catch reporting with online system  

Fall in pollock and salmon exports highlights 11% drop in overall Russian fish shipments through Aug  

Norway's government sells its Cermaq stake to Mitsubishi

Whole Foods launches $15 million national quality/value ad campaign

Bumble Bee tells BJ's it is voluntarily recalling some of its tuna pouches for defective seals

Some Whole Foods stores selling Boulud's elegant booze infused smoked salmon  

PEI plans to fill Ocean Choice's shuttered plant with another fish processing operation

Crab production gaining momentum in Russia, internal struggle continues over IUU fish  

Port Hardy BC fishing company invests in $9 million transporter vessel for Marine Harvest Canada

PEI wants exemption from foreign worker changes so lobster processors can run at full capacity  

UK's Iceland retail chain will feature whole cooked Canadian lobsters for US$8 this Christmas season  

Dutch family owned SHV offers $3.4 billion buyout of Nutreco

Cuba's federal fishery officials learn about US fish management protocols in New England

Friosur wins bid to acquire Pesca Chile for $45 million

Alaska's Symphony of Seafood adds third venue in Juneau for 2015 new product event (Fish Radio)

NPFMC unanimously votes to develop catch share program for Gulf of Alaska pollock and P. cod  

Chile exported 52,077 tons of mussels in Jan-Aug,  

North American bluefin tuna imports up sharply in Japan despite weak yen  

McDonald's US franchisees say September comps were off 3.6 percent

Owner of JP's Shellfish defends actions in unauthorized purchase of Maine lobsters  

Emergency Pacific Council meeting on whiting held Friday  

Fri. Oct 17 2014 News Summary Friday October 17, 2014

Nationwide demand returns for NJ oysters as growers note a renaissance for the state's industry  

Virginia adopts tougher policies to deter oyster poaching  

Tasmania's Huon Aquaculture builds an aquaculture empire on the back of Australian salmon demand  

Sysco considering divesting assets to satisfy FTC concerns

Devi Seafood wins prestigious Sysco "Supplier of the Year" award

Commerce's correction to Thai shrimp duty review to have no impact on final 1.10% rate  

M. Slavin promotes Florida stone crab as season kicks off to slow start but with good demand  

WWF report on illegal Russian crab mostly focused on old data; current conditions improving  

High Liner partners with Chicago schools to promote seafood consumption among students

Saltonstall-Kennedy grants increased to $18 million for new solicitation

Aleutian king crab harvesters prepare for fishery's largest ever stock survey (Fish Radio)  

India to rush mass production of low cost WSD shrimp disease detection kits  

EDF calls for better monitoring of Gulf of Maine cod catch, recreational and commercial (Opinion)

Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation announces 2015 Symphony of Seafood

EC proposes lifting trade sanctions on 5 nations that are cooperating in fighting IUU fishng

Grieg Seafood CEO resigns as company reports Q3 operating loss

Walmart investing in e-commerce and small format units

Supervalu fiscal Q2 sales driven by strong sales and comps gains at Save-A-Lot

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Proposed lobster levy will not be implemented on Nova Scotia's catch this winter

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Chronicle Herald] by Bill Power - October 24, 2014

A proposed new levy on lobster will not take effect this winter, Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell said Thursday.

“We want to consult more with the industry on how the levy will be collected and how it will be dispersed,” Colwell said of a proposal that has divided the industry.

“We’re going to continue consultations with the industry ...

Full Story »

Possible Bristol Bay Salmon buyback program to be discussed at Fish Expo next month

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton Oct 24, 2014

Last year the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association surveyed its members and over 80% wanted the organization to do research on a potential buyback program for Bristol Bay salmon permits.
The analytical study of possible buyback scenarios has been completed by Northern Economics, and is being distributed to the fleet.  You can download a copy...

Full Story »

CBP to pay crawfish processors $20 million from import duties, says Landrieu

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Advocate]  Oct 24, 2014

Washington — Louisiana crawfish processors will collect nearly $20 million from the federal government under an agreement announced Thursday by U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., that compensates the industry for illegal market “dumping” by Chinese importers.

“When I think of Louisiana, I think of crawfish and seafood,” Landrieu said. She described the efforts to extract the payment...

Full Story »

Kroger is suddenly Whole Foods' biggest threat; will be nation's top seller of organic food in 2 yr

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Business Insider] by Ashley Lutz - Oct 24, 2014

Kroger is thriving in a difficult market for grocery stores. 
The supermarket chain is expected to surpass Whole Foods Market within two years and become the nation's top seller of organic and natural food, according to a recent report by JPMorgan.
Kroger's strategy of offering more specialty and organic food is helping it overtake other chains despite an industry-wide trend away from supermarkets...

Full Story »

New buyer considers using OCI's former Newfoundland plant to process sealskin

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Advertiser] by Kevin Curley - October 24, 2014

A new seal processing plant is in the works and Port Union is in the running to be the community where it sets up shop.

Bernie Halloran, owner of the sealskin retail store Always in Vogue, has been looking at the former Ocean Choice International (OCI) plant in Port Union as one of four or five potential sites for production.

"There's nothing bought yet. The group is in place and we just have to find the right location. We have looked at the old OCI plant twice, as well as several others," Halloran told The Packet...

Full Story »

With sales booming, Captain D's reboots corporate-store development plan

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] October 24, 2014

Captain D's has opened its first corporate-owned restaurants in years as part of an initiative that will see the company reboot its corporate-store development. The plan hopes to capitalize on Captain Ds' massive financial success that has seen its sales grow exponentially over the last few years.   

The seafood restaurant chain's newest company-owned restaurant is located in Birmingham, Alabama’s Five Points area.

The Five Points location, along with all of Captain D’s new corporate stores, will be built with the coastal theme. The redesign resembles a seaside destination and includes new menu boards, dinnerware and a newly reformulated equipment line. The “Beach Design” has been a hit with long-time customers and has attracted countless new customers...

Full Story »

Dillingham renews efforts to annex Bristol Bay's Nushagak district to impose landings tax

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman] by Dave Bendinger October 24, 2014 

The city of Dillingham is moving forward with its renewed effort to annex the Nushagak commercial fishing district for the purpose of imposing a 2.5 percent raw fish tax. In early October, a required meeting to hear from the public was held.
By a 2-to-1 margin, those who spoke voiced opposition to the annexation and the tax, which was collected in 2012 and 2013. The previous annexation, adopted by a contentious vote in the spring of 2012, was struck down last March by Superior Court Judge Patricia Douglass.
 “The idea that the city can tax this public resource is just wrong, ” said Diane Wetter, who said she was born, raised and fishes at Ekuk...

Full Story »

Australia's southern bluefin tuna quota raised 10 percent

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Advertiser] By Nigel Austin - October 24, 2014 - 

The recovery of the Port Lincoln tuna farming industry has taken a $15 million step forward following another 10 per cent increase in the wild catch quota.

The Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna this week decided to lift the Australian tuna catch quota by 10pc in 2015 on top of a 30pc rise since 2011.

The increase takes the Australian tuna quota to 5665 tonnes next year, the highest level since 1989 – before the tuna farming industry started in the sea off Port Lincoln.

Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association chief executive Brian Jeffriess said, “It’s great news – if you don’t have a sustainable stock you don’t have a fishery,” Mr Jeffriess said, adding the tuna industry would go from farmed production of 8720t this year to 9800 tonnes next year...

Full Story »

Rubio's brings back Langostino Lobster Burrito

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] - October 24, 2014 - 

Rubio’s Restaurants is bringing back, for a limited time, the Langostino Lobster Burrito.  The company is also introducing Langostino Lobster Enchiladas. 

The Langostino Lobster Burrito is made with langostino drizzled with basil butter served in a flour tortilla. The burrito also includes fresh guacamole, citrus rice flavored with lemongrass and lime juice, black beans, chipotle sauce and salsa fresca.

The new Langostino Lobster Enchilada Plate includes two enchiladas made with langostino, a blend of three melted cheeses, cilantro and onion, topped with verde sauce, fresh avocado slices, salsa fresca and a chipotle sauce. Each plate includes citrus rice and black beans...

Full Story »

BJ's Q3 profit up almost 78 percent as comps turn positive

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Nation's Restaurant News] - October 24, 2014 - 

BJ’s Restaurants Inc.’s efforts to re-ignite sales sparked increases in traffic during the third quarter, the company said Thurdsay.

The Huntington Beach, Calif.-based casual-dining operator reported a nearly 78-percent increase in net income for the Sept. 30-ended quarter. The chain had positive same-store sales for the first time in five quarters, driven in part by a 0.7-percent increase in guest counts that was partially offset by a lower average check.

BJ’s has been working on its menu to improve perceptions of affordability and food quality, as well as improving speed and hospitality with mobile ordering.

Full Story »
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Generally positive outlook for Chile's aquaculture industry highlighted at opening of AquaSur 2014

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Techno Press] October 24, 2014

Chilean salmon producers, along with the country's other fishing industry participants, heard about the generally positive state of the industry during the opening of the 2014 edition of the AquaSur International Conference in Los Lagos.

The event, sponsored by Chilean salmon trade groups SalmonChile, Subpesca and ProChile, opened with generally positive remarks on the current state of the industry.

Attendees first heard from publishing CEO Christian Solis. He opened the event noting positive developments in industry collaboration from both local fishing groups to aquaculture professionals from around the globe...

Full Story »

US and Canadian fishing groups will discuss BC mines in Trans-boundary meetings (Fish Radio)

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Fish Radio with Laine Welch] October 24, 2014 

Meetings all next week throughout Southeast will focus on threats being posed upriver by massive mines being planned in northern British Columbia. 

"We would like to continue to spread the work in Southeast Alaska about this freight train that is coming at us in the form of some of the world’s largest gold and copper mines being proposed at the headwaters of the Stikine, Taku and Unuk Rivers."

Heather Hardcastle is Trans-boundary Rivers Campaign Director for Trout Unlimited, and Co-Owner of Taku River Reds. And we also want to give folks a way to take action... 

Full Story »

SW Nova Scotia lobster dock prices now at CA$4.75 per pound after brief spike last week

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Chronicle Herald] by Bill Power - October 24, 2014

Lobster prices are hovering at about $4.75 per pound at the wharf in the Digby area after a short-lived upward spike last week, an industry observer said Thursday.

There were some initial reports the crustacean was fetching between $5.25 and $5.50 per pound in the Bay of Fundy area when that lobster district opened last week.

“But that was due to an initial pent-up demand linked to circumstances in the Maine and New England lobster fishery,” Stewart Lamont, managing director at Tangier Lobster Co., said in an interview...

Full Story »

As Chinese demand drives up spiny lobster values, California moves to to curb poaching

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Daily Breeze] by Sandy Mazza - October 24, 2014

Bucking its tail and shaking its antennae with menacing clicks, a foot-long male California spiny lobster tried to free itself from Paul Romanowski’s tight grip.

The nocturnal animal wanted to be returned to the black nighttime ocean, where it had ventured out of a cave perhaps in search of sea urchins or mussels to eat along the giant, sloping rocks that form the Los Angeles Harbor breakwall. But Romanowski tossed it into the bait-tank of his sportfishing boat with six others that he and a friend hunted Saturday night in unseasonably warm waters in view of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach...

Full Story »

Brooklyn, NY man gets jail time and fine for $510,000 worth of illegal fluke

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Courthouse News Service] By Nick Divito - October 24, 2014 -

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y., A Brooklyn man who schemed with a commercial fisherman to underreport their overtake of summer flounder was sentenced to four months for wire fraud by sidestepping a federal research program.    

Alan Dresner pleaded guilty in April to one count of wire fraud. He defrauded the United States of 246,376 pounds of overharvested and underreported fluke, valued at $510,000.

Dresner personally falsified reports on his Internet submissions for at least 120 fisheries' dealer reports from 2009 to 2012, the Department of Justice said...

Full Story »

Singapore fish farms turn to direct home delivery to compete with lower cost Malaysian counteparts

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [Straits Times ] by Cheryl Faith Wee Oct 24, 2014

 Fish farms turn to home delivery to stave off Malaysian rivals

INSTEAD of jostling in a wet market or going to the supermarket, some people are getting the daily catch sent to their homes.
Several coastal fish farms here have started or are starting home deliveries of seafood to cash in on demand and keep abreast of rivals from Malaysia.
Ah Hua Kelong, off Lorong Halus in the north-east coast, introduced the service in April this year; a group of nine other coastal fish farms plan to launch an online store offering home deliveries by next March...

Full Story »

OCI shrimp plant in Nova Scotia gives flexibility as Newfoundland quota is cut

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Undercurrent News] by Tom Seaman  Oct 23, 2014

Ocean Choice International says its new shrimp plant in Nova Scotia has given the company flexibility as Newfoundland quotas have been cut.  Speaking to Tom Seaman of Undercurrent News, Martin Sullivan, CEO, said they plan to get the plant certified to the M &S standard, similar to their Newfoundland plant, as soon as possible.  

OCI and joint venture partner Premium Seafoods Group started processing in the cooked and peeled plant in Q2, which is named Premium Choice Shrimp and is located in Arichat, Nova Scotia. The plant has been designed to be to the M&S standard.
“We have engaged their [M&S] technical people from the start. We have the experience from Newfoundland...

Full Story »