Wed. Mar 4 2015

AK House Committee Proposes to Double Cuts to ASMI's State Funding to 40% (Fish Radio)

Bangladesh Black Tiger Shrimp Exporters in a Tight Corner As Prices Down 42%

Editors View: Setting the Record Straight About America's Most Sustainable Fishery

FDA Changes Scientific Name of Walleye Pollock, but Has Not Ruled on Market Name Change to 'Pollock'

Fishermen's Co-op Purchases Crown Seafood Lobster Processing Plant in New Brunswick, Saves 110 Jobs

FFAW Holding Protest in Gander, Provincial Support Rising to Challenge DFO Rulings

Commerce Proposes Hike in Shrimp Duties for India; Lowers Vietnamese Rates Across the Board  

Indonesian Fisheries Minister Says Country Could be Largest Global Shrimp Producer in 2015  

Gulf Council Votes to Raise Red Snapper Quota by 3.3 Million Pounds  

Maine’s Lobster Enigma: Record Catches in Warming Waters  

China's Government Must Invest In Its Own High Quality Broodstock For Shrimp, Tilapia (Opinion)

NOAA Approves Industry Compromise on Gulf of Maine Cod Restrictions  

Forecasters Predict Another Down Year for Kuskokwim River's King Salmon Run in 2015  

Super Chilled Ocean Water Likely Culprit in Nova Scotia Salmon Farms Deaths

California Salmon Dodge Drought Bullet for Another Year  

Young's May go Public with a Stock Listing, hints Findus at Norway Seafood Meeting

Turning Once Discarded Fish Parts into Seafood Chacuterie in Canada

Miami Subs and Miami Grill Restaurants Bring Back Crowd-Pleasing Grilled Fish

3Ps Cod Fishery Extended into Spawning Season … Again  

Target Testing New Food Strategy

Tasmanian Fish Farm Expansion Poses Environmental Risk

Consumer Demand Growing for "Real Foods"

Being an Observer on Foreign Tuna Boats Important Source of Pacific Islands Jobs

Why Shark Finning Bans Aren't Keeping Sharks Off The Plate (Yet) News Summary Wednesday March 4, 2015

Tue. Mar 3 2015

Red Lobster, Chicken of the Sea Publicly Pressure Honduran government over Spiny Lobster Dive Fishe   (2) 

NE Fisheries Summit Asks if Thousands of tons of Fish Left in Water, Where Are They?   (1)

Crab Machine Was Not Secret Says Brian Collier in Quinlan's Suit

Strong US Dollar Softens Blow of Weak Shrimp Market for Indonesian, Indian Suppliers  

2015 Seafood Expo North America in Boston Has Record 200,000 SF Booked

Alaska's Snow Crab Quota Now 65% Taken (Fish Radio)  

Auditor Says Louisiana Under-Prices Its Oyster Leases  

Denny Morrow Asks Why Ottawa is Flirting with Oil Drilling on Georges Bank

WWF Meeting Hears US Lacks Agents to Investigate IUU Claims

Seatrade Installs New Icelandic IQF Scallop Processing Line in Lakeville

Ecuador's Fisheries Sector Validates a National Action Plan for Green Exports

Shift in Some Port Business to the East Coast Likely Permanent

Fulton's M. Slavin Promoting Frozen Fish in March with Market's Fresh Supply in Winter Slump

Alaska Fish Board Rejects Chum Troll Proposal

PNG, Marshall Islands To Test New Electronic Catch Documentation System

Gov. LePage's Membership in Drilling Group Unlikely to Change Gulf of Maine Status

Indonesia's New Fisheries Conservation Regulations Spark Fishermen's Protest at President's Palace

Herring Industry Advisory Board Backs DFO Decision to Open Vancouver Island Herring Fishery  

Delaware Seafood Wholesaler Fined and Sentenced to 26 Months for Illegal Oysters

Vietnam's Shrimp Industry Faces 9th Anti-Dumping Review  

Publix Q4 Sales Up Almost 7 Percent

Joe Kelley Out as Stop & Shop New England Division President

U.S. Agriculture Delegation Visits Cuba, Protests Embargo

Should Pregnant Women Eat More Tuna? News Summary Tuesday March 3, 2015

Mon. Mar 2 2015

New Bedford Fish Auction Volume Off 45% this Year Due to Ice and Storms   (1)

Louisbourg Seafoods To Expand Nova Scotia Lobster Pound Operations With $3 Million Investment  

The Editors View: Alaska Salmon, Who's Brand Is It?  

Atlantic Scallop Season Opens March 1st with Temporary Rules; Projected Landings are 47 Million Lbs  

Tropical Aquaculture's Ecuadorian Shrimp Producer Santa Priscila Gets ASC Certification

Strength in the Beef, Egg Markets Last Week

Ancient Alaskan Cod Bones Show More Mercury in the Food Chain as Sea Levels Rise

Cermaq Canada Testing Keepex's Oxygen Distribution Hoses in Farming Sites

N.S. Lobster Buyers Worry About Transfer of Green Crab Parasites to Lobster in Crates  

Delayed Skrei Cod Season Pushes Norway's Overall Cod Export Values Down 14% in January  

NOAA Uses Acoustic Tags to Track "Ghost" Fishing Pots Killing Alaskan King Crabs (Fish Radio)

To Be Viable West Coast Groundfish Fishery Needs Customers (Opinion)   (1)

Bainbridge Island NET Systems Expanding into Purse Seines with MARCO Acquisition

Russia Might Lift Import Bans in Exchange for Investment in Processing in Russia

Invasive Blue Catfish the Greatest Environmental Threat Chesapeake Bay Has Ever Faced (Opinion)

Pew Supports Shark Sanctuary Designation in Pacific Waters Off Micronesian State Coasts

Africa: World Bank Boosts Fisheries in South West Indian Ocean African Countries

Malaysian Shrimp Farmers Robbing Fishermen of Their Income

Five Hospitalized After Eating Fugu Fish in Japan

Japanese Trading Firm Buys Croatian Kali Tuna News Summary Monday March 2, 2015

Fri. Feb 27 2015

Maine Lobster Landings Reach 100 Million Pounds for Fourth Straight Year; Catch Most Valuable Ever  

TUF Forecasts 250,000 ton Shrimp Export Volume in 2015 for Thailand  

Like Lobster, Clam Prices Spike in Late February as Winter Weather Cuts Supply  

Thai Union Hits Record $3.75 Billion Sales, Boosted by Lobster Business in North America

Alaska Must Decide on Cook Inlet Water Rights for Salmon or a Coal Mine (Fish Radio)   (1)

Walmart Launches Sustainability Leaders Program to Empower Customers to Reward Seafood Producers  

EU Squashes "Canadian Lobster" Label Approval  

International Mussel Industry Forum Held on P.E.I. Hosted by Aquaculture Alliance

CPF 4th Qtr Hit by Slow Shrimp Recovery, but for Year Profit up 49%  

Restaurant Performance Index Remains Elevated in January

Port Productivity is Not Improving, Maersk CEO Says

TUF to Raise $400 mln in Share Issue for Bumble Bee Buy, Holds to $5 Billion 2015 Sales Target

Thai Labour Ministry Working with Navy to Clamp Down on Trafficking in Fishing Industry

Seafood Cargo Ship Leaves Dutch Harbor After Coast Guard Detainment

Bering Sea King Crab Washes Ashore on English Coast News Summary Friday February 27, 2015

Maryland DNR May Increase Minimum Size of Soft Shell Crabs   (1) 

Alaska Board of Fisheries Hears From Commercial Herring Interests vs. Subsistence

Vietnam Firm Setting Up 100,000 Tonne Aqua Feed plant in Andhra Pradesh

"Seasteading" Idea of Floating Cities: Impractical Fantasy or Visionary Idea?

Rappahannock River Oyster Owners Open Second Rocksalt Restaurant

Maryland Rockfish Poacher May face Federal Prison Sentence

Alaska State Waters Pollock Working Group Holds Final Meeting

China's Positive Role Recognized at Samoa Symposium "China and the Pacific"

NOAA and Gloucester Sector Reach Agreement on Gulf of Maine Codfish Proposal  

Scottish Salmon Heathrow's Single Largest Passenger Plane Cargo Hold Item

Iran Seeking Tariff Concessions from Russia for Newfound Fish Trade

Thousands of Pounds of Fish Consumed Weekly in Louisiana's Lenten Fish Fry Season

NFI Salmon Council Partners with Rubbermaid for Tie-In with Heart Month Campaign

Sustainable Massachusetts Commercial Fisheries Summit March 2 in Boston

Thu. Feb 26 2015

Editor's View: Restaurant Industry Shifts Away from Worrying About Seafood Prices

Newfoundland's Fishery Minister Confident That Facts Will Compel Feds to Overturn LIFO Shrimp Policy  

Letters: Canadians Strongly Defend Their Halibut Accountability, Say US Should Emulate Them News Summary Thursday February 26, 2015

SalMar Q4 EBIT Up Sharply Over Year-Ago

Russian Port Authorities Discuss East-West Fish Shipping Route Via Northern Sea

$16M Newfoundland-Labrador Fund Criticized for Small Number of Harvester Projects

TUF Spent About US$100 Million in Deals to Acquire Meralliance and King Oscar

Virginia facing Lower Oyster Harvest from Public Reefs Next Season

Shortage of Shrimp Broodstock Forecast for China in 2015 Despite Surge in Suppliers  

Coast Guard Tells Congress it Needs to Replace Medium Endurance Cutters with Offshore Patrol Cutters

Guangxi Sees Surge in Tilapia Exports of 23% Last Year, Values Double  

Most of Alaska's Fishermen are Adverse to Catch Privatization (Fish Radio)

Can GMO Technology Promote Sustainable Salmon Farming?

Aker Biomarine Commits $500,000 to Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund

NAA, APHIS Propose Aquaculture Health Program

Maine to Start Closing Some Scallop Areas March 2  

Seafish Appoints New Aquaculture Manager

Wal-Mart CEO Talks About Pay Raises, How Customers Shop and What He's Learned from Critics

Target Posts Q4 Earnings Boost in Wake of Canada Exit

Cargill Invested $7.8M to Promote Aquaculture in the South of Mexico

Supreme Court Overturns Fisherman's Conviction for Tossing Undersize Grouper

USDA, HHS Face Backlash from Inclusion of Sustainability in Dietary Guidelines

Seafood Watch Has Updated Its Mobile App

Wed. Feb 25 2015 News Summary Wednesday February 25, 2015

'Worst of all Possible Times' to Gut Alaska Fish Commission says Chair

Red Snapper Reallocation Reform Bill Reintroduced to Congress  

Ten State Plus DC Attorneys General Joined in FTC Injunction Against Sysco-US Foods Merger

Bakkafrost's Profits Up in 2014 as Faroe Island Salmon Flows to Russian Market

Shedd Aquarium Manager Gives Today's Farmed Fish the Respect it Deserves

Australia's Queensland Banning Net Fishing In 3 Areas, Pandering To Sport Fishing Interests

"Ghost" Crab Pots Still Killing Notable Numbers of King Crabs in Kodiak  

Gulf Shrimp Landings in January Post Sixth Straight Monthly Gain Over 2013/14 Season  

Clearwater hits record $445 in sales on higher shellfish prices

How Long Does Fresh Fish Last in the Fridge?

Live Lobster Prices Up Sharply in February as Winter Weather Halts Fishing in Canada and Maine  

Mid Atlantic Council May Impose Emergency Limits on Blueline Tilefish

Bonefish Grill Opens Ninth Maryland Restaurant in Towson, Raises $5,000 for United Way

Black Cod Tips and Seafood Dog Treats Surprise Winners at Alaska's Symphony of Seafoods (Fish Radio)

Alaska's Eastside Cook Inlet Shore Closed to Razor Clamming

Aquabounty Gearing Up for Salmon Approval, Reported 2014 Loss of $7.1 million

Fall Chinook Run Shaping Up to Be 3rd Largest in Modern Era  

After Exiting Canada, Target Now Prepared to Refocus on Foods

Kona Grill Q4 sales up 29 percent but loss exceeded year-ago

Thailand Revising Fishing Sector Law to Allow Inspection of Fishing Vessels

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AK House Committee Proposes to Double Cuts to ASMI's State Funding to 40% (Fish Radio)

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Fish Radio with Laine Welch] March 4, 2015

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – A first look at fish related budget cuts, and the Board of Fish wraps up in Sitka. More after this 

The Alaska Legislature is making its way through the budget process, and as the State faces major fiscal shortfalls, few items are safe from cuts. 

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is facing a 40 percent cut in the $7.5 million it gets from the state. Juneau Resources Weekly reports that the cut is double what Governor Walker had proposed. A House subcommittee recommended that ASMI increase industry fees to support its global marketing efforts. 

Other proposed cuts include $600,000 for the Marine Exchange of Alaska to map vessel tracking gaps; and a nearly $190,000 grant to the Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association...

Full Story »
Bangladesh Black Tiger Shrimp Exporters in a Tight Corner As Prices Down 42%
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Star Business Report] March 4, 2015

sharp fall in the value of the euro and the Russian ruble against the dollar, coupled with the ongoing political unrest at home, has hit the frozen food industry hard.

Exporters said prices of black tiger shrimp, the major frozen food item that goes to the European markets, have now slumped 42 percent to $5.25 a pound (16-20 pieces) from August last year.

"We are forced to sell at lower prices to retain our international buyers. Exports to Russia have dipped to almost zero, while the demand for shrimp also fell in Europe because of an economic slowdown there," said SM Amzad Hossain, president of Bangladesh...


Full Story »

Editor's View: Setting the Record Straight About America’s Most Sustainable Fishery

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  [Editor's View] By John Sackton and Peggy Parker - March 4, 2015 - 

This Op-Ed appearded in Progressive Grocer today, where we were invited to write about the record of the Bering Sea fishery in light of Greenpeace's campaign to target retailers who carry seafood from the Bering Sea.  We reproduce it here for our readers, most of whom already know our thinking on the sustainability of the Bering Sea fisheries. The headline was written by Progressive Grocer.

Virtually all U.S. retailers have taken steps in recent years to articulate seafood-sourcing principles, sometimes via their seafood department, and others as part of an overall corporate responsibility commitment.

Whichever way these policies have been implemented, they have for the most part been positive for the seafood industry. Partnerships between retailers and suppliers have supported fishery improvements around the world, and have provided many examples of how large-scale seafood sales programs can rely on seafood that is sustainably harvested with minimal environmental impacts.

 Partnerships between retailers and suppliers have supported fishery improvements around the world, and have provided many examples of how large-scale seafood sales programs can rely on seafood that is sustainably harvested with minimal environmental impacts.

The good practices and reputation of fishery managers in the Bering Sea should not be penalized for being the best and most transparent stewards of this national resource....

Full Story »

Fishermen's Co-op Purchases Crown Seafood Lobster Processing Plant in New Brunswick, Saves 110 Jobs

SEAFOODNEWS.COM []  March 4, 2015

The Island Fishermen's Cooperative Association announced they have purchased the Crown Seafood lobster processing plant in  Pointe-Sapin, New Brunswick.  This will preserve more than 110 jobs in Kent County, says the co-op.  

“Our member fishermen bring us large amounts of lobster in season, which is in addition to the other types of seafood we receive from shrimpers and crabbers. We really needed a new plant specialized in the processing of lobster close to Lamèque, ” said Marcel Duguay, General Manager of IFCA.
IFCA currently operates one of the largest shrimp and crab plants in Lameque, New Brunswick, and specializes in packing premium cold water shrimp.  The purchase of a lobster plant represents a signficant expansion of their business.  They are also represented by a strong marketing group,...

Full Story »

Commerce Proposes Hike in Shrimp Duties for India; Lowers Vietnamese Rates Across the Board

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - March 4, 2015

The Commerce Department raised most antidumping duty rates for Indian shrimp exporters but lowered those for Vietnamese exporters in its ninth preliminary review.

The review period covered entries of frozen shrimp products between February 1, 2013 and January 31, 2014.

For India, Commerce calculated antidumping rates of 3.28 percent for Devi Fisheries, 2.63 percent for Falcon Marine, and an average rate of 2.96 percent that it assigned to more than 200 Indian exporters subject to the review.

Commerce's preliminary adjustment for Devi and the country-wide rate was higher than the Department's final determination in its eight review. Those rates were 1.97 percent and 2.49 percent respectively. Falcon Marine's was the only Indian exporter to get a lower rate from its 3.01 percent final duty in the eighth review.

Full Story »

Gulf Council Votes to Raise Red Snapper Quota by 3.3 Million Pounds

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - March 4, 2015

This year's red snapper quota was raised 30 percent for both the commercial and recreations sectors. The allocation will be split with the commercial fishery getting a slightly higher portion.

According to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council's recommendation, the 2015 quota will be set at 14.3 million pounds. The commercial sector was allotted 7.26 million pounds of the quota. Recreational fishermen were given 7.04 million pounds; the recreational annual catch target (ACT) was set a 5.632 million pounds.

These figures are all up from the last two seasons. In 2013 and 2014 the total Red Snapper quota was set at 11 million pounds. The commercial take was set at 5.610 million pounds with the recreational share set at 5.39 million pounds. The recreational ACT was set at 4.312 million pounds...

Full Story »

China's Government Must Invest In Its Own High Quality Broodstock For Shrimp, Tilapia (Opinion)

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Shuichan News]  (Edtorial Opinion)  Translated by Amy Zhong - March 4, 2015

When can China realize the dream of cultivating high-quality seedlings of aquatic products like tilapias and shrimps?

China is renown all over the world for its manufacturing sector and “made in China” has become a widely known phrase. However, people in China’s aquaculture industry find with shame that this phrase is not applicable in their industry.
Although China has large-scale aquaculture of various aquatic products, the domestic farmers perform badly in the farming of some species. And their bad performance results from the low quality of these species’ seedlings. For example, there is a lack of high-quality seedlings in the shrimp and the tilapia industries of China, though both industries have developed well in China. There are many Chinese companies working hard to cultivate these seedlings and some large feed companies have also taken part in the cultivation. But why is there no high-quality seedling...

Full Story »

Forecasters Predict Another Down Year for Kuskokwim River's King Salmon Run in 2015

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [KYUK] by Ben Matheson - March 4, 2015

The state is expecting a bigger run of king salmon on the Kuskokwim this summer, but still well below average. State managers say they expect strong conservation measures to continue in 2015 to ensure enough fish make it up the river to spawn. Leading up to the season, managers are seeking early input to make the season a success.

On the bright side, state managers are confident that the Kuskokwim drainage made the escapement goal in 2014, a year with a weak run and unprecedented early season fishing restrictions. This week they announced their 2015 forecast of 96,000 to 163,000 king salmon, up from the 70,000 to 117,000 they predicted last year. Aaron Poetter is the Kuskokwim area salmon management biologist...

Full Story »

California Salmon Dodge Drought Bullet for Another Year

SEAFOODNEWS.COM   [Los Angeles Times]  By Russ Parsons - March 4, 2015

Apparently the California salmon has dodged the drought bullet for another year: The annual forecast for the fishery predicts that the population this year will be slightly bigger than last.

The initial results of the 2015 National Marine Fisheries Service survey forecasts an adult ocean population of California salmon that's about 2.7% higher than last year.

That translates to about 650,000 fish -- up from about 630,000 last year but substantially less than 2013 total of more than 800,000. Still, that's far healthier than 2008 and 2009, when the fishery was closed completely.

The most recent figures are much better than many observers had predicted, given the devastating four-year drought the state is still enduring. With reduced water flow in the Sacramento River, some observers had feared a collapse in the population of young salmon heading out to sea.

“There's a pretty good chance we'll see that in the future, maybe as early as next year,” says Michael O'Farrell, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric research fisheries biologist specializing in salmon.

“But we make abundance forecasts based on 2-year-old fish, and...

Full Story »

Turning Once Discarded Fish Parts into Seafood Chacuterie in Canada

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Globe and Mail] By Chris Johns - March 4, 2015 -

The rediscovery of salumi di mare, or seafood charcuterie, fits right into the nose-to-tail movement. Fish sausage sounds weird at first, but as Chris Johns writes, we've been missing out.

Applying ancient techniques from one branch of cooking to a whole new set of ingredients is resulting in some of the most exciting things happening in cooking right now, chef Gentile said.

His motivation is simply to have people taste something they never realized they could eat.,  “Ultimately," he says, “I want people to leave feeling like they've made a new discovery.


Full Story »
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FDA Changes Scientific Name of Walleye Pollock, but Has Not Ruled on Market Name Change to 'Pollock'
SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton March 4, 2015

In their list of updates made to the official FDA Seafood List for the second half of 2014, the FDA revealed that it has changed the official scientific name of Walleye pollock to Gadus chalcogrammus, from its former scientific name of Theragra chalcogramma.
This recognizes this fish is actually in the cod family, and its closest relative is actually Gadus Morhua, or Atlantic ...

Full Story »
FFAW Holding Protest in Gander, Provincial Support Rising to Challenge DFO Rulings


The FFAW has released a socioeconomic analysis of the impact of cuts to the shrimp fishery detailing the importance of maintaining adjacency in allocation decisions.
Last year the inshore suffered the lion's share of cuts to the resource with government instead adhering to the so-called last in, first out policy. The document details the spinoff benefits to communities with local shrimp industries.
The fishery supports over 250 local enterprises and their crews as well as 10 processing plants. The FFAW says up to 80 per cent of municipal commercial tax revenue relies on the plants.
Government leaders of all stripes are joining union ...

Full Story »
Indonesian Fisheries Minister Says Country Could be Largest Global Shrimp Producer in 2015

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [ANTARA News] March 4, 2015 

Jakarta - Marine and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti expressed her appreciation for progress made by Dipasena shrimp pond in Lampung in increasing its production.
 Dipasena is the largest shrimp pond in Indonesia with production averaging 25 tons per months.
 "Currently shrimp farming has expanded by itself and shrimp farmers have formed a cooperative called Koperasi Petambak Bumi Dipasena," Susi said in a statement here on Wednesday.
 The minister said Dipasena in the regency of Tulang Bawang, Lampung, is preparing to make a reappearance in...

Full Story »

Maine’s Lobster Enigma: Record Catches in Warming Waters

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Bangor Daily News] By Matthew Stone - March 4, 2015 - 

The lobster is in its boom years on the Maine coast, and no one knows precisely why, scientifically speaking, or how long the boom will last.

Throughout the history of Maine’s lobster fishery, the total catch has never been as high as it has been over the past five years.

“The lobster industry is an enigma,” said Brian Beal, a professor of marine ecology at the University of Maine at Machias and a former lobsterman. “It’s an enigma biologically, and it’s an enigma historically.”

Full Story »

NOAA Approves Industry Compromise on Gulf of Maine Cod Restrictions

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Saving Seafood] - March 4, 2015 -

NOAA has approved a sector exemption request from the Gloucester Fishing Community Preservation Fund (GFCPF), which will utilize the sector system to preserve 30 metric tons of cod in exchange for relaxing some of the Gulf of Maine cod Interim Management Measures enacted in November 2014. 

The compromise meets the agency's cod conservation goals while providing regional fishermen and ancillary businesses with the opportunity to catch and sell abundant and under-harvested groundfish species.

Even though stocks of pollock, haddock, and redfish are plentiful, fishermen have caught less than 30 percent of their allotted quota on all of these species: 23 percent for pollock, 21 percent for Georges Bank haddock, and 35 percent for redfish.

Full Story »

Chilled Ocean Water Likely Culprit in Cooke Nova Scotia Salmon Farms Deaths

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Canadian Press] - March 4, 2015 -     

HALIFAX, The Nova Scotia government is investigating the death of some salmon at three aquaculture sites to determine if disease was a factor.

However, Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell issued a statement Tuesday saying preliminary findings suggest the fish were killed by extremely cold water temperatures.

The sites, operated by New Brunswick's Cooke Aquaculture, are at Shelburne Harbour, Jordan Bay and Port Wade.

Full Story »

Young's May go Public with a Stock Listing, hints Findus at Norway Seafood Meeting

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [ Grimsby Telegraph]  By David Laister March 04, 2015

FINDUS Group chief executive James Hill has hinted that Grimsby's Young's Seafood could be listed on the stock market, while addressing 700 industry leaders in Norway.
Mr Hill, part of the global seafood industry captains round of speakers at North Atlantic Seafood Forum, said: "There is an option to take this company public, or join forces with other areas of the food industry," as he reflected on the progress under his watch.
"It is a great industry to be in. We are producing something people like to buy and eat and is going to grow."
Young's already has between one third and a quarter of the supermarket-distributed seafood market, with 150,000 tonnes a year.
"We have scale, more than one billion pounds of turnover and a decent level of profitability, with 70 per cent of the business seafood...

Full Story »