Tue. Aug 19 2014

Boston Sword and Tuna gives up on Market Basket Management; says continuing as vendor impossible

Louisiana fall white shrimp season opens with buyers expecting a price dip  

Whole Foods: we have to eat farmed Paiche to save the wild stock

Despite the litany of challenges facing US canned tuna consumption, dollar sales are still rising  

Norwegian smolt may get exemption from Russian import ban  

Federal disaster funds on their way to Alaskan Chinook fishermen hurt from low returns (Fish Radio)

Russian officials say fishing companies have slashed salmon exports to help buoy domestic supplies  

European Finfish Aquaculture production falls in 2013

Another longtime seafood vendor to Market Basket has had it with errors

ASEAN shrimp standard aims to streamline region's farming practices in 2015  

French restaurants turn to imported mussels as production plummets 90% from pollution, bad weather  

Long Island Sound lobster industry in tatters as 2013 landings hit record low  

New Zealand Seafood Industry Conference opens Aug 20th; focused on telling NZ success stories

Minnesota's The Fish Guys has second successful invasive crayfish harvest to protect northern lakes

Oregon crew member arrested for 'assulting fishery observer'

Four rescued from capsized shrimp boat off Texas, fifth person still missing

Tassal's profits up 23% this year with salmon sales aimed at Australian market

Goldman downgrades Walmart based on loss of customers to online retailers

Grieg reports lower Q2 profit primarily due to lower salmon prices  

Delaware expects to issue oyster aquaculture leases this fall as regulations get final approval  

Restaurant industry traffic inched into positive territory in July, comps up 3 percent

Seafood.com News Summary Tuesday August 19, 2014

Mon. Aug 18 2014

Extreme Seafoods has rough first year in Bristol Bay: hot fish, bad tenders, unpaid fishermen

Blue Star defends patent for selling crabmeat in flexible pouches

Maine's lobstermen say catches have returned to "normal" summer pattern this season  

Frozen tuna prices have bottomed out as high priced 2012 inventories clear supply chain  

Dalian at center of massive cold chain logistics developments in China

NZ King Salmon says retailer Countdown's discounted Norwegian Atlantic salmon is "unbelievably" low  

If Begich loses Alaska election Magnuson reauthorization bill likely out the window

Tasmanian lobsters on track to hit $100 per kg for export to China  

Belarussan food tycoon sees no problem "processing" Western food for transhipment to Russia

More than 30 Ecuadorian enterprises ready to boost fish, seafood exports to Russia  

EU lifting ban on import of herring and mackerel from Faroe Islands

UPS, Fedex get approval for express services in more Chinese cities

Some Norwegian pelagic factories close after Russian ban, Gov't to give export guarantees, money

Inside La Nueva Viga in Mexico: the world's second largest fish market

California sportsfishermen flummoxed as Mexico fails to confirm lifting bluefin tuna ban

25 cents a pound fails to motivate Mainers to harvest green crabs for NC company

Alaska's charter boats learn gentle handling methods to decrease halibut mortality (Fish Radio)

EU punishes UK over-quota fishing by cutting mackerel quota again

NOAA makes priority to remove hundreds of illegal 'casita's' used by lobster poachers in Florida Key

Plan to shoot cormorants that feast on Columbia River salmon is controversial

New Bedford fishermen reluctant to embrace offshore wind

Nash Finch-Spartan merger pays off in Q2 results

Dollar General makes rival bid for Family Dollar Stores

Clean Seas searching for backer to fund reboot of southern bluefin tuna breeding program

Seafood.com News Summary Monday Aug 18, 2014

Fri. Aug 15 2014

Southeast Alaska Dungeness season one of best on record, says ADF&G  

Facing bare shelves, Russian gov't takes steps to ease red tape for domestic fish sales

Golden King crab fishery starts, co-operative survey underway could mean increase in TAC in future  

Louisiana processors urged to focus on high-quality seafood production akin to Alaska  

New Zealand's Peter Talley makes the case for collaboration between fishermen and marine scientists

US fresh whole salmon market sees Chilean prices rise, EU prices dip on Russian supply shift  

Codroy Seafoods, Newfoundland Lobster Processor, gets $100 K grant to improve holding capacity

Cod pot fishing a big hit among Newfoundland's fishermen, food service industry   (3) 

Virginia watermen request Marine Resources Comm. consider a pilot IFQ program for blue crab  

Steve Harmell hired as VP of sales and marketing at Goulian's US subsidiary Sunnyvale Seafood

Russia may also ban EU canned fish products

AquaBounty reports widening H1 loss as FDA salmon approval remains elusive

With blue crab season down, scientists say fall storms key to abundance  

Pompano Beach seafood dealer fined $250K in Lacey Act spiny lobster case

Letters: Linda Kozak says pick the best Ak fish candidate in Republican primary, regardless of party

Nigeria's new fisheries research vessel to help upgrade fish management practices

Project will tap into herring's archaeological records to rebuild Southeast Alaska's stocks  

Senators Begich and Cantwell preparing bill to address the urgent threat of ocean acidification

Taylor Shellish Oyster Bar opens in Seattle's Pioneer Square

Seafood.com News Summary Friday August 15, 2014

$7.5 billion water bond bypassing Delta controversies heads to California voters

BRC awards auditor SCS Global Services with its highest five-star rating

Mrs Paul's, Van de Kamp's parent Pinnacle Foods returns to profitability in Q2

Clean Seas Tuna turns first profit in seven years

Thu. Aug 14 2014

Seafood.com News Summary Thursday August 14, 2014

FDA appears to violate its own principles by allowing Russian pollock to be sold as 'Alaska pollock'

Commerce to issue final shrimp duty rates for Thailand, India next week; Vietnam in late Sept  

Cape Cod oyster farmer will get operations underway after winning latest challenge in Supreme Court

Record high shrimp shipments to US help push Vietnamese export values up 24% through July  

Twin Tails Seafood gets $16.5 million credit line from the PrivateBank

Wal-Mart lowers outlook as profit and comps decline and dollar stores do better

Amazon's biggest fish faces threat of extinction

Oregon's commercial Dungeness season will close with highest total value on record at $49.7 million   (1) 

Yukon River's chinook run into Canada is strongest seen in five years

Captain D's CEO envisions "thousands" of US stores in long-term growth plan

Chilean fishery officials continue crackdown on illegal hake with two more seizures  

Alaska Senators push State Dept. for more oversight of tailing dams on transboundry rivers

Pacific Islands Fisheries Agency warns Pacific bigeye tuna is overfished

Mid-Atlantic Council suspends poorly managed research set-aside program

Maine eliminates licensing to encourage harvest of invasive green crabs that prey on shellfish  

CPF sees improving 2nd half, as Japanese drop Chinese poultry suppliers, shrimp recovering  

Thai Union profit increases four fold; CEO Thiraphong refuses to quash Bumble Bee bid speculation

Pebble mine hearing in Anchorage hosted by EPA draws hundreds

Mass. federal fishing aid checks expected to be distributed by September

DFO thinks timing of BC spill reduced risk to returning Fraser River sockeye  

Russian Sea price increases attract attention of Federal Anti-Monopoly Service

H-E-B partners with Environmental Defense Fund on sourcing all fresh, fozen and prepared seafood

Wed. Aug 13 2014

Seafood.com News Summary Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

B.C. First Nations band trying to evict company that owns Mount Polley tailings pond

Russian vice-premier calls rumours about fish price hikes a "provocation"

A first look at U.S. Taco Co., a Taco Bell side project with lobster

Australian chefs say they are bombarded with misinformation about sustainability

Stefanie Moreland confirmed for Pacific Salmon Comm, Gov. Parnell says her advisory role continues

Bangladesh shrimp exports to Europe soar as it turns away from US market  

NFI asks buyers to support the Crab Council, which raised $2 million for blue crab conservation

Massive southwest ‘Florida red tide' is now 90 miles long and 60 miles wide

In contrast to South China, shrimp production in East China is in terrible shape  

ASMI details how Russian import ban affects Alaska (Fish Radio)

Murmansk won't be able to replace Norwegian cod in Russian market  

Low water levels and warming waters worry Fraser River Panel salmon experts  

Western Pacific fisheries managers frustrated by refusal of 4 Asian nations to report tuna catch  

Blue Water Fishermen's Assn has represented North Atlantic pelagic longliners for 25 years

How Will the Russia Ban Impact the Protein Markets?

Maine DMR following advice of Scallop Advisory Council for 2014-15 season  

Sysco investing to smooth upcoming merger with US Foods

The ups and downs of lobster in America's culinary history

Unlike Louisiana, Mississippi oyters are making a comeback - for a price  

High Liner Q2 net income fell 47.5 percent despite 14.9 percent sales gain

NZ fishing giants Sealord and Sanford may merge fishing effort to cut number of vessels

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Boston Sword and Tuna gives up on Market Basket Management; says continuing as vendor impossible


Boston Sword and Tuna was the primary fish supplier for the Market Basket Chain.  Tim Malley, CEO, has written an open letter about how they just can't continue, given the incompetent way the new leadership is running the store.  The  story he tells of a long time customer coming apart over disfunctional family issues is compelling.  Malley says he spoke out because other vendors are likely suffering from the same level of incompetence. The following is Malley's letter:

We are one of several suppliers of fresh seafood to Market Basket- possibly the largest. We provide a variety of wild items typically found in retail markets throughout New England, including Cod, Haddock, Scallops, swordfish and tuna. The largest volume we provide is farmed Atlantic salmon from Norway- over 30,000 pounds per week. It is a great value for Market Basket customers, and has helped us grow our business with MB over the ten years we have worked together.

Part of why it is so affordable is that we commit to one-year contracts every year. It is a two-way contract, meaning we contract with our Norwegian partners to buy a set quantity at a set price for a full year, and Market Basket makes the same commitment to us. When Market Basket stopped accepting deliveries [The week of July 18th], the impact on us was significant. The wild product meant we were immediately buying 25-30,000 pounds per week less...

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Louisiana fall white shrimp season opens with buyers expecting a price dip

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Daily Comet]  by  Xerxes Wilson  - Aug 19, 2014

Shrimpers lowered their nets as the fall shrimp season opened over the Barataria-Terrebonne marshes Monday afternoon.

The inshore white shrimp season opened at 6 p. m. in waters east of the Atchafalaya on what local fish processors call their “money crop. ”
The opening date is when state biologists project 50 percent of white shrimp will be marketable size...

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Whole Foods: we have to eat farmed Paiche to save the wild stock

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Bloomberg] By Venessa Wong  - August 19, 2014 - 

Whole Foods has been promoting farmed paiche from Peru as a cheaper option to halibut or Chilean sea bass for more than a year. The grocer says it has a specific goal: to combat the overfishing of wild paiche in South America by generating demand for the farm-raised version in the U.S., where barely anyone knows how to pronounce it, let alone cook it. To save it, the theory goes, we first have to eat it.

“We’re giving consumers the opportunity to buy that fish and its not coming from an endangered source, and we’re helping to rebuild that stock,” says Jeremy St. Gelais, Whole Foods’ seafood product procurement team leader. To that end, Whole Foods is selling paiche for roughly $13.99 per pound, about 40 percent cheaper than other whitefish. Whole Foods has been trying to offer lower priced seafood, and recently noted the success of its cheaper salmon with customers.

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Norwegian smolt may get exemption from Russian import ban

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Barents Observer] by Trude Pettersen - August 19, 2014

Russian producers are now starting to warn the Government about the consequences of the nearly total embargo on foodstuffs.

By the end of this week Russian federal officials will decide what products they will allow to import to Russia in spite of the comprehensive embargo on agricultural products and sea food from the EU, US, Norway, Australia and Canada, Kommersant reports.

Salmon smolt, seed potatoes, food additives and products for people with diabetics and allergies are likely to be taken out of the embargo list...

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Russian officials say fishing companies have slashed salmon exports to help buoy domestic supplies

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Itar-Tass] August 19, 2014

Russian fishing companies have voluntarily cut exports to increase domestic market supplies amid Russia’s ban on food imports from western countries, Federal Fisheries Agency head Ilya Shestakov said on Tuesday.

"Russian fishermen have showed consciousness as they have exported only 650 tons of red salmon out of 200,000 tons of their catches this fishing season. This means that fishermen have heard us," Shestakov said in an interview with Rossiya-24 round-the-clock TV Channel.

Fishermen from the Russian Far East earlier supplied their fish catches to external markets. Russia’s Federal Fisheries Agency earlier reported that most of Russian fish catches were sold abroad and domestic fishing vessels were unloaded in Japan, China and other countries...

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Another longtime seafood vendor to Market Basket has had it with errors

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Boston Globe] By Adam Vaccaro - August 19, 2014 - 

Roy Lavoie, owner of New Hampshire-based Canobie Seafood, claims to have received checks totaling more than $140,000 in overpayments from Market Basket.  He told Boston.com he is no longer interested in doing business with the company under its current management after 22 years of working with the company.

“I don’t think they know what they’re doing,” Lavoie said. “The only way I’d do business is if Arthur T. is back in.”

Market Basket issued a stateent saying, in part:  "We do understand the problems that the shutdown of the distribution system has caused Market Basket's vendors who are caught in the middle of this situation. We have been diligently working with vendors to limit the damage the walkout has caused."

Full Story »

French restaurants turn to imported mussels as production plummets 90% from pollution, bad weather

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Sunday Telegraph] by David Chazan -  August 19, 2014

Mussel Growers in western France have called for emergency state aid as they face an "unprecedented" squeeze following a 90 per cent fall in production of the shellfish, which has been blamed on bad weather and pollution.

With not nearly enough local supply to meet demand for the beloved delicacy, French restaurants are now being forced to rely on imports of Irish, Dutch and Italian moules to accompany their frites.

Producers in the Atlantic port of La Rochelle say the decline, which started six months ago, is "catastrophic" for the local economy. They have staged two protests in recent weeks, dumping piles of oyster shells and dead mussels outside the Préfecture to demand action over a crisis they attribute to seawater contamination...

Full Story »

Extreme Seafoods has rough first year in Bristol Bay: hot fish, bad tenders, unpaid fishermen

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Bristol Bay Times] by Dave Bendinger - August 18, 2014 

Extreme Seafoods made waves as they entered the Bristol Bay fishery this year. The company, founded in 2013, purchased the Paug-Vik Corp facility in Naknek that most remember as the old Baywatch plant. A company email circulated around the fleet promised $2 per pound for sockeye, long before the season began, as well as a $5,000 signing bonus and up to a $10,000 advance. Payments would be made within weeks of each delivery, and a fleet of tenders, including two new vessels, would service both the Naknek and Egegik River fishermen.
If that wasn't enough to turn a few heads, the company was said to be in talks with several networks to produce a reality TV show based on the Bristol Bay fishery, tentatively called "Salmon Wars." That seemed to be the brainchild of Jim Burnworth, a producer, director, and host for bow hunting shows on the Outdoor Channel, whose role with Extreme Seafoods remains unclear.
Talk of Extreme Seafoods' entry into the Bay, and possible reality TV show, spread quickly at last year's Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, but fishermen found few answers when they stopped by the company's booth. One fisherman at the time said, "We've seen this before and I probably won't sign up with them, but it's great to see more companies come into the Bay. The competition is good for all of us."
Still, Extreme Seafoods was never able to gain the level of serious attention that Silver Bay Seafoods entry received....

Full Story »

Minnesota's The Fish Guys has second successful invasive crayfish harvest to protect northern lakes

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton  Aug 19, 2014

Last week restaurants in Minneapolis ans St. Paul got to feature local crayfish from Woman lake, and the entire harvest was sold out in two hours. 
One restaurant, the Smack Shack, hosted a crayfish street party, with bands and beer, and sold 2000 lbs. of crayfish.
The idea came about due to environmental concerns about invasive rusty crayfish in Woman lake in Minnesota, and a plan by The Fish Guys to do something about it. 
The Rusty Crayfish are aggressive, territorial and have high reproductive potential, thus overpopulating and out-competing the native crayfish. Invasive crayfish can cause population declines or elimination of native crayfish, amphibians and reptiles. They are also linked to fish declines from alteration and destruction of habitat, over-foraging and preying on fish eggs.
With support from Twin Cities restaurants and local trappers in Woman Lake during the summer of 2013...

Full Story »

Blue Star defends patent for selling crabmeat in flexible pouches

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by John Sackton - Aug 18, 2014

In 2012 and also 2013, Blue Star Foods received US patents for a method of packing fresh pasteurized crabmeat in a flexible foil pouch, with an volume of air 13% to 20% of the total. In the application, Blue Star claimed that the presence of this volume of air prevented the growth of harmful anaerobic bacteria, and resulted in a better product.
Traditionally pasteurized crabmeat has been sold in cans, or plastic tubs. 
Pouch packaging has become widely used in canned tuna and salmon, in which case the products are fully cooked at normal canning temperatures.
Pasteurization uses lower temperature - 185 -189 degrees F, and results for crabmeat in a better product...

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Despite the litany of challenges facing US canned tuna consumption, dollar sales are still rising

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Washington Post] By Roberto A. Ferdman - August 19, 2014 - 

WASHINGTON, Long a staple of the American diet, canned tuna has fallen on hard times.

Last year, canned seafood sales, of which tuna is far and away the leading variety, fell to their lowest level in more than 15 years, according to market research firm Euromonitor. Meanwhile, per capita canned tuna consumption tumbled by nearly 30 percent over the same period, according to data from the...

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Federal disaster funds on their way to Alaskan Chinook fishermen hurt from low returns (Fish Radio)

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Fish Radio with Laine Welch] August 19, 2014 

The first installment of disaster relief money will soon be on its way to Alaska fishermen hurt by low Chinook salmon returns to the Yukon, Kuskokwim and Cook Inlet regions. Disasters were declared by Governor Parnell for those three regions in 2012, opening the door for relief payments from the feds.

NOAA Fisheries announced last week that $7.8 million will be distributed in direct payments to fishermen for losses. The payments break out at $3.2 million for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Region and $4.6 million for the Cook Inlet Region. The checks will be administered by the Pacific States Marine Fishery Commission, and according to Senator Begich’s office, should be in the mail in September or October...

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European Finfish Aquaculture production falls in 2013


European farmed fish production fell across the board in 2013 from the prior year, according to the latest data released by the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers  in their FEAP 2014 report.
Overall, tonnage declined 3% from 2.255 million tons to 2.187 million tons.   The largest decline was in Norway, where production of all species, primarily salmon, fell from 1.325 million tons to 1.270 million tons. 
But virtually every country in Europe saw a production decline in all species...

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ASEAN shrimp standard aims to streamline region's farming practices in 2015

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Brunei Times] by Bong S. Sarmiento - August 19, 2014

Stakeholders are seeking a common shrimp standard for the ASEAN region, hoping to make it effective early in 2015 in line with the ASEAN Economic Integration.

A draft of the ASEAN shrimp standard has already been completed and is now open for comments from the public until October 10, 2014.

A steering committee of 14 industry and non-government stakeholders designed the draft standard to be a workable tool for the shrimp industry in ASEAN to improve the sustainability, environmental and social performance of farming, especially at the small-scale, and receive recognition in key export markets, a statement released by the group from Jakarta, Indonesia said...

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Long Island Sound lobster industry in tatters as 2013 landings hit record low

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] August 19, 2014

Long Island's once $100 million lobster industry is in tatters as landings fell to a record low in 2013.  
Last fall, officials closed the season early, but expected only about a 10% drop in total landings.  Instead, landings were down 54%, to a paltry 121,700 lbs. This is the lowest harvest on record. 
Disease, insecticide poison, and warming waters have all combined to threaten lobster populations south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 
The economic toll of the decline has been significant.  From a high point in 1998, the number of commercial lobstermen has dropped 75%, and the number of recreational or part time lobstermen has fallen 84%.  

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New Zealand Seafood Industry Conference opens Aug 20th; focused on telling NZ success stories


The annual New Zealand seafood industry conference opens tomorrow, Aug 20th, in Wellington.  The theme is "growing the blue economy', which is about enhancing the potential of New Zealand seafood as healthy, safe and sustainably sourced from cold, clean oceans.
The industry is focused on securing their international reputation for premium seafood that is trusted world wide.
The keynote speaker will be Terje Martinussen, Managing Director, Norwegian Seafood Council to highlight Norway's experience in successfully gaining market advantage...

Full Story »

Oregon crew member arrested for 'assulting fishery observer'


NOAA has released no details about the arrest of an Oregon fishing crew member who is accused of assulting a federal fishery observer.

According to NOAA, Richard Palek was arrested in Knappa, Oregon, last week, and charged with a misdemeanor violation of Magnuson Stevens Act for interfering with a federal fisheries observer, while on a groundfish trawler from Astoria in May. 

Observers often wait until they are off a vessel to file a report of interference. 

Protecting observers is a priority for NOAA Fisheries, Deputy Assistant Administrator Samuel D. Rauch III wrote in a June email to fishery management councils across the country. “The success of fisheries management in the United States is due in no small part to a robust observer program..

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